Advocating Human Rights within the Islamic Republic in Iran?


Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan

Recently HRA News Agencyreported that “Human Rights Activists in Iran” (Majmoeye Faalane Hughe Bashar Dar Iran) have distributed 5000 “human rights” related pamphlets in various cities in Iran. Human Rights Activists in Iran is a “human rights organization” that chooses to work within the framework of the Islamic Regime, even though it’s executives as well as it’s spokesperson Ahmad Batebi all reside outside of Iran. I’ve written about this organization and their questionable actions on numerous different occasions.

HRA News Agency further posted pictures of the front covers of these pamphlets which showed titles such as “Islamic Republic and Human Rights” and “Islam and Human Rights.” I searched both HRA News Agency website as well as the website for Human Rights Activists in Iran to try to obtain more information about the type of information these pamphlets contained. I was not able to find anything. I know at least one activist who has written to this organization and asked for information on the content of these pamphlets but they did not receive a response. Supposedly the goal behind distributing these pamphlets is to inform and educate people about their human rights.

Seeing these pamphlets and their titles causes a number of issues and concern:

Islamic Republic and Human Rights can only implicate that there is a possibility of human rights within the Islamic Regime. I think it has become quite clear especially in the past 6 months, that this in fact is not true, and that the Islamic Regime has absolutely no respect for human rights. 

By circulating these pamphlets and saying it is possible to have human rights under the Islamic Regime, this organization is taking all blame and responsibility away from the Islamic Regime and putting it squarely on the shoulder of the people.

People in Iran are very much aware of their rights. Workers and Union leaders know very well that they have the right to be paid and to be treated right. They know they have the right to strike and they do, when they feel that they have been treated unfairly. The problem arises when the Islamic Regime chooses to arrest, imprison, fine and lash workers who try to exercise their basic rights.

Women know that they have the right to be treated equally in the society. Women’s rights activists protest, organize meetings and write about these issues on a regular basis. Again the problem arises when the Islamic Regime arrests, tortures and rapes women who decide to exercise their rights.

These are only two examples where Iranians are aware of their rights and try to exercise it and are faced with force, arrests, torture, rape and even death by the Islamic Regime.

It is quite disturbing to see someone like Ahmad Batebi, who was jailed and according to his own reports, tortured for many years by the Islamic Regime is the spokesperson for such an organization that chooses to promote human rights within the Islamic Regime, and while doing so putting the blame on the victim rather than the perpetuator. 

Perhaps both Human Rights Activists in Iran and Ahmad Batebi could put their focus and energy on supporting the movement of people for freedom and democracy rather than promoting human rights within the Islamic Regime, unless they have a different agenda that is… 

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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