A party which went wrong


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Soon after my partner left me for a vacation and I became alone again, I began to think about having a reunion party with the circle of my old friends. But as a matter of fact, it was my friends whom as soon as realized that I am alone, swarmed my home and filled its quiet space with their usual brouhahas, uproars and jingling.

As usual they gathered in the kitchen and started their feverish nonsense debates and baseless rumors about this and that.

I used to see these guys before my partner leave, but it was momentarily and in a short format of having a ‘hi & bye’, and that’s all. I guess they should’ve understood that because of my other familial tasks, I couldn’t have managed more than that.

Oh I forgot to introduce them to you, they are: a pile of dirty dishes, dishwashing soap, dishwashing sink, the running tap water, and the scotch bright.

Anyway, the reason that I am writing this, is a tragedy which happened during one of the gatherings which was supposed to be entertaining (not really).

We were all talking about a subject brought up by the running tap water, and as usual she was so unstoppably talkative and enthusiastic.  I was trying to handle the group debate, as I was sure that others had something to add. But in a matter of a second, a half-dirty/half-soaped dish who was intending to interrupt, slipped from my hand and tripped over the other dishes. She broke herself and another plate which was a close friend of my partner. Both of them died before my eyes, one of them shattered in to four pieces, while the stupid running water was yet talking the crap.

I feel guilty, because I was in charge of the party and I couldn’t manage the gathering well. We lost two good friends, one of whom a favorite of my partner. I am thinking how things went wrong and how to break the news to my partner…..

Maybe I should’ve let them to have the party in the dishwasher.


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Thank you for reading

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and thanks for the tip Anonymouse!


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How Funny!

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You can break it to

by Anonymouse on

You can break it to your partner by saying; look my friends came over and they were trash talking in the kitchen and I left them alone because I did not feel like giving up the comfortable couch. 

So during the horseplay that followed couple of the dishes broke.  Now you should be happy that I did not move from the couch, otherwise they'd have jumped on the counch and broken it which costs a lot more and takes a lot more hassle to bring into the house than those 2 dishes! 

Everything is sacred.