Simply Thank You!

persian westender
by persian westender

Thank you for letting the windows open,

 before you go to sleep,

Thank you for letting the fresh air comes in

And thank you for YOUR fresh air in my mind

Simply, Thank you for letting me to hold your hand,

While you were sleeping

...and for making me to stare at

the big star on the dark sky

I’m your prisoner,

Sentenced to be your lover for life

Although it’s so strict,

But I thank you for the verdict!

...Thanks a bunch for the nicely-smelling sheets on the mattress

Simply thank you for being with me,

Because I could be a lonely soul...and I’m not.

You know, the globe is warming

And the glaciers are melting...

And no one knows it is caused by

 your ever-shining eyes

So, thank you for the nightly cool down

Thank you and good night my dear...! 


July 2010


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persian westender

Thank you yolanda

by persian westender on

 ...for counting my "thank you"s. The comment section is usually filled with compliments and thank yous. Thank yous are all over the place now :-) 




by yolanda on

Very beautiful and refreshing!

You definitely have a thankful heart 'cause you have "thanked" 10 times in your poem including the title!

persian westender


by persian westender on

 No more



Very nice! No more dish washing problems?!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred