Even if

persian westender
by persian westender

Thinking of the places

Where we could’ve died…

Hand in hand, stand by

Right in the bright side

Even if these words were enough shrill,

Enough potent…

Yet again there wouldn’t be a cry from me

I would be all silent

Instead, I would let myself-inside,

To be melt drop by drop

Until a new word is born in me

And by that, my notebook of poetry

Would be burnt up

Nothing will be arisen from the ashes

Rest assured I’ll be done with it

Rest assured those lost lyrics will be sung

By anonymous singers

In an isolated Cabaret,

Where ghosts do not dare to be the audience

But customers….

Thinking of the places

Where we could’ve died

Hand in hand, agile

Right in the dark side

Oh! Death! We don’t live too far…

Could you give us a ride?


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Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Well, I suppose as long

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

as it is constructive self criticism then it will be healthy. Key word is constructive. :o)


Natalia Nadia Alvarado-Alvarez

Aka: Free Spirit, Nadias, Sasha.....:o)

In our life we play many roles.....so many retired avatars....I am finally at peace.......I am whole again.....so you are not the only one that has gone through self criticism. :o)

persian westender


by persian westender on

Why not a self criticism with this cyber personality!? should do that more 



Out of body experience?

by Nadias on

Dear Persian Westender,

I read the first posted comment. I must say that it was very interesting.

What gives with you?!

You are certainly your best and worst critic.



persian westender

Dear Abarmard

by persian westender on

Glad you liked it. I've written some Persian poems which I will bring here later on.Thanks.




by Abarmard on

Very nice poem and I believe it was written with the Persian form translated in to the English words!

I believe this would be even more powerful if it was written in Persian, but it is a nice poem regardless. Thanks

persian westender

Dear Nazy

by persian westender on

Thank you very much for your beautiful poem/comment.


persian westender

Dear Souri,You

by persian westender on

Dear Souri,

You misunderstood the purpose of my comment! It was only intended for humor and maybe the fact that my writings sometime really seems amateurish to me . I think JJ is doing me favor for featuring it. I was absolutely not complaining about having fewer readers. Basically I’m not looking for attention. As I said before I write only as a way of ‘venting’ and in order to try a little self expression. I’m totally aware that due to abstract and personal nature of these kinds of writings, they do not attract much attention. For me, only having the opportunity of occasional blogging as a way of self expression would be more than enough, And I’ve always been grateful for that.

Anyhow, your attentions and encouragements are always appreciated.





Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

Words of love
Words of trust
Words of hopes lost
Words of hopes kept
Words of hopes realized
Words of pains endured
Words of secrets never told
Words of two hands held on a ride
Words that tell it all
To the one who can hear
A poem.

Thank you.


Dear Persian westender !

by Souri on

I liked your poem. I usually understand Persian poem better than the Ennlish ones. But your poem here, is full of deep feeling of melancholy and also deep thought.

I'm really a fan of your writing, most of the time I like them, sometimes though I do not understand the meaning, not that they are meaningless but because of my own level in English.

Why you lately get less attention from the readers, I don't know. could be the picture in your avatar is not very bold and eye-catching (believe me this can be one of the factors ;D))

The other reason also is the "timing"....these days people are very excited about the last political news of shoes !! many blogs came around that subject, people get involved and also are very excited and emotional. In that spirit, when they come to the poetry blogs, they just can't adjust their emotion to the soft level of a poem.

Look at Manouhehr's last two poems. They were wonderful, very meaningful and in relation to the subject of the Day, but still they didn't get so many comments.

Not getting any comment, does not mean people have not read your post. It doesn't mean that your post was not interesting, or no artistic value.....first, who you think we are to value an artist's work, as good, less good or bad ?

We are not the expert. We just show our appreciation, and as I alreaday said, sometimes there are the timing or some other fact which can interfere with this act of expression.

Keep on doing your great job, please. You know you have at least two persons who like them, be JJ and myself. I'm sure you have much more interested people who just don't express their feeling at any and all the times.


persian westender

Dear persian westender! I

by persian westender on

Dear persian westender! I just read you poem. I usually do not visit your blogs and this time I just did it out of curiosity and just for killing time. No offence, but I have to be frank and straightforward on this one. I’m truly disappointed at seeing your blog is full of grammatical errors, and at the same time boring, delusional and with absolutely no artistic value what so ever (probably as usual). I really can not conceive the reason why you just keep posting your nonsense blogs and wasting our precious time and the space of this blog central. Dear Mr. Javid! Why you keep featuring the blogs of this writer, while you know that he even can barely manage to write a sentence which could lead to a point? I’m asking you, why you would like to diminish the credibility of your web-journal by posting these mumbo jumbos, disguised as intellectual blogs or artistic poems? Huh?:-)