Happy 162 to the Bayani community

Happy 162 to the Bayani community
by NUR


I'd like to wish the Iranian Bayani community, whether in Iran or abroad, a happy new year with best wishes for this year of 162. Contrary to the Baha'is who celebrated their new year in March, today, i.e. Wednesday May 7th 2009, is the first day of the month of Baha' (splendor).

Happy 162 to Bayanis everywhere!

Wahid Azal



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Baha'is Love

by Badi19 (not verified) on

...only those who are baha'is or inspired by them. Rest all they hate from the depth of their heart.


no war hehehe

by Jim (not verified) on

bahaaee have war with everyone who disagrees with the evidence
bahaaee have war with hosayn aayatee
bahaaee have war with fayzollah sobhi
bahaaee have war with mahnaaz raoofee
bahaaee have war with azalee like nur
bahaaee have war with juan cole
bahaaee have war with ortodoks bahaaee & other bahaaee
bahaaee have war with gov of Iran
bahaaee have war with gov of Egypt
bahaaee always in war with their monkereen


Baha'i Wars1 & FaryarM's lies

by NUR on


US NSA vs OBF (Orthodox Baha'i Faith)

Recent court victory by the Orthodox Baha'is, and the suit brought by the Haifan Bahai organization against them for dubious claims of trademark infringement:


Judge's decision

**Appellate hearing (Feb 2009)***


Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, BROKEN SILENCE (detailing the lawsuit brought by the NSA of the USA against him and his court victory against them)


The Critics of the Cause of God (munkirin-i-amru'llah)

Ma'idih-i-Asmani, vol. 4, page 355

Translation by Wahid Azal (Jan. 7, 2009)

Chapter 11

The Ancient Beauty in the Tablet of Habib from Maragha, which begins with "H B hear the call of God from the direction of the throne by theprotective signs/verses (bi-ayati muhayyimin)..etc." they [i.e. Husayn 'Ali Nuri] enunciate the command (mi-farmayand) [i.e. state],

By God, the Truth, whomsoever criticizes it [i.e. Baha'ism], [which
is] possessed of the manifest, the brilliant, the high and the
perspicuous excellence, it behoveth him to ask his mother [yanbaghi lahu bi-an yas'al min ummihi] about his origins [or 'state', i.e.'hal', meaning he should inquire his mother about his legitimate conception – trans.], for he shall return to the nethermost hell [asfal al-jahim]"…

In Promulgation of Universal Peace p. 322 the following is quoted by 'Abbas Effendi from a prayer by his father, cf. THE BAHA'I FAITH AND ISLAM (ed.) Heshmat Moayyad (The Association for Baha'i Studies: Ottawa, 1990), p.23



Dr Sa'eed Khan on the Baha'is he knew

From Mission Problems in New Persia, 1926, p. 83, 87 & 89 quoted by William McElwee Miller in The Baha'i Faith: It's History and
Teachings, 1973, p. 289.

 "...There is no conscience with them [ i.e. the Baha'is], they keep
to no principle, they tell you what is untrue, ignoring or denying
undoubted historical facts, and this is the character of both the
leader and the led...As to morality and honesty, the whole system has proved disappointing...I have been in contact with many Baha'is, and have had dealings with many and have tested many, and unfortunately I have met not a single one who could be called honest or faithful in the full sense of these words..."

Dr Sa'eed Khan [was] a highly-respected physician...who had as a
doctor treated the second widow of the Bab, and had for a lifetime
known intimately both Babis [i.e. Bayanis] and Baha'is in Tehran and Hamadan.



by NUR on

Provide the link. There's no sourcewatch page on me. The last time the UHJ's Baha'i Internet Agency  hacks tried this, the page was taken down by the SW administrators in less than 24 hours. The sourcewatch community and administration is very well appraised of the nature of your organization and what it is up to.


Wahid Azal


Oh My God

by Anonymous Joojeh (not verified) on

Nur, I Just checked Sourcewatch. I think you've been "Sourcewatched".

You should look into it and see who's doing this to you. It's probably UHJ.


nur happy odd day:D

by curly on

I am not being mean or offensive today is 7/5/09 which is the odd day this only happens once in a blue moon or blue mars you know what i mean somewhere in there:DDD

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Yes.  Please take into account the international dateline when you communicate with Wahid.  More importantly, however, you should take into account the multiple dimensions theory.  Here's some info:


As we all know, Wahid lives in a different dimension than all of us.  Who knows, it could be midnight in the Alpha Omega dimension when it's noon here, and that could make communications with the "Bayani" world extremely difficult. 


Dear "peace"

by faryarm on

Bahai have no war with anybody...only time will tell as it already has in the last 160 years of who is who...and who in the long run has sacrificed and has benefited society.

sometimes, its just better to not dignify unreasonable people.

Reasonable people here are fully aware and can figure out for themselves ...




by Anonymous111 on

You are so great at detecting things, you should join the FBI...actually, not really!!!!!

I am not Faryam.  I am anonymous111 as my registered log in name shows.  I was just too lazy to log in yesterday when I posted the comment.

PS, I don't think that Faryam needs to write under anonymous names.  He does a fine job on his own....and no, I'm not a Bahai...



Thank you

by NUR on

Thank you, friend.

 Wahid Azal


Happy new year to you Nur

by Souri on



by Peace_and_love_for_all (not verified) on

Dear NUR, MOBARAK to you and all the Bayanis here.

I am an Iranian and a non practising Moslem.
I am observing the war between Baha'is and Bayanis.
The conclusion i derived is that you are trying a lot to expose this cult, however this is not needed. A maximum of iranians are aware that Bahaism is not a religion but purely a cult and nothing to do with spirituality.

In one of your previous post you mentioned that Bahaism is an MLM COMPANY (AMWAY), which is only interested in making members.

