Annapolis conference: CALL NOW, Israel needs your help!

by Q

Israel, the small, defenseless country surrounded by vicious Muslims is being pressured toward peace! Muslims want to take away the small piece of land that g-d himself gave to Israel!

We can't let this happen. The good folks at CallsForJerusalem have created this nice webtool so you can help.

Here is what they say:

On November 26th, world leaders will congregate in Annapolis to once again seek concessions from Israel and declare that Jerusalem should be divided, with part becoming the capital of a new, Hamas-controlled Palestinian terror-state. Israel should not be pressured by the United States, least of all while facing terrorism, rocket attacks, and hate, and while its kidnapped soldiers remain hostages.

Call now!



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Hey Q? Are still confused? Can you tell where Ghool is!?

by Hey You (not verified) on

Looks like he is beating you with his eyes closed, hands tied behind his back, and limping on one leg!? Floating like a butterfly and stinging like a Bee! God have mercy on your sorry ass!


It aint your Islamist day!

by Fred (not verified) on

Add your beloved Syaria to the Islamist black list. It has officially announced that it will attend the Islamist's rabidly detested Annapolis Conference. It just aint your Islamist day is it?


Channel it into constructive envy

by Kahn (not verified) on

Good for the Israelis to have such an active and mostly effective lobby. Palestinians such as this Q should instead of envying emulate them, maybe then they might get somewhere.


To protect itself, Israel must

by David Zimmerman (not verified) on

exterminate all terrorists including the Palestinians and Syrians, and their supporters in the Islamic Republic.

Israel must take out the Islamic Republic's nuclear sites. It's good for Israel, It's good for America.