Reality As It Is - One Year Anniversary Of A "Fraudulent" Election

Reality As It Is - One Year Anniversary Of A "Fraudulent" Election
by R2-D2

This blog was initially a comment in the following blog: Trita Parsi - Interview with Hamid Dabashi:


Despite constant, steady, and repeated attempts by the present regime in Iran to shake off its illegitimacy, I am glad to say that it has been quite unble to do so in the eyes of the World!

Anyone with the slightest of intelligence, is fully and completely aware of the Fraudulent Elections last year - Simply Put, This Very Issue Can Not Be Pushed Under The Rug!

What happened last year was not only an affront to all our brothers and sisters in Iran who voted against the present regime, but also, to all those who may have disagreed strongly with it prior to the elections, yet demonstrated a modicum of support out of nationalism!

The Present Regime In Iran Is No Different Than A Cancerous Growth That Needs To Be Removed - Not By Outside Forces ... But Indeed, By Its Great, And Freedom-Loving People!

Pure And Simple :) - !





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by R2-D2 on

Regardless of how hard the Mullahs (including Khamenei) in general, and Ahmadinejad in particular, have tried to convince the World that they are the legitimate government of Iran, they have failed!

The Election Frauds of last year is like a 2,000-pound Gorilla in the room - It Can Not And Will Not Be Ignored :) - !





by yolanda on

Hi! RD,

    I did read this original post last night in a different blog! It is concise and beautiful! You did a great job!

Thank you for sharing!

You are right that we won't forget the fraudulent election!!!!