PLEASE don't go! (Rosie and more)


by Q

Rosie T. (aka Robin G) is an ally of Iran, Iranians and I wasn't a big fan of her "neuratic" writing pattern at first. But over the last few months I have come to realize she's something very special and extremely rare. Now she is on her way out.

I was going to ignore this at first. What's it to me some woman on a blog is having issues... Why should I care. But this is a place I have been spending so much of my time lately: writing, researching, responding, fighting... even if you spend a couple of hours a week on this site catching up and contributing, you can't help but keep track of people. It's like they're your co-workers on a part-time job (with no pay!) you can't help but be curious. Like it or not, JJ has kicked up this site a notch. It is now an honest-of-god "community," a cyber village or 'dehkadeh' if you will. It's time we realize this, at least those of us who visit this site on daily basis.

The more I thought about it, the more it became obvious to me why this Rosie thing is so significant. I don't actually know what all happened.... There was some nasty stuff written about her. She was in an argument with Nadias. Mazloom was involved and erased a blog. I don't know the full story, but I don't really care.

The important thing is someone like Rosie is leaving this site. We are driving away friends and allies with our extreme cynicism. This a community that can't afford to lose friends right now.

Consider Rosie T. She is increadibly intelligent, well read and articulate. She's a New York Jew who is in love with our country, dispite everything in the year 2008. At a time when most Americans can't find Iran on a map, or don't know the difference between Iranian or Iraqi, she has taken the time to study our language, understand our culture and help build our online community. She has so many qualities I think we wished we also had, at least speaking for myself. Like she's increadibly open and humble, very forgiving and has the ability to find common ground with anybody.

That last one is a trait that is just not in our blood, but maybe we can start to aquired it.

This is my plea to Rosie to read this and consider coming back to this site. I won't be like JJ and patronizingly say "you WILL be back soon", as I recall he did to someone else (also, I recall he was right). But I am officiaaly asking.

So please. Let's take a break from the usual "sectarian conflict" on this blog and come together to help welcome back someone we all know we need in our cyberlife. Let this be a collective way of saying please don't go! If she decides not to come back, this can be a place we can remember her for one last time and bid a fond adieu as she makes herself a brand new account on!

But I'm hopeful she will at least consider it. If we make it worth her while to read these comments.

(For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, go to this page and read Rosie's writings: // )

Thank You.


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Rosie T.


by Rosie T. on is good!




Rosie T.

I'm blogging my decison tongiht, thank you all for helping me

by Rosie T. on

make it, I owe wome of you some public or private messages, I'm very very tired, this has worn me out.  Just please for now read my new blog, it should be up in a little while.

Oh and....the poems...the poems...the poems...

Rosie/Robin/Roxane /Roushanam




Kouroush Sassanian


by Kouroush Sassanian on

Unwilling audience in your cruel theater,
Long to be held by you, pitiless “g”od of Pain,
Bound to worship by last reluctant vows, meaningless,
My tired heart girts with suffering, and brows
Anointed with perpetual weariness for you were swept away,

Long have I borne your love, through the pain -
Of rigorous years, sad days and slumberless nights,
Performing my inexorable rites in the shadow of your heights – never noticed,

For I lay dark flowers at your altars, to gain life after birth, But mine own soul only for sacrifice, empty hearted,

All fearless tasks my youth's desire,
And the oils from my crushed life drawn,
And all my hope of fire burned in my breasts,

I have no more to give, all that was mine perished in your loins,
my fingers laid, a hollow tribute, at our shrine;
Let us depart, hand in hand for my whole soul is wrung,
as all my orisons are sung and gone;
Let me depart, with numb limbs,

To some dim shade and lay me down to sleep.

Rosie T.


by Rosie T. on

Uf you are so fed up with me, go eat something else. There's like what, 20 million submissions on this website and 80 billion other websites?

You are peculiar. You are FED UP with meand yet you keep coming back here to stuff your face with more Rosie. You should stop. it's not good for you.  Don't you worry about acid indigestion?




by Nadias on


In response to your last blog Rosie

by FED_UP! (not verified) on

What a drama! with all the cry-babies around here...

Who cares?

Get over it!

Move on!

Everybody is sick of this topic! and nobody gives a hoot no more

LET GO for GAWD's sake!!!!

Rosie T.

