What does the government of Iran want from its citizens?


 What does the government of Iran want from its citizens?
by Parvaneh A. Farid

What would be the desire of any government from its citizens? I am not sure if any government knows the weight of this question, but one of its longings could be to have loyal citizens. Citizens who abide by the democratic laws that hopefully the government has legislated in a democratic parliament.

Maybe those citizens are desirable, who are motivated and never forget the imperative to tend to the needs of the children of their land, offer them lessons that develop their spiritual faculties and lay the foundations of a noble and upright character.

Citizens who have realized the full significance of their efforts to help young people form strong moral identity in their early adolescent years and empower them to contribute to the well-being of their communities.

About a month ago a report about Iran was broadcasted in a European TV where a Basiji (revolutionary guard) was interviewed.In answer to the question of what is their function he replied: „we assist and tutor children and youth with their studies.” Some revolutionary guards may as well be engaged in this sort of activities with the children of the supporters of the government, but does this give them the right to kill and/or imprison other people because they participate in social and economic development projects and help the under-privileged children and youth? All governments love loyal citizens, but the way to achieve it, is not by eradicating their culture.

Baha’is all around the world are engaged in social and economic development projects. Their motto is that they are loyal citizens no matter where they live. The belief that no matter where they live they should keep the one side of the contract of loyalty is one of the most important principles of their Faith. A Faith which is non-violent in approach to all matters of life and promulgates universal peace.

These people are being imprisoned in Iran,and their international fellow believers, no matter where they live, are engaged in education of children, junior youth, promotion of human rights, women’s rights and many other social services. They strive to be loyal citizens and in many countries their governments have a friendly relationship with them. In the USA, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Australia, the UK and many other countries, the governments have raised their voice in their support. How narrow-minded to think that by imprisoning 48 Baha’is in Iran its principles and laws will be forgotten. According to Encyclopedia Britannica the Baha’i Faith is the most wide spread faith after Christianity. It is time for the government of Iran to acknowledge this fact.


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