After Ehsan Fatahiyan another Activist Fasih Yasamani has been Executed


Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan

This morning at 4am a Kurdish political prisoner Fasih Yasamani was executed by hanging. The authorities have told the Yasamani family that they will not receive the body of Fasih Yasamani and that they will be informed of his place of burial after 6 months.

Mr. Yasamani was 28 years old and had the birth certificate number 613 and was the resident of “Hendvaneh” village close to the city of Khoy in the Azarbaijan Province.

He was charged by the Ministry of Intelligence and convicted of being a “Mohareb” (enemy of God) for his involvement in the PJAK Party.

The first branch of the Revolutionary Court in the city of Khoy sentenced him to death. In the tenth branch of the Appeal Court in the Province of Azarbaijan his death sentence was upheld. His case number was 870975/87/10.

He was arrested in 2007 along with his 65 years old father Mr. Hossein Yasamani who was eventually sentenced to two (2) years of imprisonment. 

It must be noted that there was no evidence against Mr. Yasamani, except what was in the hands of the Ministry of Intelligence. He had told his lawyer on numerous occasions that he had “confessed” under torture.

It must be further noted that on November 11th 2009 another political prisoner Mr. Ehsan Fatahiyan was executed in the Central Prison in Sanandaj and Mr. Yasamani is the second political prisoner to be executed in the past two months. This has caused great concern among the families of political prisoners as well as human rights activists.

There are currently 17 other Kurdish political prisoners who are awaiting execution.

1. Ms. Zeynab Jalaliyan
2. Habibollah Latifi
3. Shirkoh Moarefi
4. Farhad Vakili
5. Farzad Kamangar
6. Ali Heydariyan
7. Hossein Khazari
8. Rashid Akhkandi
9. Mohammad Amin Agushi
10. Ahmad Pouladkhani
11. Saeed Sami Hosseini
12. Saeed Jamel Mohammadi
13. Rostam Arkiya
14. Mostafa Salimi
15. Anwar Rostami
16. Hassan Talai
17. Iraj Mohammadi

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Translation: Sayeh Hassan


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It is super sad about the execution and the way that IRI withholds info on the guy's burial site. It is inhumane!!!!

Thank you for posting the prisoners' names and bringing people's attention to their ordeal. 


Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

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