Who is attacking Trita Parsi?


Who is attacking Trita Parsi?
by Q

The email is part of the expose by Foreign Policy magazine.

Here Hassan Daioleslam admits to a campaign of character assassination and defamation on Trita Parsi and sells it to known pro-War conservative Ken Timmerman, so he can use it against Obama and Clinton!

Timmerman is the author of "The coming nuclear showdown with Iran", who predicted that Iran will be testing a nuclear weapon by the end of the year in 2006. He also writes for such bastions of objective journalism as "NewsMax".

Read all about him here:

I don't know who is using who anymore. Maybe mutual to some degree: Hassan Dai and his MEK connections using Neocons to get rid of the only credible Iranian voice in Washington by "destroying" Parsi, or Neocons like Timmerman using Dai "Chalabi style" so they can push for a war with Iran. Both sides have ties to Israel. But the law of the jungle says that the more powerful (Neocons) are probably running the show.

Update 11/16/2009 : As promised I will include some of the more substantive comments made by visitors. Thanks Everyone for your participation.

Why they hate Parsi you may ask?
by Mola Nasredeen on Mon Nov 16, 2009 08:50 AM PST

Because he asks the right questions from the right people, the ones who are residing in the centers of power.

And he lets them know immediately that he's nobody's fool, you can't fool Mr parsi. He stands his own ground while coalition building. He with the help of NIAC advanced the interests of the Iranian American Community on civic, cultural and political issues

Trita Parsi and NIAC supplied the resources, knowledge and tools to enable civic participation and informed decision making. They provided the infrastructure for bridge-building across the network of Iranian American organizations and the peoples of America and Iran.

In 2008, NIAC defeated a Congressional resolution that would have paved the way for a US-Iran war.

-- In 2009, NIAC launched a successful campaign seeking a retraction from California Representative Jane Harman, whose controversial statement regarding the "separation" of Iran's ethnic groups offended many. In response to NIAC's efforts, Rep. Harman quickly retracted her comment and expressed regret for the concern it caused.

-- NIAC successfully compelled the National Geographic Society to correct their 8th edition maps to read "Persian Gulf" instead of "Arabian Gulf."

-- NIAC successfully challenged Monster.com's discrimination against Iranian Americans, compelling the company to give Iranian Americans a fair chance to compete in the job market.

-- NIAC sought and obtained an apology from MSNBC's Don Imus for a derogatory comment he made in 2004 about an Iranian airliner crash that killed 43 passengers.

-- NIAC worked with writer/director Wayne Kramer and the Weinstein Company to make changes to the screenplay for Crossing Over (2007). The film originally depicted Iranian Americans committing an "honor killing." Had the script not changed, the movie would have had similar effects for the Iranian-American community as the film Not Without My Daughter (1991)

--NIAC has registered thousands of Iranian-American voters.

--NIAC published the first-ever IranCensus, showing the make-up of our community.

There are those in the center of power who want to turn the cold war between US and Iran into a military war and they hate NIAC and Trita Parsi while Iranian Americans who lived during US Hostage Crisis hate to re-live that period.


Update. Dai was confronted about his false allegations and his personal connections to MEK on Persian TV.


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Mola Nasredeen

We won this round too

by Mola Nasredeen on

بکوری چشم تو اکس پروگرامر.

ex programmer craig

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

by ex programmer craig on

I think we are white !! Not that I support in anyway white power but
beleive it or not, we are considered Caucasians of the Indo-European

Don't even go there. That would be tantamount to giving the (many) racist Iranians on this webiste permission to be bigotted against American whites. I already had a couple people tell me it was OK for them to call me a redneck for that reason.

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

Just because I called you on your lies doesn't mean you have to start making a bunch of other stuff up. What are you trying to do there? Throw up some kind of smoke screen of BS?

And bigotry now too!? Didn't I just flag you in another thread for making ethnic slurs against western whites? Yes, I'm sure withpeople as charming and sincere as you behind them, NIAC will be a veritable powerhouse in US politics in no time. Either that, or Iranian Americans will become embarrassed to even have their name associated with NIAC. Time will tell! Keep up the good work!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

White Power?