SOURI< WIFE, Q, GOD, WORLD, I am sorry, I apologize for

by Rosie T. on

anything and everything I have ever done and never done. This has all been so stressful and exhausting for me that I still haven't been able to complete the blog I said yesterday I was posting in final response to this one.  I know, I know, everyone's sitting on the edge of thier seats...

I will do it all tomorrow when I am less discombobulated.

Thanks for everything, for all the psots below, for this blog, Q, everything.

Good night.



deleting this, deleting that

by American Wife (not verified) on

The problem is that the remaining comments often don't make sense!  Apparently Souri deleted her own unsolicited explanation FOR Rosie.  Did Rosie delete her own response to THAT?  It's just too confusing to follow the in's and out's.   Out of sight, out of mind?  Not hardly.  The words are still there.  It's just misleading now.


Rosie jan !

by Souri on

I tried many time to delete my post which hurt you that much, unfortunately it is impossible. My "edit" button has disappeared on that post and for no apparent reason !!

My post was purely about "fairness" to you as I thought the American Wife has misread you, cause of a misspelling.

Now, you didn't even read that comment, so no apologize will be done to you, as you don't worth it !

Hope JJ will delete my comment, or I will do it as soon as I get my chance again with the "edit" button .


**** Newly added ***

Thank you JJ jan for deleting that post of mines. Sometimes we regret so much of having been Fair.., thanks.


My God people... doesn't

by American Wife (not verified) on

My God people... doesn't anyone have a sense of HUMOR!!!!  I know damn well it was a miss-spelling.  I CAN READ.  It was a JOKE.  And I'd like to think that Rosie got it.  IF you read the old post I would like to THINK you got the joke.  I AM A SMART ASS.  ROSIE IS A SMART ASS. 

Quite frankly, I don't give a rat's ass if anyone else missed the PUN.

Rosie... please tell me you still love me...:-(


Dear Rosie..

by Anonymous* (not verified) on

Looking forward to read your writings.

Stay strong and happy... :)


About Rosie Tart

by American Wife (not verified) on

Rosie asked elsewhere that I come to Q's blog and post a comment... and so I shall.

With fingers flexed and a cold beer at hand, I begin.

There are so many personalities on  So many different ideals, beliefs and lifestyles.  It would be impossible and frankly, pretty damn boring if everyone thought the same or even liked one another.  Thus humanity is born... and alive and well on IC.

I don't like sanctimonious... and Rosie is not.  I don't care for ass-kissers and Rosie is NOT.  I am bored by verbal diarrhea... here Rosie might teeter totter a little.  Not a criticism mind you, just my personal obvservation.  She once made the comment that if you don't like her, just move on.  Perfectly reasonable.  But damn... you don't just move on past Rosie!!!!!  Love to hate or hate to love... that's what is so special about her.  If nothing else, she gets your blood boiling, your juices flowing... and yep, your mind a'thinkin.

I don't know her personally and I've raged at comments, but I keep coming back.  She's as much an integral part of IC as JJ and the many many other brilliant and entertaining minds that contribute to IC.

Not that I think Rosie is helpless... perish the thought, BUT, I don't like to see people beat a person when they're down.  I don't know what personal events have transpired in her life recently to cause this devastating personal pain and it's not necessary that I DO know.

Learning to agree to disagree is, well, exactly that... learned.  Not easy to do, EVER.  But it's something I'm trying to improve upon.  Jeez, my oldest and dearest friend is a Republican Baptist... go figure.

So, that's it.  An honest comment.  IC has been an incredible personal experience for me.  I consider it a ongoing learning adventure and I appreciate ALL the teachers. 

"My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue.

An everlasting vision of everchanging view

A wondrous woven magic of bits of blue and gold

A tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold....." a wondrous woven magic.  Rosie... a rich and royal hue.


Rosie T.

Thanks again for the support, I'm in a a rush, Q: Latest Fish:

by Rosie T. on

Q, our most recent discussions have been very fruitful and I think we can move on from there. It wouldn't be helpful to get entrenched in the details anymore, counterproductive.No need tod well on it. We've both been so stressed,... Anyhow I'm gonig to blog again.  I think you'll get the picture.

