Recipe of “Ghormeh Sabzi” for Iranian men

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I know that ghormeh sabzi is a popular Persian dish loved by many Iranians, myself included. I urge you the male readers on this site, to try cook it at least once, and see for yourselves that how easy it is to make a ‘ja oftadeh ghormeh sabzi’. Having said that, I understand that it might be a challenging endeavour for some, but remember if you focus and not to give up fast, you will surprise everyone including your partner and yourself (wink).

So, I start with some generalities regarding cooking:

1-     Kitchen is a place where usually foods are cooked and prepared. Hence, for making ghormeh sabzi, first you have to go to the kitchen.

2-     The basic ingredient for ghormeh sabzi is sabzi khordan (some particular herbs and vegetables that I will address soon). Remember, it is different than the grass and shrubs that you may see in your yards. Sabzi khordan must be purchased from produce markets or local Persian markets.

3-     The basic utility for making food is a pot. You have to simply take it from the cabinet, where cookware utilities are kept...or you may also check for underneath of your bed.

4-     Ok,  well.... Just forget about everything. I know it’s already too much for you guys. So, get back please to your coach and go for another can of beer.

For those who have been irresistibly stimulated by frequent use of the word Ghormeh sabzi, I suggest go to your local Persian market. They sell canned ghormeh sabzi for 2 dollars and 35 cents. They are pretty good; I myself just had one last night. If they don’t have it, well then sorry for the inconvenience (store).


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by persian westender on

You are genius! But pita bread with ghormeh sabzi?? it would be whole new chapter..


Happy new year :-) 


maziar 58

easy ghormeh

by maziar 58 on

1 can spinach

1 can red kidney beans

1 can roast beef & gravy 

all can be doubled if you want to share it.

 mix em all and add limu ammani if not lime juice will do.

cook 15 min add salt&pepper

eat it with pita bread or make rice.

for cooking the rice send $ 5.99 to my donation box to the left.

happy new year.


persian westender

Dear Divaneh

by persian westender on

Unfortunately, completion of this blog will take about one
century. You got to be patient. My previous cooking blog (for men)on the subject of how to break an egg on the frying pan’s edge to make nimroo, took about 28 weeks, while many participants gave up half way.

For the time being, I suggest you to take the pan out of Microwave; just have a sit, and do nothing in the kitchen at least for 24 hours. That probably would save your life, let alone the ghormeh sabzi.

Wish you safe cookings on 2012! 




Dear PW

by divaneh on

Thanks for your helpful blog but you have left me right in the middle of it. I am in the kitchen and I have found the pot but I can't fit it in the microwave. What shall I do now? And, no there is no shop near me selling the canned culinary.

Happy new year to you too and thanks for the good fun.

persian westender


by persian westender on



Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Also, a few are lucky enough to live near a Persian grocery store that sells hot ghormeh sabzi to go. The two Rose Markets in the San Francisco South Bay Area (Mountain View, Saratoga) offer a variety of Persian khoresh and kababs. Adequate taste and relatively inexpensive.  



by yolanda on

Thank you for the laugh! Your blog steered my mind off the tinderbox,  Strait of Hormuz, for a moment!