Three is my favorite number


persian westender
by persian westender

Three is my favorite number,

Cuz, I’ve had 3 mistresses in my life and had told nobody.

The first one, the golden-haired mistress was the angel of sorrow, sitting on my right shoulder flirting with me all the time…

The second one, the red-haired mistress was the angel of fear, sitting on my left shoulder, whispering to me all the time…

The third one-the long lasting one- was the angel of death, make the other two to settle down deep in my soul.


Three is my favorite number,

Cuz, each year is consisted of 3 seasons and I love each, so uniquely.

The first season is summer which always looked as cold and gloomy as it gets,

The second season is spring which always looked as grey and mysterious

as it gets,

And the third season-the long-lasting one- that resembles to no other season and makes the other two seasons to settle down on the tree which you see in my avatar.


Three is my favorite number,

Cuz, lifetime of freedom is just 3 seconds.

The first second is for the shooting sound of firing squad to be heard,

The second second is for the pigeons nearby, run wild by that sound,

The third second-the long lasting one- is for both of them to be settled down in the faraway horizon.


And my soul is a lonely tree, sitting in the faraway horizon.


April 2009


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persian westender

Bajenagh jaan,

by persian westender on

I already have two of your three suggestions. I mean, Hot Woman and Eating chocolate on a regular basis. But I don’t know why my poems are still gloomy. May be I eat too much Dark chocolate.



Multiple Personality Disorder

I have three things to tell you about your blog:

by Multiple Personality Disorder on





bajenaghe naghi

persian westender

by bajenaghe naghi on

I liked you blog. it was as anahid hojjati says too gloomy but sometimes gloomy is good too.

i have three suggestions to cheer you

cuz i like you as a cyber friend. 

get your self a good bar of chocolate and eat it

open a good bottle of red wine and drink it

find your self a hot woman  

Anahid Hojjati

PW, another nice writeup but too sad

by Anahid Hojjati on

PW, this is another of your nice write-ups.  However, it is a bit too gloomy.