Keep the faith, babycakes :o)

Goldie:  I have some things to say to you but I have no time now. Please post here that you're still checking this thread and then I will tell you it,





by jamshid on


I have observed you having had a balancing effect among many with opposite views in this site on numerous occasions. Your blunt reminder doses of reality has made many of us think twice about what we write. You've had success in having this effect because, despite your passion for Iran, you are an outside observer who can see things from outside of the box.

You would have to keep your personal feelings separate from the goals you want to accomplish in this site. Sometimes, being hurt and still continuing on with one's efforts is the only graceful thing to do.

I think you should stay in this site, and remain focused on your goals and ignore everything else.



by Anonymous* (not verified) on

Rosie jan,
I like to give some comments regarding your response to "Anonymoussssss", unfortunately my work is busy and I can’t.
Just one thing – you are talking again of having a great pain. I hope your pain is not due to conflict with other people. Please accept this - friends, and people are coming and going in our life, so let’s bring the expectation down and don’t rely on anybody.

Honestly what Natalia has gone through is a pain - I mean the disease which this individual should overcome, with all surrounding issues and struggles. That is an extreme pain. Let’s wish her patience and strength.
Now... take care my friend...stay strong and happy :)

Anonymoussssss jan,
If you are getting crushed so easily with someone’s writing - nazanin you should do some strengthening on your inner-self, and if you really need to cry silently, read My Journey

Smile my friend! :)

Babak Khorramdin

Q, Would you do it ???

by Babak Khorramdin on

mmm let me see if the person was Jamshid khoda nashnas or Farhad kashani who never makes sense!!!!would you still consider writeing a blog and asking them to stay???

what about Zion or Fred (those DIRTY ZIONIST)???I'm sure you feel relieve to hear them leave us (CLEAN Moslem) alone !!!!I'll bet you can't wait for that day,Can you!!!




Rosie T.

this is totally absolutely false, patently so. first of all

by Rosie T. on

i've never crushed anyone. i've replied bitingly to people (as has q) on some occasions when i've felt they've been abusive to me, you can see an example on my good-bye blog, at the top, and it wwas totally and completely justified. the woman set out to maliciously hurt me. it ws clear as a bell.


it is clear as a bell here. no one on god's earth would change their registered name because someone crushed them.  it would rupture their ties to others, and complicate things unbelievably.  they would report the incident to jj and if he did nothinig they would feel crushed by him and maybe be tempted to leave the site...but never change their registered name. anyway you still  don't have a registered name. i'm sure you never did.  or if you do posting now anonymously are slightly insane and you are cruel, really really cruel.  why are people so cruel in the world?


do you think this is some kind o f joke? i've given my life to this website and juts tpublicly declared i am in great pain and so i have to leave, why are you trying to put salt in the wound, damage my reputation for people to remember me badly after all the good work i've done, drive me away more quickly and so on?

were you the type of person who pulled wings off of fies and tortured cats when you were little?  I'll bet yu were.there.  there. now....

are you going to claim again publicly that i just i maliciously crushed you for no reason?



Q jaan, hamvatan

by Anonymoussssss (not verified) on

you are compassionate, but if you knew all that she says freely and selfishly to people, you probably would write a different blog about her. i am one of the people that she, among others, loudly crushed. i cried silently, and the humiliation felt so wrong that i changed my username.
i feel your compassion too, but i try to be sensetive toward my people first,in my humble opinion, we iranians do not support each other enough.
if you know that anonymous is back why not writing him a blog to welcome him?


Rosie don't go

by Mazloom on least stay till I blog an explanation, then decide.



Souri jan

by Q on

there is a box on the right side of the front page of the site that says "featured blogs", JJ puts links to some of the blogs there for people to find them faster and have more exposure. He didn't do it for this blog (that we are in right now).

But it's not that important.

Rosie T.

Thanks again for the support... Tahirih and many others

by Rosie T. on

don't understand the difference between Zionism and Judaism  They don't understand for instance that I am a non-Zionist Jew and believe along with Edward Said in a one-state solution.  This is because of all the virulent propaganda that has been disseminated on all sides of the coin, by the Zionists themselves and by cetain groups n the Islamic world and other groups over the last several decades.  It's a tragedy.

