Shamloo and T.S. Elliot

by ramintork

I was recapping on T.S. Elliot poems and then I couldn't help finding a great resemblance to Shamloo's poems.

It wasn't rocket science. Both poets are modernist in their work and Iran of Shamloo was not caged behind a cultural prison. We were part of the Globe then.

I was tempted to do my own research and write a blog on this but before spending time I did a quick search to see if anyone had done work on this. There were many who seemed to have done research on this perhaps for their thesis.

Common features were the use of dramatic monologue, revulsion and alienation towards the power players of a modernist society and use of imagery in depicting the subject of such a society and of the grotesque theatre of the absurd.

The two works that particularly came to my mind were T.S. Elliot's Waste Land and Shamloo's dagger in dish (deshne dar dis).

If you are interested in what I found you can have a look at this:



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Thank you

by ramintork on

Yes, the fact that the authors live in Iran was attractive to me too.

Azadeh Azad

Very interesting

by Azadeh Azad on

Thank you, Ramin jan, for this precious find. I'm still half way, but I like what I'm reading. The authors live in Iran, and that, for some reason, makes  the article more attractive to me.

Cheers ,