Poster: 22 Bahman (Special Guards)

Poster: 22 Bahman (Special Guards)
by Sargord Pirouz

This artistic poster is open to different interpretations. It features the "guard-e vijeh" better known to Western readers as "special guards." The message is peace. Rendered by Sargord Pirouz.



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Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

you are something else! 'artistic poster'?! boys in village people outfits? i can't stop laughing! you are really taking the piss now.

actually, i would like to read this as: 22 bahman, we won't have any guns, and there will be peace because we will be stomping and dancing with our batons wearing a gay outfit. how is that interpretation?

Anonymous Observer

Khob Digheh

by Anonymous Observer on

tamam shod.  Mardom az in akseh kheili tarsidand va digar tazoharat nimokonand.  Merci sargord jaan keh in "eghteshahsh" ra tamoom kardi.  

Jeesh Daram

عکس جناب سرگرد در یکی از رژه های اخیر

Jeesh Daram


He is on the left with a box of Baklava in his hand :)

He is OK and he chose to be the antagonist and I think he is doing a fair job, but sometimes he tends to move to the other side and that sounds silly. After all he is serving a purpose of being a punching bag. No harm in there, a little diversity is necessary...

Now take a look at her:





Sargord: you need to soften your affiliations and your pictures

by MM on

Firstly, I would have considered your message a lot more seriously if your police force was standing instead of stumping, smiling instead of serious look and in particular if flowers at hand instead of batons

Secondly, as you listed all those characters, having known you and your affiliation with IRI, the first thing that came to my mind was " what is the hidden message here?" and I was, as were many others in this blog, correct.  i.e., you need to work double-time to earn our trust

Lastly, this image says: We are ready for 22nd of Bahman, you better join us in peace or else (این آش با ماست است. بخوری پاته، نخوری *اته)

Sargord Pirouz

You know, it's funny. Had

by Sargord Pirouz on

You know, it's funny. Had another blogger created this poster other than Sargord Pirouz, it would have been interpreted very differently than most of these commenters.

I mean, how different is it than that poster showing an AK-47 rifle with a flower in the barrel, in JJ's article accessible on the IC home page?

In this photo, there isn't even a gun, but a less-lethal baton.

And the message is "peace." Who could have a problem with peace? Oh yeah, it's because Sargord Pirouz is supposedly:

a) a Basidji
b) an IRI agent
c) a non-Iranian
d) an IRGC propagandist
e) an IRI apologist
f) whatever expletive comes to mind

Have I left anything out?

Hilarious. And hypocritical as ever, here at the IC.


The intended audience is Khamenei

by Fair on

the Islamic Fuehrer. This poster says to him "don't worry, we will bring peace and quiet to you with these forces. Nothing to worry about, they are only 70 million pieces of dust and dirt". The rest of us can disregard the poster. Waffen SS Major leaked it by mistake.

Ari that was a good one!:)

See you fascists on 22 Bahman. I hope the Islamic Fuehrer has got his fastest horse ready, he is going to need it.




این نیز بگذرد


هم مرگ بر جهان شما نیز بگذرد

هم رونق زمان شما نیز بگذرد

چون داد عادلان بجهان در بقا نکرد

بیداد ضالمان شما نیز بگذرد

در مملکت چو غرش شیران گذشت و رفت

این عوعو سگان شما نیز بگذرد

آن کس که اسب داشت غبارش فرو نشست

گَردِ سم خران شما نیز بگذرد

ای مفتخر بطالع مسعود خویشتن

تاثیر اختران شما نیز بگذرد

این نوبت از کسان به شما ناکسان رسید

نوبت ز ناکسان شما نیز بگذرد

بر تیر جورتان ز تحمل سپر کنیم

 تا سختی کمان شما نیز بگذرد

سیف فرقانی


soldiers dancing instead of stumping and hitting

by MM on


Yo Gomaashteh

by Khar on

"different interpretations" my ass..."Peace" crushed under boots and guns! how much do you earn for blogging whatever BS you blog? 