One thing that does disturb me though Tahirih is that you seem to be saying that Iranian expats are somehow damaged in some fundamental way that is harmful to me.  If I understood you correctly. This is absolutely not the case.  My experiences on this website have been overwhelmingly positive and the regular blogging community has been like a family to me.  People who weren't here October through January have no idea how active I was and the work I was able to do here. Political work, striving toward Truth and Reconciliation.  As a mediator. I am no polemicist. Never will be.

So then the question is why did I leave and why have I done so little political work since my return and why do now feel so terribly unhappy that I felt two days ago I MUST leave permanently... and these are questions that are so difficult..because I simply can't answer them adequately in a public forum....but Q's blog moved me so..... 

And...well I'll leave it at that for now and just say that I've posted a new blog in response to this one. It may not seem like a response at first but it me. 

Thanks again,

PS Mazloom, it's fine. I know you do.  Me too.


Dear Q

by Souri on

You're welcome.

Just to ask you more explanation about your comment to JJ, I didn't get it.

What blog are you talking about which hasn't been feathered ? You know, my English is a bit too short :)

Are you talking about this same blog ?

But. it IS featured , because we all read and comment it (?)...really I'm mixed up :) 



FYI Mazloom,

by Q on

your humor on "apologist on translation" was not lost on me. It did make me laugh. Thanks.


Thanks souri

by Q on

I was a bit shocked by the comment too, but in the spirit of things, I thought I let it go.


Not surprised

by Souri on

By Q's blog today. Dear Tahirih, happy to see you here. I am surprised to hear that you were surprised by Q's reaction to Rosie's decision . As I often read Q's blogs and comment, I believe he had never stated any animosity against Jews in general. Being against Zionism, is not equal to being against all Jews. In the contrary I always found Q very fair and wise and also I  noticed that he has a good sense of humour, too ! Anyway, I like both of you.

Dear ebi: what you said was so funny, I really laughed. You made my day, which was so rough until now.....Thanks.

No need to repeat that I really like Rosie and want her to stay among us. I've already addressed my point to her.



Rosie T., please reconsider

by Mammad on

I am new to this site. I only started reading the articles and commenting on them a few months ago, after an absence of many years. I also do not know Rosie T. at all. But, I like what I have read of her.

Therefore, I would like to ask Rosie to reconsider her decision and stay in this site. We have too many naives commenting here. Too many that do not have all the information about the present Iran. Too many that explicitly or implicitly support attacking Iran. Then, we have someone like Rosie, who is not even Iranian, is a Jew, but cares about Iran. We have too few of Rosie and too many of the naives and negative types.

Rosie: Please reconsider your decision. Perhaps you can take a couple of weeks off, if you wish, and then come back vigorous and energetic.



Rosie! don,t let some half breed tokhmeh khallife anti Jews

by samsam1111 on

run you off this site..You are a million times more Irani in spirit than these "alien Malakhs & malakhetes" could ever be. stay and if they bug you by too much Vezzz z z z z , spray em with anti rodent bug killer..ofcourse once Mr J dude marries you ,you have the site to yourself & a new nick name "Rosie J"...cheers!


This blog should have been featured, JJ

by Q on

I hope you have a good explanation. It is original, different and it concerns this community. It already has 8 comments before being features.

I also find it hard to believe that no anonymous comments have been made.

What is the problem? Can you explain it?


agree 100% - place is getting too nasty

by khosrokhan (not verified) on

we should be more civilized.


Q , I am really impressed by your blog.

by Tahirih on

I have read your interactions with Fred and Zion, and have to say, I am pleasantly surprised by this blog.

It is so nice to see , you , wanting a Jew to stay. I am not taking any sides but as an observer it is nice to see this unity in diversity. and the fact that sometimes we even like our adversaries.

Recently I was unfairly attacked by this " buterfly08" and as I read his/her vicious comment , I thought what drives a person to spit such a venom at someone that they have never seen. He/she may find me really interesting in real life, and I may even help him/her in real life by nature of my profession.   I can take it , since life has made me tough, but at the same time I can see how it can effect some.

 We have to stop being so abusive in our language and instead firm.

As my sweet souri said may be it is better for Rosie to leave , since all of us are emotionally injured!!( including myself). She has not tasted the effects of our historical experiences , so she may get attacked for no reason, or for saying something that she did not mean it.

Rosie , I think you are better of without us " southeh delan" means emotionally scared.

anyway, I enjoyed your tender moment Q.