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Mola Jan,

I think we are white !! Not that I support in anyway white power but beleive it or not, we are considered Caucasians of the Indo-European branch.

Mussavi looks like one of my greek co-workers and if Khamenei shaved he would look like my old physics professor (an American).

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Not promoting NIAC

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am not promoting NIAC. I mentioned PAAIA as well and gave them credit. I have also mentioned that I am troubled by NIAC's support among some people.

My main beef is with Murdoch who is a certifiable nut. NIAC, PAAIA; Q; Mola; Muqanna (that would be me) even you do not have a huge media empire to use for dispensing propaganda. Murdoch does and uses it to maximum degree.

I do not agree that Fox Sports does not take direction from Murdoch. Any organization he owns becomes his mouthpiece. No one should trust any of them. But he is a coward and wants to hide is vile hate behind "Sports" or "News" while it is all one thing: opinion.

We can debate stuff among ourselves. But lets be aware of what the source of something is.

Mola Nasredeen

We, the Iranian Americans won this round too and

by Mola Nasredeen on

Your favorite source of bigotry aka Fox News lost. We will not let any jerk to insult us just because he holds a microphone and is on air. We are organized now, we have organizations who represent us and their number is growing. We have Iranian Americans who are leading ACLU (American Civil Liberty Union) too and more of us are joining this organization. Go ahead and spew some hatred towards ACLU //www.aclu.org/ too, that's your mission here. Don't forget We also have PAAIA www.paaia.org  BAIAD www.baiad.org/ and many more. 

We are having Iranian Americans elected to different political offices. We are creating coalitions with others to stand up for our rights and that's why you're burning so hot. "White Power" is coming to an end. Who says so? The election of President Barack Hossein Obama says so, deal with it. 

And remember The more you hate us Iranians the more united we'll become.  

ex programmer craig

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

by ex programmer craig on

It's about as accurate to blame Fox News for what a sports channel that just happens to be owned by the same parent company does as it is to blame National Geographic for what Fox News does. Wouldn't you agree?

As for the "backing down"... for one thing "he" (Rupert Murdoch) didn't back down. Why are you trying to make this intro a NIAC-Rupert Murdoch showdown? Again, what purpose does that serve other than artifically boosting NIAC's self-proclaimed reputation? For another thing, the problem was resolved before NIAC even got involved. So, for them to be implying that they had some impact on getting a good outcome when everything that has been done to date was done prior to NIAC involvement is a misrepresentation of the facts.

This disreputable behavior on the part of NIAC just confirms my belief that it is a shady organization that cannot be trusted. They openly perpetrate a fraud, trying to deceive the public with misleading statements. And then, look at who they send out to front for them... IRI goons like Q and Mola Nasredeeen. Is it the first time this has happened? Is it the 500th time this has happened? Who knows. I don't have time to research it but my gut tells me they are up to no good.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: this is not Fox news

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Murdoch owns all of Fox: news; sports; fx and so on. Anything he owns turns into another neocon mouthpiece.

The man has no integrity whatsoever and is a bold faced liar. Fox so called news gives a bad name to news. Murdoch has done the greatest disservice to conservatives by discrediting them and making them look like a bunch of mindless fools. It is a shame since some of their ideas are worth thinking about.

As for the apology, I don't know if he backed down because of NIAC; PAAIA or "regular" viewers input. It does not really matter. Does NIAC want to take the credit? You bet! So does PAAIA and why not?

They did their parts, good for them.

ex programmer craig

Q & M

by ex programmer craig on

You're so obviously desperate to try to show NIAC doesn't represent the Iranian community when it clearly does.

I'm "desperately" pointing out you and a couple of your friends are trying to perpetrate a fraud on IC, with the beneficiary being NIAC. In fact, I already demonstrated the fraud in my first comment on the matter. And yet, you and your "friends" persist. Why is that Q? Why do your persist with a sequence of lies, after they've been exposed?

