Speaking out against the Gaza massacre

Speaking out against the Gaza massacre
by Q

Remarkable video of British activist/celebrities speaking out against Israeli atrocities in Gaza. The cast includes Annie Lennox, Ken Livingstone, Bianca Jagger, George Galloway, and comedian Alexei Sayle who said:

It is important that Jewish people who have a public profile speak out to say that this has not been done in our name.

Thank you Alexei. Israel ceased to represent Jewish people a long time ago.

(* Picture: Anti Israel demonstrators in Athens, Greece)


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Farhad Kashani

Mammad, stop refering to

by Farhad Kashani on

Mammad, stop refering to "opinions" as facts. Just because some "dude" wrote an ideologically driven peace, doesn't mean people gonna accept it as facts!

Listen, not even Hamas nor the IRI deny these facts! I mean are you really that naive Mammad?




Write Bush, Congress Now to Save Lives in Gaza

by IRANdokht on

There is more criticism of the Israel's action in Gaza in Israel than you see or hear in the US.


And there lie the bodies  By Gideon Levy

Write a letter to Bush and the congress



Samsam ,What is Qadesiyeh regime & Ommati associates

by Anonymous 1234 (not verified) on

What are qadeseiyeh and Ommati terms? I have not heard these terms before.Did you just invent these words and what about Samsam is it that an Iranian name?It sounds like Greek or Italian name and what about your icon, is it a Persian or a Roman or Greek soldier?


Qadesiyeh regime & Ommati associates

by samsam1111 on

Nope, Gaza diversion won,t help them, & neither, will their Hezbolla, Moghtada ,Nuclear bomb, brainwashed ali ashgar basijii , good mulla , bad mulla , shahab 1 2 3 4 missile , Ommati media , Al safir satelite, Al ghadir rockets and so on . Even if they put a man on Mars , at the end of the day , they are still buncha Pan-Arab ommati occupation force  in the eyes of true patriots of true Iran/Aryanum .

Javid Iran va Yadmaneh 23 tabareh Javidan


btw*  Roozonline :Regime using Gaza as excuse to suppress more NGO,s


Ommatis & Co using the Gaza,s misery & bloodshed as an excuse to arrest and close office of Daftareh tahkimeh vahdat student union calling em zionist agents who don,t acknowledge zionist murders like the rest of Ommah . Funny how they can,t even tolerate some moderate brainwashed  Ommatis..Proving that this Gaza paparatzie is show cased for more suppression . Ommatis love to see more innocent palestinian kids murdered for fake martyrs syndrom . After all they are the real surrogates .

Our prayers should be for innocent victims of Hamas & surrogates , wether it be that innocent Arab infant or that terrorized Israeli kid .






What is the problem? the ACT or Where it is taking place??

by Nokteh? (not verified) on

The Act of War is dispicable wherever is taking place and regardless of how many people are being affected, is it possible to agree on this and protest the Act, rather than the morons who initiate it, respond to it and justify it.

Otherwise we will go on blogging till Kingdom Come, which I think it already took place while most were fighting and some protesting.

Mehdi Mazloom

50,000 Pales & Israelia protesting

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Q.it comes to show you that minorities in Israel can (and do) speak their mind as in public and with impunity.

Let see if those Jews in Tehran can enjoy the same luxury as Muslim citizens of Israel.

In regards to your other comment. I will stand by my original comments.


Hamas and Israel

by Mammad on

Two points:

1. I suggest to those who claim wrongly that Hamas is a creation of the IRI to read Stephen Zunes' excellent article on the role that the US and Israel played in Hamas' rise to power. Go to www.alternet.org to find it. This confirms, once again, my contention about who helped Hamas, covertly and overtly to rise to power.

This is, of course, not suprising. Osama bin Laden and his gang were fighters for the US against the Soviet Union in 1980s, praised by Ronald Reagan as "the moral equivalent of our founding fathers."

Taliban was created by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, the US close allies, and is still supported by both.

Mummar Gadafi, as soon as he said "uncle," became a friend of the US, taken off the terrorist list.

Hosni Mubarak is president for life in Egypt - the US' close ally - and runs the country under military dictatorship and "Emergency Rule" imposed since 1981.

Jordan, another close US ally, is a destination for US' "extraordinary renditions," where suspects are sent there by the CIA to be tortured.

This list can go on and on.

2. They say that destruction of Israel is part of Hamas' Charter. True. But, the same thing is also STILL part of the PLO's Charter, and PLO is the most important part of the Palestinian Authority, recognized by both Israel and the US. In addition, Hamas has said many times that, once there is an agreement with Israel over the occupied territories, the Charter will be changed. This is also PLO's position.

So, all this nonsense about Hamas' Charter is just that, nonsense. All the nonsense about Hamas being a creation of the IRI is just that, nonsense. As a matter of fact, I challenge anybody who does not believe me to do a simple Google search to find out who gives more material and financial support to Hamas, the IRI or Saudi Arabia? IT IS THE LATTER!


DW Duke

My Dad can whip your Dad.

by DW Duke on

Two boys were fighting on the playground.  As one hit the other with a ball he shouted, "My Dad can whip your Dad."

Two men were fighting on the battleground.  As one hit the other with a bullet he shouted, "My God can whip your God."



So.. Does IRI also control all the other protestors worldwide?

by Q on

50,000 Palestinians, Jews Marched In Tel Aviv Against Gaza War

Mehdi jan, Your memory is suspect at best given your poor grasp of Persian. If you want to degrade all Iranian Jews by saying they don't actually believe what many other Jews around the world believe, that's your business.


What are you doing here? Go help your compatriots in gaza.

by Anonymousx (not verified) on

sedegh said:

... and Irano-fascists, whom I'm ashamed to call my compatriots.

Irano-fascist! We had heard Islamo-facist, but this one is new. But whatever it is and whatever it means, I for one am proud to be called anything that has the sacred name of "Iran" in it. Thank you. Unlike anything related to the cult of murder that Islam is, it is so beautiful to be called Iran-whatever. Anything with Iran in it is so beautiful, and anything with Islam in it is so ugly, as ugly as executions in evin, as ugly as mullas' harems, and as ugly as khomeini's face.

BTW, Thank god that I am not your "compatriot", and I am so grateful NOT to be your compatriot. Your compatriots live in arabia and gaza and iraq and anywhere in-between or are mullas occupying MY country Iran, the ones that you love, the ones that you care for, the ones that destroyed MY Iran for.

Thank you again for associating the beautiful name of Iran to likes of me. You made my day. What a beautiful name Iran is.

Viva Iran, viva anything Iran.

Mehdi Mazloom

Q - You are a moron and delisional man

by Mehdi Mazloom on

This is one of those rare occassions, where I find myself forced to take the gloves off politeness and blogolestic ethics aside and shove the truth down your throat.

Either you are outright stupid, or you think others are. You are oblivious that, many many years ago, myself (and perhaps other Israelis on this forum) was one of those children behind that Iranian talking heads. Told by the Alis, the Ahmads and Husseins in Tehran to "cheer for my government".

I don't know from which (delusional) orbit did you descend from, I know all too well about the convoluted "freedom of religious and freedom of speech" accorded to Jews in Iran.


the fact that both the corerspondences are Iranians, speak English on an Iranian TV, it ought to tell you the purpose if propaganda.


Well done Q. Thanks for

by sadegh on

Well done Q. Thanks for sharing the vid. Forget these Israeli apologists and Irano-fascists, whom I'm ashamed to call my compatriots. Their minds are warped beyond the point of return. They claim to be propopents of modernity and civility, when in fact they're reactionary scum of the very worst variety. Keep up the good work.

Ba Arezu-ye Movafaghiat, Sadegh



On loving Galloway, moonbats, Jews and Israel

by Zion on

What we have here is a few moonbat "Stars" taking advantage of free publicity. Israel is a source of pride for all Jews (who do not have psychological issues, that is.)

But hey, as the lady says as the first on this thread, you just gotta love Galloway:




Who you love tells a lot about who you are.
(And yes, Thank God for the You Tube and Internet.)


Hypocrisy Part II...

by Anonymousx (not verified) on

Q: You are all talk and no action. What are you doing here? You must be in gaza helping your arab brothers. Is this hypocrisy part II, just like your support for IRI when you are not willing to live right under their ugly smelly noses in iran. Talking for gazans does not do any good the same way that propaganda for IRI does not do the job. You must act for the sake of your arab ancestors and arabian brothers.

Hurry up, you are late, way too late, rush for gaza and take Mammad the islamist with you too. Arabs need you, you already supported destroying iran by IRI, it is time to save gazans.


Mazloom, this one is for you my friend

by Q on

Mehdi Mazloom

The real agenda in the Middle East

by Mehdi Mazloom on

This is to all Israeli pundits.

Please, get of your convoluted mantra of self righteousness. Applying two sets of justice. One for Muslims, and entirely different standard of others (Jews, Israelis, Zionists), or whatever names you label them.

The real agenda here is that. For more then 1300 years, Muslim being merely the majority in the region, they have enjoyed (thanks to the teaching from their illiterate prophet) oppressed and looted others who did not share their values with them. Mo had created new societies molded after his own image, where the strong element of that society reign supreme. Man has more rights and claim from his surrounding then woman and children. Muslims are superiors to others, so they thought.

That false of superiority was permeated and taught in every aspect of the Islamic societies. Jews, Christians, Bahai'is and others, unable to fight back, were treated as second rate humans.

