Video of a Green Zone Rocket Attack

by Q

This is a video from a US Soldier's perspective on the rocket attacks this week. This one hits a munitions bunker.

Why isn't the media covering these scenes?


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Yallah Mullahs!

by Yahudi Lover (not verified) on

Thats an old damn video...not something recent.
Soon enough we'll be seeing lots of videos of Iranian ammo stockpiles and bunkers blowing up.

All those missile launches on the news by the Iranian military are funny considering that Block III Patriot missile batteries (SAMS) will easily destroy those.

Alot of Americans are praying that your Revolutionary Guard is stupid enough to use biological/chemical weapons in order to give the US an excuse to use our nukes.
Saudi Arabia and most Sunni will be overjoyed as their chief enemy that threatens them will be destroyed and Mecca and Medina will remain in Sunni hands. The last great Shi'a nation will be wiped out... with just scattered remnants remaining in other parts of the world and mostly just in Iraq. Then when they go crazy and attack US bases, it'll give us an excuse to put the Sunnis back in power in Iraq.

So...ask yourself, is war with America over stupid nuclear weapons really worth it? Nuclear power is fine if you all allowed full international inspections and complete monitoring of the program. Hell even under the Shah, you guys were trying to develop nuclear weapons.

programmer craig


by programmer craig on

Your imaginary, hoped-for attack on Iran will go as well as Uncle Sam's
attack on Iraq...Keep dreaming, you traitor. Keep dreaming

Assuming what you say is true, would you call that a victory for Iran? I confess, I'm a bit puzzled by Iranians who think the idea an invasion of Iran would go like an invasion of Iraq is something Americans should be scared of. Shouldn't that be something *Iranians* would be scared of?

But I'm interested in your reasoning, when you claim invading Iran would yield the same results that the invasion of Iraq did. What are the similarities, in your opinion? Iran doesn't have any regional allies to cause problems for the US in Iran. Iranians do not have the same history or the same culture that Arabs do. Iranians do not have the same pan-Arab nationalistic fervor to stir up the masses. Iranians don't even have a genuine stake in the Arab-Israeli conflict to get people's blood boiling. I really don't see any similarities at all. Except Islam. But it isn't the same brand of Islam that has been behind most the chaos and mayhem in Iraq.



how do you add videos to your blog???

by mazfaz on

can anyone tell me how to add videos to my blog???



Abbas Agha, Keep dreaming

by AnObserver (not verified) on

Your imaginary, hoped-for attack on Iran will go as well as Uncle Sam's attack on Iraq...Keep dreaming, you traitor. Keep dreaming

programmer craig

Wrong question

by programmer craig on

Why isn't the media covering these scenes?

I think a better question is: "Why are you?"

And on this website, no less? What is your motivation? That's the question I would want answered, if I didn't already know what motivates Q to do what he does :P

The attacks on the green zone have been covered at great length by the US media. There's no point in showing actual video of the violence, except to please people who enjoy seeing such things. Like you.


Boy, Islamists are really

by adfd (not verified) on

Boy, Islamists are really pissed off...the release of the movie, Fitna, must be killing you, Q!!


Biased media

by Iranian- on

In a free country this video should be expected to go on the news. But one can guess that showing it does not go well with Bush's idea of a success in Iraq!


"Shit man, it is coming twords us "

by Kalvoks on





How many times did you hear the American say "shit" ...


Why the occupied USA is forced to eat SHIT? ...


It looks like the party just has started. But USA will continue selling the

Iraqi schalership plan to the masses while the masses

Americans Suck Dick For Gas Money







America is going to attack the Islamic Republic in June of 2008

by Abbas Agha (not verified) on

It is good for Iran and it is good for America.
The price of oil will drop. Americans can continue driving their SUVs again. The US economy will revive again. For Iran, the benefits are even more in abundant, mullahs will be removed, Iranian women will be able to take their veils off and show off their beautiful, stylish, and sexy bodies again. Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq will become one huge market for the American goods made in China. All these pluses and you guys are worried about what, lord knows?

God bless America and its Armed Forces.



by Kamangir on

They are not covering this, because they're still trying to convince everyone that their 'surge' has worked. Because they kept selling the 'green zone' as the safest place in Baghdad an yet we see it's anything but safe. This seems to be acoordinated with what's going on in South of Irak, in Basora. I personally think that Iran is behind this as a small sign of what they can do in Iraq if Iran is attacked or too cornered. That these things happen right after Cheney's visit to the Middle East, that some have considered as 'secretive talks' with the Saudis and others in the region regarding their massive ar-strikes in Iran. Right now, the US arir force is pounding Al-Sadr forces in Basora. These are shiit forces just like A-Maleki is, but they are disobeying Al-Maleki, mainly because theyre obeying Iran. As Al-Maleki himself requested months ago: US and Iran should not use Iraq to fight each other. And that's exactly what they're doing now.