The year 2510


Parvaneh A. Farid
by Parvaneh A. Farid

I got inspired by JJ call for coming out of our shell and allowing our fantasies to take us to 500 years from now. I must say, I enjoyed imagining my journey to the year 2510 and to me the future will be beautiful because I am working on it at present with joy. This is dedicated to JJ.


Agent Cool J beams himself to other planets to preserve the security of the confederation of Our Galaxy.

Asal, Cool J’s wife, is a spiritual and physical doctor.

Cool J is from Mars and Asal is from Venus. They met on Earth and fell in love. They both love their jobs. Asal has a nickname for Cool J (Marco Polo) because he loves to travel. Today he is on Pluto attending an inter-planet conference for maintaining security and peace in Our Galaxy. He loves his job, so does Asal. Today is their wedding anniversary and they decided to meet for lunch at a Sushi restaurant in a small city on planet Earth.

She heals people if they get ill. Her philosophy of illnesses is that physical pain is always related to emotions. She always checks the individual’s DNA chip which they carry on their ID for their genetic information. She is bound to having an office, a quiet place where she can consult with her patients whether in person or through 3D’s tele-conference system. Apart from the consultation and homeopathy, she is also able to heal the ill with Reiki even should the patients be Galaxies away.

Until now, she has managed to travel with Cool J as much as possible although if you knew her well, you’d know that she is not a big traveler herself.

This morning when she woke up at 5:00 she was thinking about a dream she had. A person with no face! She only remembered a good feeling from that dream. Later she found a note on her mirror’s inbox:”Lunch in Tokyo…let the rest be a surprise J” signed, CJ

”Surprise” she thought to herself. She had to see few patients, so she took her oxy-shower and started the day with meditation and counting her blessings. She thought to herself, first patient was at 6:00am and she had to be in Tokyo for lunch therefore she should leave home 15 minutes before noon. Miami to Tokyo would take 7 minutes to beam but she wanted to get ready and look special for the occasion. She had to be finished by 11:00 with the patients.

All went well on this special morning and she was running late but at 11:15 she went to her mirror and contacted her gorgeous niece, Dawn, who is a GA (Galaxy Award) Winner actress, and plays in 5D movies as well as live theatrical performances.

Asal:”Dawn, can you help me. I need to dress up for my lunch?”

Dawn still dazed and disoriented wondering if she’s dreaming the call says: ”Khaleh, I am still in bed.”

Asal:”Yes, I see your feet; please can you help?”

Dawn sighs irritably as her beauty sleep has been disturbed:”Where are you going and what’s the occasion?”

Asal: ”I am going to Tokyo for lunch. Don’t you know what day it is? It is my wedding anniversary.”

Dawn still not grasping why she had to be woken up this early says:”Sushi? Japanese restaurant? Whose dull idea was it?” And with sarcasm Dawn continues, ” And you actually need to dress up for that?”

Asal still excited and not getting Dawn’s sarcasm and irritation says: ”Yes but knowing CJ, there WILL be some sort of a surprise!!!”

Dawn feeling bad for her aunt sighs and knows she has no way out but to help, says: ”Alright, I shall help! I have this program which is quite expensive. The way it works is that it takes a picture of you with your webcam and puts it on your mirror screen. It will then give you the choices of what to wear as there are 789 different choices.

Asal feels Dawn’s excitement but has to cut her short says: ”Dawn, please help! I can’t go through 789 different pages in such a short span of time.”

Dawn finally gets out of bed and says: ”Let me see you.” and decides that Asal should wear the red strapless dress with black and red shoes.

Asal: I don’t have a strapless red dress!

Dawn: ”oh, I see… Well, I do. But you have the shoes, right? Since that’s what you will need for the suprise he has in mind.”

Asal: ”Why? Do you know what’s his surprise?”

Dawn, with sarcasm: ”Yea. Typical Martians’ surprise? To finish the day as quickly as possible to get to the night.

Asal running out of time says: ”Can you lend your dress?”

Dawn: ”Ya right! I have ONE permission left for beaming myself until the end of this week, and you want me to use it for this?

Asal: ”Please! I have three. I shall transfer one of them to you. Please come and help.”

The time is now 12:10 and Asal is in Shiki restaurant in Tokyo and CJ is still nowhere to be found. She could not have been wrong as she had the reservation number and was at the exact table with the aid of her mini-GPS. A beautiful bouquet of red roses of Shiraz was on the table! They smelled heavenly. The fragrance of the roses took her to a far, far place which she had only heard about. That place, Shiraz, must have been beautiful. She thought to herself, did they have roses all over the place? The butterflies of Shriaz must be madly in love with the roses. Did the butterflies teach people how to be selflessly in love?

