Buoy – poem

by ramintork




Buoy - poem 

When you are faltering in a stormy sea

and the torrent of waves

thrash you under their weight

I will not leave you whitewashed

I will always be your buoy.

Anchored to the depth of the unknown

my root goes below the dark blue sea

and I stay afloat and strong

I will always be your buoy.

Blasting of wind, tears of rain can crack my paint

the sun can scorch my skin,

seals can laugh and lean their heavy weight,

I’ll take kisses from the barnacles for comfort

light my beaker, and wait for you

I am no drifter of the sea and be here

I will always be your buoy.

I will be bouncy and colourful

even dazzle you with my dried crown of salt

if you think you could drown

you can reach out, I’ll reach down

then  lean and lift you up

I will always be your buoy.


For Parisa.


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