Mola, how about you? What's your deal? You're the one who started these accusations here and you keep on telling lies, knowing they are lies. Why? Are you proud of being a liar or something? You could admit you were wrong you know. Or remain silent after having been corrected. What purpose is served by continuing to make claims that any sane person can see are false? Are you TRYING to discredit NIAC? Did you consult with them before you perpetrated this fraud in their name?

Mola Nasredeen

"Oh Mamma!"

by Mola Nasredeen on

Said the ex programma.

When he saw the outreach of NIAC, hatred filled out his dark heart and started bitching again. It was hard for him to believe how fast NIAC had organized more than 2000 signatures in response to insults by the racist commentators during Haddadi's basketball game. 

Eat your heart out. We support NIAC and NIAC support and protect us against warmongers and bigots such as yourself. NIAC collected more than 2000 signature in a matter of few hours and received the apology from Fox News. 

Your hatred towards Iranians and Muslims unite us even more. Don't forget This is Irnaian dotcom territory and not Rush Limbaugh's, Deal With It. 


sorry Craig, it's obvious you can't stand NIAC, why?

by Q on

You're so obviously desperate to try to show NIAC doesn't represent the Iranian community when it clearly does. Their timely response got results, and you can't stand it! Why does this bother you that much? You really should think about this to yourself.

Anyway, your irrational hate-fest can only help make our point about who NIAC is dealing with. Not to mention make us laugh as usual!

Some might even call that fraudulent

And others call that "some" braindead losers!

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

...and yes, NIAC played its part to make it a reality
yet again.

No, they didn't. Sorry. NIAC hopped on the bandwagon AFTER the two gentlemen in question were suspended and AFTER an apology was issued. Kinda lame to demand something be done that has already been done, and then pretending it was you who made it happen. Some might even call that fraudulent :o

Fox News got our message. Now it's a 2 way street.

Fox News was not involved. It would be completely bizarre if NIAC had been complaining to fox news about something fox news hadn't done. Some might even call that stupidity :O

This is the Reason why Trita Parsi is hated

Well, I can't speak for anyone else but I judge him by the quality of his supporters. You know... people like you, Q, and Ayhab. And oh yeah... IRANdokht. If Trita Paris wants to disown your set he better start cranking out some press realeases where he says that in no uncertain terms.

And I still think all anyone needs to do to topple the IRI based on the apparrent quality of their supporters here, is to find the three people in the regime who have an IQ higher than 100 and assassinate them. That'd be game over. I've never seen such collection of knuckle-dragging low brows in my life. Y'all make Marine Corps grunts look like intellectuals.

ex programmer craig

Q & A

by ex programmer craig on

NIAC and PAAIA were right to issue their statements and FOX was at fault. That's the end of it, unless you wish to belabor the point.

NIAC is wrong to claim they made Fox NEWS apologize, or that they made ANYONE apologize, Q. The apology was made (by a sports channel unrelated to Fox News) and the corrective action was taken before NIAC even bothered to take it up.

By the way, Q, in case you are curious these are the broadcast channels that News Corp owns:



FOX Business Network
Fox Movie Channel
FOX News Channel
FOX College Sports
FOX Sports Enterprises
FOX Sports En Espanol
FOX Sports Net
FOX Soccer Channel

Fox Reality Channel

Fuel TV

National Geographic Channel United States
National Geographic Channel Worldwide

Stats, Inc.


When are you going to stop carrying water for the Islamic Republic's lobby?

And Ayhab, it's kinda cute the way you accuse  people of bigotry in such an outraged tone! It almost seems like you don't make bigotted comments here every single day, doesn't it? lol

Maybe you might wanna leave the complaining about racism to the Iranians on this website who aren't obvious racists themselves. Just saying!

Mola Nasredeen

NIAC: Reaction In Action!

by Mola Nasredeen on


Reaction against bigotry,

Reaction against humiliation

Reaction against victimization

Many Iranian Americans took action and showed reaction. They let their voices to be heard and yes, NIAC played its part to make it a reality yet again. Fox News got our message. Now it's a 2 way street.

