Regarding "regime change" in Syria

Regarding "regime change" in Syria
by Peacock_Feather

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Baleh, Suriye-ra raha kon

by Peacock_Feather on

From paid al-Qaeda Salafist mercenaries of the Saudi and Qatari establishment; MI6, MOSAD and French intelligence agents on the ground giving the mercenaries military and logistical support; Erdogan's government, Uncle Sam, Israel and the NATO countries.

Agree 100% !!!


Slogans in today's protest

by vildemose on

Slogans in today's protest against the mullahs: "Souriyah or raha kon". 


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


In the future, this is what will happen to Iran.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Its being planned and organized right now, and takes years of time to set off.

As you P_F are neither pro-Iran Freedom & Justice or have any understanding of the importance of irans culture or the tradition of monarchy, at least go back to mullahs and realize what they are saying among themselves about the sentiments of their own supporters.  There are more monarchists among them than for anything else.  And in the general secular public there are even more.  The issue is mullahs were upset at the secularism, modernization and womens rights monarchists represented and were prepared to seize power to change it.  In doing so, the mullahs corruption and seeking power harmed Islam, reduced its followership and disgraced islams history in Iran for eternity.  What a legacy, whereas appreciation for the late shah has only grown with time.



by Peacock_Feather on

As is pretty obvious, this is exactly what is being planned for Iran as well.


"Free Syrian Army" Massacres 25 Christians hiding inside church

by Peacock_Feather on

In Damascus. USA supports this



The News Coverage 4 Sale!

by Demo on

Going to bed (embedding) with the 'tailored' rebels for their news coverage in US Media & alike is for sale these days for only a dollar & some changes!

Rush! Rush! Traitors! Before the prices go up!