On This Notebook

persian westender
by persian westender

When the words gather together

They become a black cloud

Then, they rain on my notebook

But I wish I could write

My own destiny

Somewhere on that giant lonely tree...

There it goes a slug

The slug is sluggish

And it has a horizon ahead of itself

It should’ve known better

That `` the journey of a lifetime

...starts with a horizon``

...and there it goes a worn out traveller

With a big case in his hand,

One eye on the slug

And one eye on horizon

Murmuring something like:

`` I rest my case on this one...``


Sep 2010 


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persian westender

Thanks dear Mehrban

by persian westender on

...for visiting and reading.

Good catch about the avatar :-) 



Persian Westender

by Mehrban on

You are a very good poet.  

Btw, your avatar and this poem have a lot in common.