Hilary's Election Fraud Caught on Tape

by salim

Clintons did a good job covering this up really well, but thanks to the internet it has become available to the masses.

As a former supporter of Clintons it's eye opening to see they are not that far from Bush when it comes to corruption:



Make sure to register to vote in time. Here is the info for all states:



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Amoo joon, Hillary just won Nevada!

by farrad02 on

Amoo joon, Hillary just won Nevada!



Hillary the best 2008 candidate

by hillary fan (not verified) on

It was 8 years ago and only god knows who has made it up.

Come on...We are in 2008 and Hillary is the best choice we've got.

Food for Thought

He's not naiive

by Food for Thought on

It's not naiive to uncover corruption even if it is commonplace in a corrupted poitical system. It is cynicism, such as yours, that allows corruption to be acceptable, along with the fact that the 'elite' select presidents acceptable to them and then 'sell' them to the public through their mainstream media. This is not democratic!

Exposing and publicising such corruption is the duty of each and everyone of us who cares about freedoms a democracy should uphold. We all know it doesn't. It's all about mind-control. Hillary wants to be president and she is the establishment's chosen one. I commend people like Salim who raise such issues; for the public to see her for what she is fully, warts an' all, rather than the squeaky clean image the controlled media wants us to see.

Instead of 'amoo jooning' someone in a condescending manner, why not go and educate yourself about how the elite really run the world. If you truly 'got real' yourself you would see that these corrupt elitists need to be stopped. It is only when a critical mass of the population stop being apathetic/cynical and start taking a more active interest that there might be a hope of a less corrupt future.

See my blog below for links you could find educational - another naiive person, you're thinking, no doubt, because people believe what they want to rather than bother to uncover uncomfortable truths:


We are all responsible for creating our own reality and it begins with how we choose to think, amoo joon! It's up to you.




I didn't have sex with that women

by no_name (not verified) on

Brings to mind the famous speech the Clintons gave:
Looks like this case is still pending a decision in California appeals court to whether or not include Mrs. Clinton or not.

Interesting, I googled to get the facts myself, and it appears the Clintons screwed this guy over and I think he is pissed now and is out the get them back.

After seeing how they reacted to the Nevada Culinary Union, I don't put anything pass this guys.

just remember, under the Clintons the entire wire tapping system of US was handed to the Israelis. Just to show you, you can't trust the republicans or the democrats.


This was all 8 years ago!!! It's nothing but election year mud!

by farrad02 on

You are very naive sir!

Look into the background of any millionaire or billionnaire in the capitalist world and you are sure to see shady cut throat deals and betrayals like this!

Their business dealing is one thing. The campaign fraud claim is another. Let's look at them separately.

I'm not naive enough to claim that Clintons could not have taken advantage of Peter Paul! He was greedy and tried to make a fast buck off Bill Clinton's involvement and the Clintons went behind his back and made their own deal (directly with the Japanese investor)!!! Was this immoral and "namardi" on the part of Bill Clinton. It looks that way! They call him "Slick Willy" for a reason!!! But it doesn't look like he broke any laws! He just shafted Peter Paul contrary to his word!

As far as campaign fraud and whether or not Bill and Hillary broke the law!? This was all 8 years ago!!! Don't you think that if there was even a trace of evidence or something that could be found against them,  the Republicans and many many right wingers would have found and exposed it against her?! 

How come this stuff is coming out NOW? And do you think that Hillary Clinton came this far to let something like this stop her?  GET REAL Amoo joon!