نامه پندآميز رضاشاه به محمدرضا پهلوي

Red Wine
by Red Wine

نامه پندآميز رضاشاه به محمدرضا پهلوي در مسائل كشوري و خانوادگي







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darkhaste rahnemaeei

by ali mahmoodi (not verified) on

ba salam
man ali 28 sale az iran ba madrake foge diplome mekanik.hanuz bikaram lotfan rahnemaeeam konin ke chetor mishe az iran raft.montazere javabetun hastam



by ey-baba! (not verified) on

Why are people asking how he could write this or questioning whether or not he was really iliterate.

He was SHAH people! he had other people who would write for him.




by MRX1 (not verified) on

Reza shah was illiterate so how could he write this? neverless he was smarter, more influential, did more to change Iranian society for better than any one prior him did or even after him. Roohash shad.


Re: Afshin

by Ye Irani (not verified) on

Pardon me; I forgot to responde to:

"If he was a British lackey why was he forced to abdicate? Do you even know what that word means? There's more to Iranian History than Daee Jan Napoleon little man. "

Well, politics require thick skin! What do you do with the milk when it passes the "time of expiration". Reza shah's mistake was that he had a heart for Hitler!
That is called sleeping with the enemy.

Remember the language changes - German, English and French in schools? How about the Railroad? how about one aryan nation?

Please dig in a bit deeper, you will come up with the warms that you can only find at 3cm and below!

Please don't even mention "Daee jan napoleon". I do not even like that show even as comedy. I know it is considered an epic in shah-parasts' circle - Poor Dr. Pezeshkzad!


Re: Afshin and others with similar sentiments

by Ye Irani (not verified) on

The 1st guy who told me Reza shah was a Gholdor was my history teacher in 1955. He also said that Rezsa shah had a bad mouth"Bad dahan". He also was aware of the bribery and stealing nation's wealth that was epidemic. Here is a story he told us in the class:
One day Reza shah was visiting lined-up personnel in one of the military bases and one of the low-profile goroohbans asked him why he does not get paid enough. Reza shah replied: take this fistful ball of snow and pass it onto the next gun in the line. at the end of the line, he mentions that you can see how small the snow ball is!!

Beside Gholdor-ness, illeteracy and the fact that he was brought up to power by a foreign power to serve them, I have no issue with Reza shah. As usual, he did some god stuff due to rule of inevitability of history, just like some good stuff IRI has done.

Ma Boy, Reza shah, Mojahed, Khomeini, cherik and etc. will not resolve Iran's issue, until the nation (us) come to our senses and cleans our act and act responsibly. I'm sure you remember how much of this nation's money was stolen and moved out of country during revolution by innocent/honest shahparasts - Don't you?

The difference between you and me is, I don't believe in black n' white. I only know GRAY in this world. I hope you get my point.

This is why I think that great people of Iran, the youth, have found their way and they know what they are doing. They won't bow to you, me, IRI, or anyone who puts up SLOGANS. Boro aziz kashketo ye jaye dighe besaab!

BTW, IRI, does not take any money by force. They have put many "SADAGHEH" boxes in every corner of streets!

Badbakht kesi ke be har kas o nakesi dolla raast beshe;

...And you ask: Is Iran better or worse now? I would say we could've been better if we had all Iranian resources united in the direction to progress Iran. Unfortunately, every Iranian has mind of his/her own and can not stand opposing opinion - This is our Achele's heel!

So, we are in the middle of loosing this bad habit. IRI does not stand this, becaues they are looking for herd-mentality in people. But, inevitable shall happen soon.


Fooled by Randomness

by Essence of Wisdom (not verified) on


I wasn't suggesting that you should compare apples with organges. I was merely suggesting the possibility that if 200 years ago before Reza Shah's era railroads were created -- then by the time he took reign then there was a high likelihood that with or without "his" directive Iran could have had the railroad system or other advancements it got during his era. I didn't think that was a very complicated example.

Anyways given your choice in noticing that I like am not as knowledgeable about everything you may want to check out this rambling of mine -- and no it is not from IRI or MKO :-)



Fatollah: No I was not among

by Essence of Wisdom (not verified) on


No I was not among one of those wisemen. In fact I was among those that had his and his family's life turned 180 degrees because of the events in 1979. Having said that what the heck did your diatribe had to do with my response to the other poster.



Essense of foolishness...

by afshin on

you should compare apples with apples and oranges with oranges.  Considering what they had to work with and what nations of equal opportunity and resources did in the same period of time, i think you will see they did achieve alot.  and it didn't take reza shah 200 years to build the raliroad system.  who's being silly here?  have you ever read a single book about the subject?  or is your source only IRI and MKO rhetoric?


Essence of Wisdom

by Fatollah (not verified) on

You remind me of the wisemen who knew it all back in 1979, you and people like you are directly responsible for the catastrophe that occured in 1979, which has lead to the current miserable situation in Iran! Do not reformulate your old ideas, people like you are not able to comprehend anything, that is to think out of the box for a minute, I suggest you read and try to live the recent history of westeren societies in 1960s up until 1974 and see the kind of tabus and regualtions that existed in these societies! I am even willing to give you a helping hand by sending you the kind of information that you seem to lack! And then compare those with the ones that you had in Iran back in 1970s! But wisemen like you who moved or better say ran a way to the West back in early 1980s, can not admit that you failed miserabley.


