What do you mean you're celibate?

by sadaf_of_the_sea

I have recently taken a vow of celibacy. By recent, I mean REALLy recent. Like two days ago. This blog will be a chronicle of this new and perhaps fascinating (both for myself and for the readers) stage of my young tender life.

No, I am not some kind of Iranian nun: My body does not belong to god.

And nope, I don't think the body is a temple.

I am also not, what is called an "incel," an involuntary celibate. Believe you me, this is all voluntary.

Nonetheless, I have decided to see how my life, my self, and even perhaps my body will change when it can't be in a "Carnal Union" with another.

Since I have announced my decision to my friends, I've gotten mostly bemused looks and quizzical tilts of the head. I've been given anything between 2 days and one month before I end up breaking my vow. One friend even went so far to say: What will you do with your blog when you end up breaking your vow, as you undoubtedly will?

Good question, I don't know but I'm sure we'll find out together.

So here are the simple rules to my celibacy vow: I will not have intercourse or any other kinds of course until Dec. 31, 2007. After that, the world will once again be my sadaf.

Wish me luck!


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Bless you!

by bahmani on

... you little slut!.. :)


Thanks, been married to one for 20 years!

by bahmani on

YOU may be the exception to my suggested stereotype! I hope so! Feedback from majority of Iranian men suggests the odds are not in your favor. Again, I HOPE I am wrong, and will be deliriously happy to be proven wrong. So Prove it! I have testimony backing my theory. They can't all be wrong.


you still don't get it!

by ghermez on

heheh, you're making me laugh -- Iranian women afraid to release their animalistic side because of other's perceptions?!  how old-fashioned you are! and that's exactly what i meant in my first post - you need to drop the stereotype (which apparently seems to fit your attitude) and try to attract some Iranian Goddess, instead.  bonne chance ;)


I'm a goddess revere me

by n.zanincanadai on

I'm a goddess revere me please


Attitude is everything!

by bahmani on

Based on general feedback from other females my "attitude" is apparently fine. The stereotype (which you are confirming with your instant defensive posture BTW) is that often (not always) Iranian women tend to be shall we say on the tepid to cold side, and generally uninterested in what seems to be perceived as this kind of boorish animalistic and wholly unfemale and useless recreative sport.

I would not go so far as to call it a "hang up", rather than to call it more of Madonna complex, or the fear of being thought of as a slut. Not by men, but by other women.

Which, if you were to ask any guy, does not carry anywhere near the negative connotation that Iranian women think it does. An Iranian slut with all the style and skills thereof would likely be revered as a Goddess!


Mr. Bahmani: maybe you should consider your attitude, first.

by ghermez on

and then you'd understand their appetite (or, lack of) for you!


NazaninI like the first

by n.zanincanadai on



A Celibate Iranian Woman: isn't that an oxymoron?

by bahmani on

Based on my limited experience and survey of Iranian women and their generally less than open mind, enthusiasm, and attitude towards sex, I would say the odds are mostly in your favor, and you should have a pretty easy time of it! Actually, you aren't giving much up to begin with (no pun intended). I would challenge you to try and go in the other direction for 30 days and see what happens! The results of that experiment would be far more interesting!

But good luck anyway!

(Guys, I say 50:1 there will be no change in appetite.)



by Faramarz_Fateh on

I give it a few more days until it gets to your you know what; that time of the month when you women become sex crazed and starved