Do have dry cough? Do you have productive cough?


Do have dry cough? Do you have productive cough?
by Parvaneh A. Farid

But before that it would be good if you look into the emotional reasons for cough, if you have excluded viral and bacterial infection, hay fever or allergy and many other causes that other doctors have told you already. If you are a smoker and you cough, you know why.

Here is what I would like to share with you from the website below, after reading this, visit the site for specific home remedies to heal your cough.

Let's explore some emotions behind a chronic cough. This is only for you to ponder upon and see if this is the case with you or your loved ones. Some times when we feel no one is listening to us or not noticing us, we subconsciously cough.

It could happen to adults who feel they are not getting enough attention or to children for the same reason. If this is the case we need to find other healthy ways to be seen or to be heard. Nurturing oneself or loved ones always helps the process of healing.

If you are looking for natural cough remedies maybe it is also good to see if you are taking enough oxygen through deep breathing everyday.

Oxygen is the most important thing for our life and it is free and available everywhere. Sometimes as we have fear of taking in life fully we also have fear of taking in air. If you pay attention to the way you take a breath you will realize that your breathing is very shallow and small.

Take big bites of air, take it in and be the same with life. We all deserve to live a good, happy and joyous life. Our soul is thirsty for love and needs to be nurtured, if I don’t nurture myself, if I don’t take life in fully who will do it for me?


Repeat some affirmations in your mind: „ I am loved” „ I am safe „ I am seen in the most positive way”, „ I take in life fully”



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