This is the Reason why Trita Parsi is hated




Murdoch the Fascist PIG

by capt_ayhab on

Hot off the press.....

Murdoch the fascist pig is pulling his news empire from search on Google[Bravo Google] since they will not pay him.

He is authorizing bing.com[10% search market share] to find his rag tag Zionist crap sheets on the net and pay him for showing the results of his nauseous and racist propaganda.

Good luck to his crap sheets and Microsoft. Bigger they are harder they fall...........



Yawn Craig, Murdoch is Murdoch

by Q on

Fox Sports is a division of the Fox Broadcasting Company (part of News Corporation). It was formed in 1994 with Fox's acquisition of broadcast rights to National Football League games.

Not that we're not amused, but when are you going to stop carrying water for the far right?

NIAC and PAAIA were right to issue their statements and FOX was at fault. That's the end of it, unless you wish to belabor the point.

ex programmer craig

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

by ex programmer craig on

What part of "this is not Fox news" are you not understanding? :P

Anyway, my primary objection to what Nola was doing was in the way he was trying to give NIAC credit for making this SPORTS CHANNEL back down, when in fact they ahd already issued an apology and place  the two commentators on suspension before NAIC even brought it up.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Fox News

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

There is no excuse for the racist comments by Fox. And Craig, Fox knows exactly what it is doing. They routinely fan flames of hatred against people.

This is not just a NIAC issue. PAAIA is also in agreement that Fox was is of line. This was a cheap shot make and we do not have to take it: never!

ex programmer craig

Mola Nasredeen

by ex programmer craig on

You have misrepresented that story and the apology on so many levels!

Those two reporters don't work for the Fox News Channel, for one thing. They work for  "Fox Sports Prime Ticket" whetver that is. For another thing according to the LA Times:


They were suspended 3 days ago, and an apology was issued at that time. And lastly, the apology was issued and the disciplinary action taken due to a fan who called in and complained the day it happened, and not due to NIAC action.

Mola Nasredeen

NIAC forces Fox News to apologize for comparing Iranian pro

by Mola Nasredeen on

Basketball player to "Borat". NIAC issued the following statement regarding the Fox New apology:

"More than 2,000 people responded to our call. We have been in touch with Fox, and they have issued an apology per our request. We are still working to ensure that the apology is read on air as well. Below is the statement NIAC issued after discussing the matter with Fox.

"The National Iranian American Council is proud that the Iranian American community stood in solidarity against the derogatory statements made recently on Fox Sports. A representative from Fox contacted the organization, after less than 12 hours of NIAC posting a complaint, to express their regret for statements made on air."


Here is the text of Fox News apology to Iranian Americans:

'We regret the remarks made by Clippers announcers Michael Smith and Ralph Lawler during Wednesday's telecast. While we believe that Michael and Ralph did not intend their exchange to be offensive, in retrospect, the comments were inappropriate. We extend our apologies to Hamed Haddadi of the Memphis Grizzlies and to anyone who was offended. We have addressed this situation with Michael and Ralph and have taken appropriate action.'


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Hassan Dai responds

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Hassan Dai is affiliated with the MKO. The only organization even worse than the Mullahs.

So Dai has no credibility and I don't pay attention to him.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Shame on NIAC's self serving leaders

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

I am no supporter of IRI or Islam. Anyone who has read my posts knows it.

On the other hand "weekly standard" is not a legitimate news source. It is a mouthpiece of neo-con right wing propaganda. Wiki describes it as a "neoconservative opinion magazine". So their criticism of Trita Parsi is hardly credible.

I am disturbed that NIAC seems popular with the more radical elements. But attacks by neo-cons serve to raise NIAC's credibility!