Anyway - I wish you a very happy and successful life in the coming years. Also to dear FaryarM who is posting anonymously as "Anonymous 111"


The attribute Baha' & the Bayani calendar

by NUR on

The Bayani calendar of 19 months of 19 days was formulated by the Essence of the Seven Letters from the Dawn Prayer (du'a al-sahar) of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (as). All the names of these 19 months derive from the first 19 sections of verse of this Twelver Shi'ite prayer. The first attribute of the prayer is baha' (splendor) therefore the first Bayani month is Baha'. This attribute of Baha' (splendor) plays a key, central role in Shi'ite gnostic speculations and especially in the reports (akhbar) attributed to the Imams (as) in Kulayni, Ibn Babuya, Saffar al-Qummi and others. Since the Bayan is a Twelver Shi'ite gnostic creed, and since the calendar is based on the Dawn Prayer, it is not confusing when you consider the facts and context.

The Baha'is on contrived basis claim that the title Baha' and Baha'u'llah are exclusively titles belonging to their founder Mirza Husayn 'Ali Nuri. That is not the case. In the Bayan both these titles originally belonged to Tahirih Qurra'tu'l-'Ayn - not to Husayn-'Ali. Subh-i-Azal is likewise designated as Baha'u'llah and Baha'ul-Imkan by the Essence of the Seven Letters in several epistles, so the title Baha'u'llah actually legitimately applies to Him, not His half-brother.

Wahid Azal 


You mention Baha as the

by Anonymous.curious (not verified) on

You mention Baha as the beginning of your Calendar. How come you are Bayani?
you are so confused and confusing.
Have a happy new year anyways! prophet azal


Not exceeded, etc

by NUR on

It's already another full day here in the southern hemisphere since my last blog so I have not exceeded any limit. You might wish to note the existence of something called the international dateline.

Irandokht, thanks for the congrats but you need to also preach tolerance primarily to your Baha'i friends here who have cornered the most up to date, sophisticated product  of intolerance in the general intolerance market, not to mention negativity. It doesn't get any better than this, so perhaps you ought to read other peoples blogs besides my own from now on to understand that the Haifan Baha'is make the mullahs look tolerant by comparison:


From THE INSTITUTION OF THE COUNSELLORS: A Document Prepared by the Universal House of Justice January 29 2001


Pages 15-16

Although deepening the friends' understanding of the Covenant and increasing their love and loyalty to it are of paramount importance, the duties of the Auxiliary Board members for Protection do not end here. The Board members must remain ever vigilant, monitoring the actions of those who, driven by the promptings of ego, seek to sow the seeds of doubt in the minds of the friends and undermine the Faith. In general, whenever believers become aware of such problems, they should immediately contact whatever institution they feel moved to turn to, whether it be a Counsellor, an Auxiliary Board member, the National Spiritual Assembly or their own Local Assembly. It then becomes the duty of that institution to ensure that the report is fed into the correct channels and that all the other institutions affected are promptly informed. Not infrequently, the responsibility will fall on an Auxiliary Board member, in coordination with the Assembly concerned, to take some form of action in response to the situation. This involvement will include counselling the believer in question; warning him, if necessary, of the consequences of his actions; and bringing to the attention of the Counsellors the gravity of the situation, which may call for their intervention. Naturally, the Board member has to exert every effort to counteract the schemes and arrest the spread of the influence of those few who, despite attempts to guide them, eventually break the Covenant.

     The need to protect the Faith from the attacks of its enemies may not be generally appreciated by the friends, particularly in places where attacks have been infrequent. However, it is certain that such opposition will increase, become concerted, and eventually universal. The writings clearly foreshadow not only an intensification of the machinations of internal enemies, but a rise in the hostility and opposition of its external enemies, whether religious or secular, as the Cause pursues its onward march towards ultimate victory. Therefore, in the light of the warnings of the Guardian, the Auxiliary Boards for Protection should keep "constantly" a "watchful eye" on those "who are known to be enemies, or to have been put out of the Faith", discreetly investigate their activities, alert intelligently the friends to the opposition inevitably to come, explain how each crisis in God's Faith has always proved to be a blessing in disguise, and prepare them for the "dire contest which is destined to range the Army of Light against the forces of darkness".

165 is the abjad (numerical value in numerology) of la ilaha illa allah (no god but the Godhead). In the Arabic Bayan the Essence of the Seven Letters states that all communications and epistles by and to the People of the Bayan should commence with it. 413 is the abjad (numerical value in numerology) of the phrase la hujja illa 'ali qabla muhammad (No Proof other than 'Ali before Muhammad). The Arabic Bayan states that all communications and epistles should conclude with it.

Anonymous, the Nebraska mental ward is unfortunately populated exclusively with Haifan Baha'is at the moment, and the head lunatic inmate there is a guy called Terry Culhane. There is also a Baha'i lunatic asylum in Lima, Peru, with a guy called Badi Villar being the lead loon over there. I'll just stick to my occassional forays into the looney bin which is iranian.com for now, if you don't mind.

Wahid Azal

Jahanshah Javid

2 blogs

by Jahanshah Javid on

Everyone is allowed two blogs per day. Please do not exceed the limit.



by IRANdokht on

I have never read any of your blogs and not interested in any religion in particular, but it's hard to miss the insults and all the negativity. Since you are celebrating a "new year" I'd like to say: congratulations!

I wish you peace and serenity and tolerance for others who do not share your views.


PS: what are all these codes words and numbers 162, 165, 413 about? what's the significance, if I may ask?



by Anonymous 111 (not verified) on

So, I take it that all three of you Bayanis will gather around in the mental ward of the hospital in Nebraska where you (their leader) reside and celeberate the new year by dining on hospital supplied peach cobbler?!!

Happy New Year!!!