In regards to Jews, Muslims have come to get use to that delusional view that, Jews can not govern themselves. Their place is under Islamic yoke, they are not suppose to fight.

That all was fine and dandy until 1948. Not only Jews fought back militarily, humiliating their Muslim oppressors, also by succeeding in other fields (economy, education, social value and democracy), the Israelis practically striped those hollow and useless Islamic leaders naked. render their emptiness in broad day light to the whole world.

We all know how much the concept of Ta'arof, honor and ones social hierarchy in Islamic societies are important. They are willing to die and kill their own loved one because of shame, and khe-jaa-latti.

THIS IS THE REAL AGENDA THROUGHOUT THE MIDDLE. It is not about piece of  land, nor about the Pals. It is about that shattered backward self delusion of superiority and pride which in realty does not exist any more.


Mehdi Mazloom

Q - you are at it...............again

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Let me re-post jdfnrnd again. and you tell me, which one of his comments did you have problem with?.

He bring up valid argument and you respond with your all tried and failed load of nonsense.

If Hamas did not have a history of calling for the destruction of Israel; THEY DO

If Hamas had not staged a coup and siezed power; THEY DID

If Hamas had not continued to build up arms;THEY DO

If Hamas had not brought in Iranian Republican Guard advisors; DO YOU ARGUE AGAINST THIS FACT?

Then maybe Israel would not have closed the roads between Gaza and Israel. ABUNDANTLY CORRECT

If Hamas had abided by the cease fire; THEY DID NOT, AND BRAGGED ABOUT IT IN PUBLIC.

If Hamas had not started launching rockets after the cease fire; THEY DID AND STILL DO.

Then Israel would not have attacked.

If Hamas had not launched rockets from schools, residences, and mosques;


Then those places would still be protected under the Geneva Conventions and;

Then Israel would probably not have attacked those places.

Palestinians need to tell Hamas and all those like them that they have had enough of Hamas! PALS THEMSELVES ARE BEING HELD HOSTAGE BY HAMAS. LET ALONE DARE TO SPEAK UP AGAINST THEIR IDIOTIC  LEADERS.



Protest to Stop the Massacre of Palestinians

by zionist detector (not verified) on

Leaders of U.S. Senate defend Israel’s war on Gaza. New York mayor goes to Israel to defend Israel’s action. U.S. represntative at the United Nations Vetoes Security Councils request for stopping the Genocide of Palestinian at the hands of Israel’s army, president elect Obama stays silent.

Any sane human being would be wondering why we are still defending Israel’s war on Gaza.
Join millions of others in the world and Find a location near where you live and protest against the Genocide of Palestinian people:



by FreeSpeechLover (not verified) on

You are my idol!

שלום עלי אדמות


IRI spreads hate and war!

by IRIisaworldthreat (not verified) on

The regime in Iran is using the current conflict in Gaza to teach children about the magnificence of martyrdom.
Aired on Channel 1 (Iran) - December 29, 2008 - 00:03:53 : Iranian Toddlers Are Taught about Martyrdom and the Hatred of Zionists against the Backdrop of the Gaza Fighting

IRI is adding fire to the fuel of hatred and animosity between innocent people to stay in power and plunder the Iranians.



Re: F. Kashani

by soumynonA (not verified) on

I have always said that Iran should be better for Iranians. This includes any needed action that Iranian government can take to better the life of people in Iran.

What 'massacre in Iran' are you talking about? Are you taking about the revolution 30 years ago? What are you talking about?

Besides, this thread is not about Iran. Why are you blaming this blog when we never hear you condemn Israel for any of it's crimes.

If you write a couple of detailed blogs about unspeakable crimes of Israel, then Iranians may want to hear your point of view and your specific dislike of Iranian government too.

For your information, I am from a middle class family in Tehran and most of my family in Iran now lives in a so-so part of middle Tehran because we could never afford up-town Tehran. So at times life can be a bit difficult but it is nothing like some of you people portray it to be.

The only concern some people have is the cost of living and other items and the crowd and traffic of Tehran. As an example, in one occation actually the Iranian government tried to help by keeping the cost of bread low for example, but the bakers cheated and started to reduce the size of the bread and sell it to the public for the same price. A great deal of the problems in Iran has to do with our own people, I am sorry to say.

If you are so worried about "Iranian brothers and sisters", why don't you and other concerned Iranians, created a public fund and have all rich Iranians contribute to it. I am sure that will be of much greater help to the needy in Iran.


FK: Brilliant observations

by speakagainstiri (not verified) on

FK: Brilliant observations on Q's true motives and agenda. I couldn't have said it better myself.

I also agree that Hamaas is not an independent actor and takes its marching orders from various entities, including Israel.