Mola Nasredeen

NIAC demands an apology from FOX news for comparing Iranian

by Mola Nasredeen on

basketball player (Haddadi plays for Grizzlies professional basketball team) to the movie charater named Borat. Borat represents the "stupid" foreigners who come to the United States. The character Borat sleeps with his sister and says his mother is a prostitute among other insults.

register you demand for an apology from FOX News here:




by IRANdokht on

You sound completely uninformed about NIAC's stance and yet feel compelled to speak against them with serious and baseless accusations. Why do you hold such grudge against NIAC? 



seannewyork, what exactly


seannewyork, what exactly does he preach?

NIAC is against sanctions that hurt the people... so is the green movement.

NIAC is against war... so is the green movement.

NIAC wants diplomacy to solve he nuclear crisis and not confrontation... so is the green movement. 





Trita/NIAC weakest link to Democracy

by seannewyork on

Trita Parsi is the weakest link and stands in the way of democracy in Iran.

 He is anti green movement with what he preeches.

Mola Nasredeen

Wrong again! Mr Parsi is not the weakest link among Iranian

by Mola Nasredeen on

Americans (the Silent No More majority) who are advocating for diplomacy with Iran and are against sanctions or military actions against Iran. Even Time Magazine's' Klein exposed Israel Lobby plan against Mr Parsi and NIAC and called NIAC "The Sane Iranians".

Here is another informative article exposing Israel Lobby's plot against Mr Parsi aided by Mojahedin and Monarchists: 

"The Israel lobby and the neocons have been trying to harvest the anger among Iranians about the election to further advocate crippling sanctions against Iran that are, however, opposed strenuously by the leaders of Iran's democracy movement. 

In their efforts for starting a war with Iran, or impose crippling sanctions on it, the Israel lobby and the neocons have been aided by two groups of Iranian exiles: the monarchists, and members and supporters of the Mojahedin-e Khalgh Organization (MKO), listed by the State Department as a terrorist group.

The monarchists are a relic of the past. They resemble the exiled Cuban community in South Florida, and even more closely the Russian Tsarists in Europe after the October 1917 Revolution, and still fantasize about returning to power, but have no base of support in Iran." 

You can read the complete article here: //payvand.com/news/09/nov/1216.html



Mole you remind me of a story

by timothyfloyd on

Imagine if you've the can,two kids playing together,in the sand.

One Palestinean and One Jewish.

The best of friends.They made castles and were playing, laughing.

Then someone came to them and told them,they were enemies.


One day in a place,Palestineans and Jews will be hand in hand.


Have a wonderful free day!

Mola Nasredeen

Timoty, You finally showed your hand and that's why

by Mola Nasredeen on

I don't click on links recommended by the Axis of Evil supporters meaning Israel lobby/Mojahedin/Monarchis supporters, I know better. You're all wet. 


Mole really now

by timothyfloyd on

Mola,,why don't you think Timmerman cares for the Iranian people? Did you watch the clip of him on the daily show and hear what he said about the Democracy movement in Iran? In 2005?

Is it because your accusation's of him like Q's because he has reported unfavorable news on Iran's Nuclear program?

I just read he was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.I mean Reward.

Is it impossible for you to think he could have Isreal's and the Iranian people's interest for good?

Why do you have to pit Isreal against Iran all the time Mola?

I don't care if Isreal has a strong Lobby,we have laws for the influence.

I did watch this report on Isreal's lobby in Britain,thank you,I hadn't seen it.

But you knew of course I would say something like,I am not suprised.But I don't care.I already knew that Isreal is a friend of Britain.And I know that it is a friend of the U.S.

It doesn't bother me if "Bicom' are friends of Isreal and helps spread's the message of the threat they face.I'm glad someone put's it out.

Why doesn't the NIAC put out the message the people of Iran are not the same as the Govt of Iran? Maybe they should take a lesson from the Isreal lobby and companies like Bicom.

And more so,why doesn't your NIAC start going after the people who are going to issue the gasoline sanction?

How about your interest Mola? Is it only for Palestinean suicide bombers? Or is it for Iran too?

What is the Lobby of Palestine in Iran like?Now that would be a shocking watch :)

But Mola,Have a look at this clip,THIS is why I DO NOT support the people of Palestine at all..



Happy Friday and

Have a wonderful free day!