Afshin: You asked why is he

by Essence of Wisdom (not verified) on


You asked why is he a thug ... perhaps because some Iranians believe that he imposed his policies without asking what the majority thought about it. Now one could argue that Iran and Iranians weren't intellectually ready for such political discourses but that is a different matter.

You asked why he was forced to abdicate if he was a British lackey ... perhaps because they were done with his bravado positions such as being more aligned with the Germans.

Lastly regarding Prime Minister Hoveyda's claim toward his accomplishment ... first may I suggest that if you are trying to prove he accomplished a great deal to at least not use this as an example because after 13 yrs your claim for accomplishment is to suggest that you held the price of 'matches' constant is although music for cigarette smokers but not exactly a good example of an accomplishment. Now I realize he was making a case for holding inflation down, but keep in mind that inflation is part of a natural progression/growth of any economy that is developing and growing. So even if we were to look at it broadly you need to realize that holding inflation (prices) down artificially be it for matches, bread, or currency is not a very good public policy that a politician can hang his hat on.

Finally regarding Iran's progress under the Pahlavi's. I don't think any objective minded individual can deny that both Reza Shah and Mohammad Reza Shah were influential in modernizing Iran. However there are two matters that is worth pointing out.

First if they were truly public servants (granted an oxymoron for a king) it was their job to do what they did for the citizens they were serving. It wasn't as if they were using their wealth to do something for Iranians, they were using the country's wealth. This is one of fundamental problems of many Iranians especially the pro monarchist ones who believe that a king is not their to serve them rather they act as if they are there to serve the king. That is why they bow and don't look at him as an equal.

Secondly you have to also consider that a major part of what they did was due to natural progression of time and many of it were thing that were much due. For example rail travel began in the Western world in mid 1700's now if you like to think that after 200 years Iran getting railroad was due to some brilliance by Reza Shah you may go ahead but then your fellow Iranians who are pro Islamic Republic will turn around and say that it only took this regime just several years after the advent and mainstream usage of internet to make it available to their citizens. Or they can claim that IR has done more for the progression of Iranian society given the absolute higher number (vs. relative to % population) of more hospitals or more universities opened during the last 30 years vs. all of Pahlavi's era. All ridiculous or silly claims - but one that only fools who don't understand that with time humans are bound to evolve and change will make and believe.


To the person who says: Reza shah was a thug.

by Setiz (not verified) on

This is a true story from a dialog between a well-known jaahel in iran and a peace officer. The jaahel, a well-known bold guy named Haaloo, was a big jobless shrewd guy who would go around and extort money from ones whom he thought could afford few tomans. One day he walked to a peace officer (a sarvaan) at a cross-section and opened a dialog with him:

Haaloo: officer, let me see some money.

Officer: get lost wide-ass.

Haaloo: oh officer, you obviously have not seen a wide-ass, otherwise you would call me tight-ass instead, kiss my ass, and touch it with your eyes!

Officer: hahaha.... (surrendered him some money).

The point: obviously you have not seen (or don't want to see) thuggery of IRI thugs that you call reza shah a thug. Had you really seen IRI thugs, you would call reza shah an angel (comparatively) and would bow to him. And that is even if you totally ignore all his contributions to the country.


Ye Irani

by afshin on

Why is he a thug?  Because Khomeini said so?  If he was a British lackey why was he forced to abdicate?  Do you even know what that word means?  There's more to Iranian History than Daee Jan Napoleon little man.

During Hoveyda's trial he was asked in 13 years of your premiership what did you accomplish?  He said when I came to power a book of matches was 1 rial, and when I left power it was still 1 rial. 

Modern Iran did not materialize from thin air.  Much work went in to creating it.  It was nothing 60 years ago.  No one's worshipping the Pahlavis.  But inspite of the corruption that existed much was achieved.  All those big highways you see in Tehran, even the Milad tower, and the IKIA airport were all supposed to be completed by 1980 and would have been had it not been for the revolution.  Going by economic indicators and numbers alone, Iran enjoyed double digit growth on an annual basis for many years.  The liberal policies of the Shah encouraged foreign investment and that brought jobs.  Don't be so short sighted.  Ask yourself, is Iran better now economically, than 1978?  The overwhelming majority of all Iranians of all stripes will answer with a resounding NO!


Khamenei khalifeh is a thug. He

by samsam1111 on

. He call his subordinates Mavali & bighairat. He is illeterate and had a bad-mouth. He is a perfect arab dictator backed by Englis and domestic mob.
A quiz for khalifeh parasts:
How many wives do mullahs  have?

I,m not even a pro shah but andamaghesh miarzeh beh mullahs


Whether he was a thug or not his accomplishments for Iran

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

can't be refuted. Within 10 years he took Iran from nothing to a position which threatened the West, no wonder he was forced into abdication. Another great leader who was kicked out by the West.

Give credit where it is rightfully due. He did everything without even having stepped out of Iran. His accomplishments by all Iranians is much admired and respected.

Ali P.


by Ali P. on


I had never seen a letter written by him!

Beautiful grammer and handwriting for a man we call 'illiterate'.

Oh, well,...not the first misconception about the man.


Ali P.


Reza shah was a thug. He

by Ye Irani (not verified) on

Reza shah was a thug. He used to call his subordinates Pedarsookhteh. He was illeterate and had a bad-mouth. He was a perfect dictator backed by Englis and domestic mob.
A quiz for shah-parasts:
How many wives did Reza shah have?