Farhad Kashani

How many coverage and

by Farhad Kashani on

How many coverage and videos have you ever posted about "speaking about the massacre of Iranian people in Iran"???? So to you, Palestinian live is more important than your own Iranian brothers and sisters???

You think your propaganda is fooling anyone?? You're wrong! You don't care about Palestinians, what you care about is to contribute to the IRI agenda of taking out all the hurdles in its path of  dominating the region. And by the way, one of those hurdles is the Iranian people.



This Ticket Valid One Way Only Way Jan. 1 2009

I'm Jewish too and you...

by This Ticket Valid One Way... on

dont' have the slightest idea what you're talking about. You know nothing about the Revolution and these people are like a family to me and they're not anti-Semitic and so....why even bother to go into the Palestine/Israel situation when you're so boneheaded and aggressive anyway.


PS Ah, I see a more perspicacious poster has answered you more civilly than I...it's just that...here you come making stereotypes and generalizations about an entire on-line community and a nation and YOU think people are chauvinist against you. You are projecting and mirroring what you project.  You need to think about that.

Layla tov.


Re: I'm Jewish

by suomynonA (not verified) on

You say:

"There is no shame in defending one's country"

True, Palestinians are defending their country. It was, is and will be their country. I don't know what you Zionsts are doing there in the first place?

"You Iranians failed to protect you country against Islamist and now you got a bunch of losers controlling it. The failure is your to enjoy."

Iranians did a revolution to get rid of a puppet regime. Iran might not be that great now and I am sure that it will be better over time. The real failure is for the crafty Zionists who did not forsee this to come and they are paying for it now.

Another much more important failure for the Zionists is that they can not understand compassion. Like a criminal who has no consious, they come to this site and talk as if their point of view is obvious to all and others should support them. They fail to see that normal people do have consious and are appalled by Israeli actions and Zionist words.

"You are all a bunch of Anti Semites!"

Well, friend, thanks to the crafty, underhanded, devious, merciless, land and power worshipping Zionists, there is a surge of true and DEEP anti-semitism on the rise all over the world. But it would be unfair and a lie to call the people who object to Israeli attacks 'Anti Semites'. But of course it is typical of Zionists to refer to the people who object to their actions, by a variety of silly names.

Lastly, let's be real. True Jews worship God, Zionists worship land and power. A criminal group of people with no consious such as Zionists, could not possibly understand the true God of Abraham and Moses.


Dear Thomas29

by IRANdokht on

I am really sorry for all who are suffering and in fear of attacks, trust me, I still remember running to shelters and fearing for my life and the lives of the ones I love.

Now lets put that in perspective, imagine state of the art bombers flying over and dropping bombs continuously instead of those rockets...

Lets pray for all the victims and hope that the ones in charge realize the magnitude of the disaster they have created and stop at once.



One problem with your theory jdfnrnd

by Q on

HAMAS was created in 1987. Nobody really heard of them until 1992.

Palestinians have been suffering since 1947.
Gaza was fully occupied and Lebanon invaded multiple times before HAMAS was even a word in your vocabulary. Massacres and bombings are nothing new.

Is HAMAS really the problem or is it just the latest excuse for Israeli crimes?


Hamas is the worst enemy of the Palestians

by jdfnrnd (not verified) on

If Hamas did not have a history of calling for the destruction of Israel;

If Hamas had not staged a coup and siezed power;

If Hamas had not continued to build up arms;

If Hamas had not brought in Iranian Republican Guard advisors;

Then maybe Israel would not have closed the roads between Gaza and Israel.

If Hamas had abided by the cease fire;

If Hamas had not started launching rockets after the cease fire;

Then Israel would not have attacked.

If Hamas had not launched rockets from schools, residences, and mosques;

Then those places would still be protected under the Geneva Conventions and;

Then Israel would probably not have attacked those places.

Palestinians need to tell Hamas and all those like them that they have had enough of Hamas!


just a thought

by IRANdokht on

We cannot have an honest discussion about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Each time anyone is criticizing the excessive use of power by the Israeli government, they're accused of being an anti-Semite. This is just not fair. from September 29, 2000 to November 30, 2008, 4826 Palestinian have been killed and 482 Israelis have been killed by the Palestinians (see //www.btselem.org/English/Statistics/Casualties.asp).

This is just inhumane. The Israeli response in their fight against "terror" is simply excessive-- and it is not anti-Semitic to say so.

We have to be able to have an honest discussion about this without the fear of being insulted not only personally but your intelligence as well.

Stop this demagoguery.


Total devostation ...

by nitemustfall on

And if you really want to see what happens when IFD drops the bombs on a civilian neighbourhood, just take a look at this video .. it is graphic but I think we all need to see so we can FEEL why people have so much hate toward Israel.