A Call for International Solidarity with Political Prisoners in Iran


Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan

In the past year the international community has become more and more aware of the conditions of Islamic Regime Prisons and the treatment of political prisoners in Iran. What the international community has seen in the past year is only the tip of the iceberg, of what freedom loving Iranian political prisoners have been subjected to for the past 31 years.

Many political prisoners are at the notorious Evin Prison in pre-trial custody with no set date for trials and no idea what the future holds. They are tortured, interrogated, raped and put in solitary cells in section 209 of the Evin Prison.

In Gohardasht Prison there is no clean water available for prisoners, and they are forced to drink, cook and wash with polluted water, which has led to numerous health problems among the prisoners. In Kerman Prison political prisoners are held among prisoners who have been convicted of serious criminal offences and they are at constant danger. In Sanandaj Prison where mostly Kurdish political prisoners are held in custody, the prison conditions are unbearable. There are also hundreds of other prisons in Iran some official, some secret prisons and detention centres where political prisoners are beaten, electrocuted, raped, lashed and tortured in unspeakable ways.

Recently political prisoners in Evin Prison started a hunger strike to protest against the prison conditions and the treatment of political prisoners. Prisoners in Gohardasht Prison have also started a hunger strike to protest the treatment of political prisoners.

A group of activists in Koln, Germany have decided to show their support and solidarity with the Iranian political prisoners by staging a human chain on May 3rd 2010 in Koln, Germany,at 7pm and to display the names and pictures of political prisoners in Iran, to bring attention to the dire situation of human rights situation and the situation of political prisoners in Iran.

These activists have called for international support for political prisoners in Iran and have called on activists in Europe and North America to stage similar human chains in major cities in these countries. This event is also tentatively scheduled to take place in Berlin, Hannover, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

I am also calling on activists in Canada to organize something similar in major cities in Canada including Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver to show our solidarity with the Iranian Political Prisoners, as well as all Iranian activists worldwide. For further information please feel free to contact me at sayehhassan@gmail.com
Below are names of some of the political prisoners currently in Islamic Regime prisons. We must also keep in mind the fact that for every individual named there are thousands whose names we do not know and may never find out, therefore the best way to help all political prisoners in Iran is to strive for Regime change.

Mr. Ali Saremi, Mr. Mansour Radpour, Mr. Ali Mansouri, Mr. Sadegh Kohand, Mr. Saeed Masouri, Mr. Hod Yazarlou, Mr. Misagh Yazdan-Nejad, Mr. Ali Moezi, Mr. Afshin Beymani, Mr. Reza Joshan, Mr. Karim Merfazez, Mr. Mehdi Fetrat,Mr. Mansour Osanlou, Mr. Arjang Davoudi, Mr. Alireza Karimi Kheyrabadi, Mr. Behrouz Javid Tehrani, Ms. Kobra Banazadeh,Ms. Zahra Joshan, Mr. Naser Yousefi, Mr. Hashem Shahin Niya, Mr. Saeed Sahghalei, Mr. Khaled Hardani, Mr. Farhang Pourmansouri, Mr. Shahram pour mansouri, Mr. Masoud Basta, Mr. Ahmad Zeydabadi, Mr. Habibollah Latifi, Mr. Shirkoh Moarefi, Ms. Zeynab Jalaliyan, Mr.Jalal Mohammadi, Mr. Sami Hosseini, Mr. Rostam Arkiya, Mr. Rashid Akhkandi, Mr. Mostafa Salimi, Mr. Iraj Mohammadi, Mr. Mohammad Amin Agushi, Mr. Ali Heydariyan... and thousands of other political prisoners.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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