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Zadi ha! :))))

Ari Siletz

Upper left: "selah" is misspelled

by Ari Siletz on

سلح . [س ِ ل َ ] (اِ) مخفف سلاح ، اسباب و آلات جنگ . (منتهی الارب ) (آنندراج ). ساز حرب


peace! what language is this?

by MM on

In riot gear, with batons drawn, with raised boots and marching in formation.  What is missing are the new anti-riot trucks IRI rush-ordered from China.

What message did you think this picture is sending, sargord? And, in what language?


To Kaveh Parsa.

by pedro on

Kaveh jaan,

sargord has close ties to the rapist regime, he is trained by the rapists and executioners and brained washed by Akhoonds. he is paid very handsomely for his servicies, and he pretends to have a dog and that he is somewhere in America He is also a big mouth. Now lets be smart about this, the more he talks, the more we learn about him and the akoond regime, also he often unknowingly gives away information that helps the young men and women fighting to rid the country of the evil akhond.

JJ, knows what he is doing. keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.

many people have a very good idea about who he is and where he is located. I bet you he is here in Tehran.


Peter Pan

It looks better without batons or, guns...

by Peter Pan on



by Kaveh Parsa on

I know nothing is sacred.....but for gods can this fascist be given the platform...look at the poster...this is not freedom of speech....this is raw threat & intimidation, pure & simple.


Peace, Peace, Islamic batons are ready, dripping with grease.

by pedro on


Dont worry about anything, but first I have to sneeze. 

Just get captured by us, and the rest will be a breeze.

 Pepsi bottles are ready, opened and almost Labriz.

Something about Ahmadinejad and tractor in tabriz.

After release from Kahrizak, you will for ever be Sahar khiz.

Ofcourse if we did not burn you first, or chop you in pieces Rize Riz.





by yolanda on

This is a good poster for a police state and tyranny!


i am

by ahmad_ on

i am amazed at JJ's judgement to have this garbage posted here. what purpose did it serve ?


Tahgord's special fondness for batons

by Faramarz_Fateh on

go back to his childhood days.  It reminds him of special moments in his life.

Actually for gift exchanges during Noruz, the family members would give each other batons.

I love the poster should investigate a career in graphic arts.....a bright future awaits you.






Direction of Mousavi??

by Cost-of-Progress on

What direction would that be?

Another 30 years of Islamic fascism, opression, executions, torture and murder and no rights?? 

The people want out of what their parents got them into. Capiche?






He's only having a laugh!

by Datis on


Don't take him seriously, I think he's just trying to wind you up and enjoy!


Green under the suggestion of Mousavi

by XerXes. on

Green under the suggestion of Mousavi is peaceful and there is no need for special forces. Those who vandalize and destroy the public property are trying to take advantage of the situation and are not following the green movement and Khatami and Mousavi.

Darius Kadivar

Sargord and These Boots are made for Walking Over You ! ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

One of these Days the Green and other colorful Boots are Going to Walk all Over YOU and YOUR Beloved IRI :





by ahmad_ on

You really are a joke. I figured that long ago.

Where did you get such an idea that this poster would send a message of peace? Maybe Q worked on this project with you.

Does the poster of peace in other countries resemble this in any shape or form?

Why don't you tell us all where are you based at?



by sobh on

I think you need a phsyco-therapist with a nice and looong boton;-) 



by Miko on

Nothing says peace better than a picture of guys with batons ready to kick the S**t out of people lol.



by amirkabear4u on

First of all maybe you should say where are you based?

Then we can discuss what is wrong with this poster of yours.


The message?

by Cost-of-Progress on

Once again, in an otherwise non-descript room an internet monitor employed by the regime of the blood thirsty mullahs has awakend to post his crap.

The message is peace?

Are you F'ing kidding me? Their message is to intimidate, insult, beat, rape and, and....

A regime based on force whose hands are laced with the blood of its own people cannot last.......