Shiraz was the city where the poets and prophets of the past had revealed poetries and verses. People go on pilgrimage to that city. Oh, I must plan for that trip, she thought. She could feel the butterflies flap around her.

Suddenly Cool J arrived. He was wearing a salmon colored shirt with the most beautiful necktie that caught her eyes. The necktie had small geometric pastel colored patterns with a dominant color of salmon and light blue. He looked very handsome in his brown suit.

They ordered their food on the table’s monitor and their drinks came in a minute. CJ started telling Asal about the conference. He was very pleased with the mature consultation, and of how the kings of different countries were present. How unanimously they had offered to help with educating the inhabitants of Our Galaxy and to get acquainted with this new race of Man from the planet Mercury.

”They showed us some images of Mercurians and they look quite different” said Cool J.

”How different?, asked Asal.

”Well their heads are small compare to us and they are taller. They look like images of man 500 years ago.” said Cool J

”This shows that their brains are smaller than ours. I mean, look at us, in the past 500 years human body has changed immensely. We have bigger heads and smaller bodies because our brain is more developed”, said Asal with confidence.

Cool J:”Yes, this was mentioned there too and the King of New Zealand actually made a good point and said this was a pre –conceptual idea and that we have to be careful not to be prejudiced like what existed 500 years ago.”

Asal:”With all due respect to the King, I think discrimination that people had 500 years ago with skin colors, genders, ethnicity and religions were ridiculous and definitely baseless. Today, we know that big heads carry bigger brains.”

Cool J looking a bit disappointed replied: ”there were a lot of good arguments and the whole conference is on the net. You can have a look later when you go home.”

Asal surprisingly responded: ”when I go home, where will you go?”

Cool J: ”I have to go back to the planning session of the conference which will start in 3 hours. Back to us, Asal, I have a gift for you. I bought it in the exhibition at the conference site. He pulled a small matt colored steal box out of his pocket.

Asal being modest as always: ”You already made me very happy with the roses of Shiraz. I love them.” she opened the box and saw a simple, wide ring with a square design covered with a glass on the top.

She was disappointed but didn’t want to show it so she said: ”thank you, this is really nice.”

”It is a dream recorder, my love.” said CJ. ”Do you remember you told me you have repeated dream which feels good but you have these faceless people in it? This ring will record your dream.”

Sushi arrived. Asal feeling totally overwhelmed gave him a very warm, loving look and said : ”Thank you, darling, I don’t know what to say. This is such a wonderful gift.” And right there and then she fell in love with him all over again and wondered to herself, ”do I really want to know who is that faceless person in my dreams?”

She then stood up and went to Cool J and kissed him while touching the surface of the table in front of him and said, ”Log in. I have a gift for you too.” Thanks to Dawn, she could purchase the P789GDQ (program 789 get dress quickly) for CJ.

To be continued …

If there will be good number of comments, Asal and CJ still have few hours togetherJ as would Dawn since she’s sinlge, beautiful and ready to rumble!!!


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Parvaneh A. Farid

The credit for the dream recorder goes to....

by Parvaneh A. Farid on

Dear Jahanshah Thank you! The credit for the dream recorder goes to my husband who came up with this idea, my Cool J ( but for real).

I had to put him in the situation, in 500 years from now and asked him what would you give me and he really did well.


Jahanshah Javid

Dream machine

by Jahanshah Javid on

Very nice Parvaneh. My favorite part is the dream recorder. That would be such a fantastic invention. Dreams are such a great window to our character, our emotions, our fears.

Parvaneh A. Farid

I am glad you enjoyed the the story of 2510

by Parvaneh A. Farid on

Dear Anahid, thank you for your encouraging words, it did touch my heart. I enjoyed your story too specially how you had chosen the names:) very creative! It seems to me that 100 years can pass and we women will still have some of our conversation with us.Thanks again<3

Anahid Hojjati

Great story Parvaneh jan, I really enjoyed it.

by Anahid Hojjati on


Dear Parvaneh, your story had all the elements, enough sci-fi details, romance, politics, anthropology, and more.  It was also very enjoyable.  I have a feeling that number of comments will be high so Asal and CJ will get to have few more hours together. Excellent.