Hungarian Parliament condemns persecution against the Bahá'ís in Iran

Parvaneh A. Farid
by Parvaneh A. Farid

The fact that the parliament of a small European country, like Hungary, puts Iran's arbitrary human rights violations against the followers of the Bahá'í Faith on its agenda, shows how concerned the world as a whole is about the Iranian governments injustice. Two weeks ago, Ms. Ágnes Osztolykán, member of the Hungarian Parliament spoke out, and listed one by one Iran's crime against the largest religious minority of its country. Ms. Osztolykán, who herself belongs to the discriminated Roma minority in Hungary, knows too well, what it means to experience injustice. In her speech she demanded that the Iranian Government restores International Law and Human Rights, the declarations of which, Iran has freely signed. State Secretary, Mr. János Fónagy, responded on behalf of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stating that Iran's poor human rights record remain a great concern for the Hungarian government. He underlined that Hungary will continue to demand that Iran immediaetly releases Bahá'í prisoners and that Iran must give full religious freedom and emancipation to the Bahá'ís, and thus fulfill its obligations as a member of the International Community. The 7 minute video feed, retrieved from the official site of the Hungarian Parliament, shows the full speeches on this topic.

Hungarian Parliament condemns persecution against the Bahá'ís in Iran (19/10/2010) from Bahá'í Magyarország on Vimeo.



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nadeem khan

Do you also support the rights of Orthodox Baha'is???

by nadeem khan on

nadeem khan

Yes my pc has direct access

by nadeem khan on

We are also trying to make an institution like BIA. That is being handeled by so called "MAN OF GODS"

God bless you.

The hungarians are interested in your rights in the same way the Americans are interested in the rights of poor palestenians.



Nadeem Khan

by faryarm on

It must be upsetting and rather worrying for you and your short term career to see World wide support for Iran and particular ..

That is a lesson you have to learn from history and Cycles of opposition to the Bahai Faith.


I always wonder since is filtered in Iran, Which filter do you use to get

or do the computers you are provided by your employers have direct access? 

Ali Najafi

Thank you

by Ali Najafi on

Thanks, Parvaneh, for posting this. This is a good sign that the human rights crisis in Iran is getting the attention of the governments of the world.

We need this to multiply and more leaders/governments speaking out against Iran's human rights record. We also need them to speak out against Iran's focus on human rights lawyers and defenders. This came out, again, yesterday, in a statement made by Shirin Ebadi. I encourage everyone to read it and act.


Parvaneh, thanks for your contribution. Please know that many of us are very appreciative of your updates and postings. 


nadeem khan

This is such a serious topic

by nadeem khan on

and nobody is givit it that interested. Shame on the hungarian parliament.

Only a few MPs, all the chairs empty. with the one laughing and looking left / right side, it seems he does not have any interest in the plight of poor Baha'is. Who are being persecuted like those innocent moslems in Guantanamo Bay.

The other gentleman behind the lady is putting finger in his nose and then....

And the other two are talking to each other.

During the turn of the government speaker the MPs are talking to each other.

This shows the seriousness of the issue.

It this a real parliament? or UHJ of Haifa.

The video speaks a lot.

Thank you for posting this video.

God bless you.