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I remember when I was around my teen age, I had such a good writing skills (in Persian) that when we used to have end of the school year’s exams; I could write in a very impressive way in which I was able to come up with some good marks from the teacher; despite that I hadn’t a bit of familiarity with the correct answers! All I knew was the way of impressing my teacher by my writing skills to the point that make them subconsciously convinced of my never-existed knowledge: “this guy with this good grammar and wordy materials must have known something from the books and deserves some scores…”!

I could restlessly knit out of nowhere and make some valid points.

For this reason, I always preferred to have essay exams than multiple choice or other types of the exams. Fortunately, the later was not much popular at that time. So I could keep cheating on my teacher, and intellectualize my mostly irrelevant answers!

After all these years and when it comes to English language, I feel my writing skills are total mess. It should be so bad that if I supposed to write an answer for a question which I fully know about it, I wouldn’t be able to make a point and get even half the question mark! But lucky me, nowadays most of the questions of exams are multiple choices or fill in the blank. They easily can cover up my failure.

….I was thinking that life can be compared to the method of exams. Nowadays we deal with multiple choice questions. It’s easy and comfy; but mechanical and democratic! There is no challenge in them, no creativity.

By the way, how would you describe your life according the following options?

1- Crap

2- Nonsense

3- Cool

4- None of the above

5- All of the above!

I personally pick # 4 !


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4 I too was good at BSing my

by n.zanincanadai1 (not verified) on


I too was good at BSing my way. But I also had another skill. I made teachers love me. Like their own kid. So in exams, when I was stuck, I would give a puppy face and help was surely on its way. And of course, I was a master cheater! And I never got caught!