Where's The Shame ..... Indeed, Where's The Humanity? !!!!!

Where's The Shame ..... Indeed, Where's The Humanity? !!!!!
by R2-D2

When the eartquake occurred in Haiti a couple of years ago, survivors were found buried in the rubble up to nine (9) days after the earthquake - 

For the authorities in Iran to stop the search and rescue mission after only 24 hours, it's not only abominable, but indeed inhumane and unconscionable - 

This regime in Iran shows over and over again, in quite a compelling way, that it has absolutely no regard whatsoever for the life and welfare of our brothers and sisters in Iran - Its sole mission being its own preservation and dastardly survival - 

Nothing More, And Indeed, Nothing Less ...... ! 


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"In Support Of Earthquake Victims In Iran"

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Dear Friends

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Yolanda, Dr. Mohandes, daneshjoo, Roozbeh, Faramarz, and others

First,  let me thank you for your kind words - Secondly, let's hope that the very shame and embarassment that has led the authorities to take certain actions that they wouldn't have taken otherwise, would force them to look for more survivors -  

Fnally, I hope that the Iranian community in diaspora, whether in Europe, America, or elsewhere, would set up some funding mechanism to help our brothers and sisters in Azerbaijan - From what we have seen so far from the regime, it seems highly unlikely for them to do anything substantial for the earthquake victims - Regardless of what they may or may not say in their "Press Releases" -


Tks Again,






Ali Daei at Earthquake Scene

by Faramarz on


While Ahmadi is in Saudi Arabia to become a Haji, and Rahbar is asking the victims to be patient, Ali Daei rushed to his homeland to help out.

What a shame to call off the rescue efforts after only 24 hours while we saw that in recent earthquakes in Japan and Turkey people were found alive after more than a week under the rubbles.

The Regime's focus is on Syria and it wants to get the earthquake behind it and get ready for the Non-Aligned Meeting in Tehran at the end of August.

Iranian people are only good and useful as dead martyrs!



Thanks R2D2

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 Amidst the deafening howls of Islamist cronies and lobbyists trying to divert attention away from the sufferings of our Earth Quake striken Azari brothers and sisters, and it's real route cause, the corrupt Islamist regime, it is good to read blogs like yours speaking for the poor and downthrodden Irainans left so shamelessly to their own , by the corrupt and criminal Islamist regime, after this natural disaster, which should not had been a disaster in the first place..

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



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They found 2 survivors with the help of sniffer dogs; they should keep digging:



The shame is hanging around with its likes: Hurricane Katrina

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on


Vice President Dick Cheney was also criticized in his role in the aftermath. On the night of August 30, and again the next morning, he personally called the manager of the Southern Pines Electric Power Association and ordered him to divert power crews to electrical substations in nearby Collins, Mississippi that were essential to the operation of the Colonial Pipeline, which carries gasoline and diesel fuel from Texas to the Northeast.[20] The power crews were reportedly upset when told what the purpose of the redirection was, since they were in the process of restoring power to two local hospitals, but did so anyway.



On September 6, citing a Defense Department policy banning the photographing of flag-draped coffins of American troops, FEMA representatives stated that they did not want journalists to accompany rescue boats as they went out searching for victims, because, "the recovery of the victims is being treated with dignity and the utmost respect."[45] The agency also asked that no photographs of the dead be published by the media. This policy was met with much criticism by the media, and compared to censorship. On September 9, Army Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honoré, who oversaw the federal relief effort in New Orleans, and Terry Ebbert, Louisiana's homeland security director, said that reporters would have, "zero access," to body recovery operations, a statement which was actually misinterpreted. What was meant by that was that reporters would not be embedded with recovery teams, but would still have free access to any public area in the city. CNN filed a lawsuit regarding the situation, and U.S. District Judge Keith Ellison issued an order preventing officials from blocking media coverage.[46]

