Never go to public pool without your glasses!


persian westender
by persian westender

No! I’m not advocating voyeurism. I am simply pointing out that how things could go wrong in a public pool, without having your glasses on.

I went to an indoor public pool along with my partner, but without my glasses. This time, I decided to remove it, in order to swim more freely. So I left it in the locker of the changing room.

I went to the sauna first, and amidst the thick steam I saw a man sitting on the bench not knowing it was a piece of towel left over there. I said hi, and started to complain how hot the weather, the sauna, and the girls around have become!

A bit embarrassed at finding out I was talking to a piece of towel, I left sauna and took a shower and looked around to find my partner. I saw her at other side of the smaller pool, and waved to her with a big smile asking her with body language to join me to go to the bigger pool; not knowing she is another lady with the same color of swimming suit.

She actually came to me and asking me who am I and what hell is going on, and I explained that I mistook her, since i was without my glasses. But believe me convincing my partner who was observing me from further distance, wasn’t that easy!

After convincing both ladies that there was no ill-intension behind my act, I decided to end this agony and go to pick my glasses from the locker.

From the exit section of the changing rooms, the only available signs to read were brutally small; so that without my glasses, I could only managed to see a mixture of the letters: “F, A, M, L,..”. That was enough for me to realize that I am heading to the “FAMILY changing room”, where our locker was located; not knowing I was heading to “FEMALE changing room”. It took me a couple of harsh ‘excuse me’s and gasps and ‘heyyyyy’s and so, to realize that I am in wrong place.

When I came out of the female changing room, despite that I couldn’t see that well, I could feel a silence and surprised looks around me; especially from the parents who used to sit and watch their kids take swimming lessons, as if I was the only man emerging from a crowded female changing room so nonchalant.


Yesterday, wasn’t my day, but I learnt some lessons: I never go to public pool without my glasses. Never, without my glasses!


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Yes, I think it would be

by ronn on

Yes, I think it would be safer and better for everyone if we didn't forget our glasses, this can put us and the others around in many embarrassed situations. I had the opposite situation, I tried swimming with my glasses on once and lost them in the pool. Later that that somebody stepped on them and cut his skin... that more more that embarrassment for me. I haven't been to a public swimming pool ever since, I am building my own pool and I am about to install its intex filter, it will all look great.

persian westender

No need for apology

by persian westender on

No need for apology Mehrnaz! Making readers to confess about their eyesight problems and the consequences was not the purpose of this blog, but rather a humorous notification. In any case, I thank you for sharing your story :- )



Persian Westerner


I must apologise, I think because I did not 'confess' to my own blind as bat (and scatty) episodes, I might have given the wrong impression of being very insensitive.  I too have my fair share of ignoring and warmly saying Helllooo to the wrong person and walking into glass doors at times!!  I was just taking comfort from other people's traumas;)

persian westender

LOL...I am thinking

by persian westender on

LOL...I am thinking municipalities should make Asexual bathroom and changing room for people like us with weaker eyesight . We can not see anything anyway, what does it make difference? Your experience at Wal-Mart still is better than mine. I was like a gorilla in a chicken coop, ready to take shower.... 


Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez


by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

Well, it is good to know that I am not the only one as blind as a bat. Sadly, I am not able to wear any kind of contacts.

If it will make you feel better PW, I will share my embarrassing story. I actually walked into a men's bathroom at a Wal-Mart. As soon as I saw the men's urinals, I walked right out of there. Unfortunatly, a lady waiting for someone in the men's bathroom saw me as I came out and I heard her say  "Oh my God! What the Hell!" I didn't look at her and just kept on walking.


That is what I get for being vain. hahahaha


persian westender


by persian westender on

I feel better now. looks like such mistakes are not that uncommon...


persian westender

Dear Mehrnaz

by persian westender on

Thanks for reading...



do not feel bad

by shirazie (not verified) on

I did a similar thing at San Jose Airport's rental car. walked in the ladies room ( did notice no urinals) . But proceeded anyway. As I was stepping out , two ladies at the sink gave me a dirty look.

Oh well, I figured it was the bay area and this must be a co-ed thing


Persian Westener and Daisy


Ha ha ha That was very funny, both stories, thank you!

persian westender


by persian westender on

Dear Anahid! Thanks for reading my blog and sharing your story.

Dear daisy! Your story was even funnier than mine, LOL..  (putting out your cigarette in ‘maast’ and that ‘upside down magazine’ was just hilarious...). I don’t feel alone over this anymore.

 I am considering ‘laser therapy’ for my astigmatic eyes.

PS: I notice some editing problems in my blog. please blame it on my weak eyes too ;-)




I feel for you!

by daisy (not verified) on

Very Funny PW!

Very familiar to me!!

I know what it's like to be without glasses and not see while everyone else assumes you can.
Before I got my new and improved (!)contacts, out of vanity and wanting to look cuter I never wore my glasses at parties and.....
Being blind as a bat without them, I managed to embarrass myself enough times....

I put out my cigarette (used to smoke back then) in a 'maast' dish while my mother-in-law- to- be was waiting behind me to dip her chips in it! -- I talked and waved to strangers from afar thinking they are friends, -- apologized to a wall cabinet thinking it was an acquaintance's husband! saying "eva babakhshid Darush khan" , about 15- 16 people looked at me and all laughed and I was the butt of jokes all that night!! and more!
--Held a magazine upside down pretending I was reading trying to avoid talking to someone at a doctor's office( he came up and pointed it out

to me!! -- bacheh por roo! ;0(

God bless the inventor of new and improved soft contacts ... I and a bunch if us owe you a looooooottt!!! (for years I couldn't wear them because I had problems with them.)
I shed many a tear out of embarrassment and frustration but never Gave In!!!
-- after all these years now I say HA HA!

PW thanks for the memories... I'm glad your friend finally believed you... maybe some wouldn't.

Take care and wear your glasses ...I do now quite often -- even though I have a choice!

Anahid Hojjati

Nice one, PW

by Anahid Hojjati on

I used to be concerned about being without glasses in pool too.  I have a bad case of near-sightedness and I remember as a kid, this being without glasses in public pools was a dilemma for me.  As a matter of fact, I think I have one or two scars as result of being without glasses in pools.