Lobbying contracts and FEMA

On September 7, FEMA hired a private disaster relief management company, Kenyon International, to collect bodies.[47] Based in Houston, Texas, Kenyon International specializes in disaster relief and had provided services in previous major disasters worldwide. Accusations of cronyism were raised, as Kenyon International is a subsidiary of Service Corporation International (SCI), which is owned by funeral home magnate and Bush family friend Robert Waltrip.[48] 


International criticism

Several foreign leaders have expressed frustration that they couldn’t get a go-ahead from the Bush administration to administer help. President Bush said on the ABC News program Good Morning America that the United States could fend for itself, "I do expect a lot of sympathy and perhaps some will send cash dollars," Bush said of foreign governments.[83]

The immediate response from many nations was to ask to be allowed to send in self-sustaining search and rescue teams to assist in evacuating those remaining in the city. This first to respond was Venezuela, offering tons of food, water, and a million barrels of extra petroleum. France had a range of aircraft, two naval ships and a hospital ship standing ready in the Caribbean. Russia offered four jets with rescuers, equipment, food and medicine, but their help was first declined before later being accepted. Germany had offered airlifting, vaccination, water purification, medical supplies including German air force hospital planes, emergency electrical power and pumping services; their offer was noted and they received a formal request three days later. Similarly, Sweden had been waiting for a formal request to send a military cargo plane with three complete GSM systems, water sanitation equipment, and experts. The Netherlands offered help out of the island Aruba in the Caribbean Sea. Cuba offered to send 1,586 doctors and 26 tons of medicine[84] but this offer was rejected.

British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott linked the global warming issue to Katrina, criticizing the United States' lack of support for the Kyoto Protocol, "The horrific flood of New Orleans brings home to us the concern of leaders of countries like the Maldives, whose nations are at risk of disappearing completely. There has been resistance by the US government to Kyoto - which I believe is wrong."[85] Ted Sluijter, press spokesman for Neeltje Jans, the public park where the Delta Works are located, said, "I don't want to sound overly critical, but it's hard to imagine that (the damage caused by Katrina) could happen in a Western country, It seemed like plans for protection and evacuation weren't really in place, and once it happened, the coordination was poor."[86]

In China, the Communist Party newspaper, the People's Daily, criticized President Bush's handling of the crisis, calling the slow response time to the unfolding events a, "negligence of duty".[87]

An article in the April 29, 2007 Washington Post claimed that of the $854 million offered by foreign countries, whom the article dubs "allies," to the US Government, only $40 million of the funds had been spent "for disaster victims or reconstruction" as of the date of publication (less than 5%).[88] 


آیا آخوندها ایرانیند؟



چرا ایرانیان از آخوند ها متنقر شده اند 


Dr. Mohandes

Good blog and good point

by Dr. Mohandes on

looking at the image of this sweet heart , little girl, just makes my heart cry and you would wonder what is going on in her mind and heart... makes you want to give her a huge hug.

i agree with both of you and this is beyond vicious and in total agreement wit the history of these idiots namely to always fulfill their animalistic urges first and foremost.


Tks Yolanda

by R2-D2 on

If This Action Does Not Anger People, I Just Don't Know What Does - 





by yolanda on

Well-said! RD!

I have a feeling that some earthquake victims are still buried under the rubble! They are still alive and just need to be rescued!

Unfortunately, IRI single-handedly made the decision not to search further and pretty much have given up on their own people! IRI has said that they can manage the situation themselves and refuse any outside help!

It is absolutely sad!

How can they terminate the search effort only after 24 hours? It is unprecedented! I really don't understand! They really don't give their people a chance to survive this disaster! They abandoned their own people!

IRI declared 2 days of mourning, that is it!

They let their people cry for 2 days and then they are ready to move on!

AN and Khamenei have not toured the disaster areas! I guess they are too afraid of the aftershocks themselve and prefer to keep a safe distance from the epicenter!

This regime is despicable and mind-boggling beyond my imagination!

I hope this regime can reverse its decision and start to dig for survivors again! If one survivor can be found, that is worth it!

Seeing one person pulling out of the rubble alive is more exciting than seeing 100 gold medals won at the Olympics!