Assassination Attempt on a Second Judge in Sanandaj in the Past Week!!

Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan

According to news report from Iranian Republic Blog, Hassan Davtalab Dadyar Mojzama, a revolutionary court judge in the city of Sanandaj was shot this morning at 9:00am Sanandaj time.

According to eye witnesses he was shot around the neck and was taken to the hospital. So far the doctors involved in his case have not made any comments about how serious his health situation might be.

It must be noted that last Wednesday another Revolutionary Court judge was shot, while on Saturday a Friday Prayer Imam was shot to death, both in the city of Sanandaj.

Given that two judges have been shot in the past eight (8) days and both on Wednesday’s it could be that this is a new pattern and a new way of fighting against the Islamic Regime, at least in the city of Sanandaj.

Down with the Isalmic Regime
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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Manoucher Avaznia

I should add to Saayeh's

by Manoucher Avaznia on

I should add to Saayeh's file that another official  (the Kordestan's representative in the Leadership's Experts Council) was assassinated today in order to increase her short-term excitement, however, at the same time, I would like to remind her that terrorism gives birth to terrorism and will never lead to the will of the masses in democratic elections and law and order.  Let's not fool ourselves.  Kurds are the most pure Iranians from any angle you look at them, however some intentionally tend to call themselves Kodestaani instead of Iranee.

Kill Mouse Traps

Loyalty to the law

by Kill Mouse Traps on

No one said Sayeh in acting as our lawyer or not, so I don’t know what that is about!

“She is expressing her personal views”, yes no doubt she is expressing her views.

"She is entitled to personal views too”, yes, no doubt she is.

“Freedom of expression…”, no doubt.

“Sense of morals”?  This is the part I want to know about.  What kind of sense of moral does she have?  I want to know about this person that blogs about assassinations without shedding tears for the dead and losing sleep over the failed attempts, I want to know what kind of moral this person has.

“Loyalty to the basic principles of what is right and wrong”?  Yes, that is also a good concern, and a good question.  Is indifference towards lose of a human being’s life without a proper court hearing a loyalty towards the basic principles of right and wrong?

“Being a lawyer is her job”, yes, and as a lawyer she is obliged to be truthful to the trade she is in, which among them is the belief in the rule of law.

And about being condescending towards her; she blogs about assassination and as such her readership deserve to ask her questions to fully understand what her views are on the subject.  I don’t see any condescension in that.


advocates of violence...


... are no better than the rulers we have right now. So stop pretending you are rightous. You are Sepah. You are ahmadinejad. you are khalkhali.


lay off Sayeh

by javaneh29 on

Sayeh is not acting as YOUR  LAWYER  NOW... she is expressing her personal views. She is entitled to personal views too. Freedom of expression etc etc. 

If sayeh was my lawyer I would be pleased to see she has a sense of morals and loyalty to the basic principles of what is right and wrong. Being a lawyer is her job only. Think about it. 

God you guys are incredibly condescending and for people with such age aqcuired wisdom!


Manoucher Avaznia

Saayeh; who seems to be a

by Manoucher Avaznia on

Saayeh; who seems to be a spokesperson for assassinations and assassinatores (I hope I am absolutely wront), is too young to understand that grip of brutal suppressions always has followed some sort of assassinations and armed-struggles of this type.  I understand she lacks the experience of those who are at least two decades older than her.  Hailing assassinations; especially by someone who is to advocate law and order, is something out of the ordinary.  She is better off to objectively study the process of suppressions of 1360`s in order to better understand what she advocates.

Kill Mouse Traps

Dear Sayeh,

by Kill Mouse Traps on

It’s good to know that your Kurdish contact is NOT a separatist, but are YOU a separatist?  Do you denounce separation of Iranian Kurdistan from the rest of Iran?

You say, you “do not advocate violence in any way”; however the tone of your comment is such that it could be misunderstood that you DO advocate it; you don’t shed any tears for these bastards, and you lose sleep that they were not successful with their assassination attempt.  It seems logical to believe that you DO in some way advocate violence.  To be sure of your true belief, would you state here that you unequivocally denounce all acts of violence from all sides, especially in the form of assassinations?

You are a lawyer, a Barrister and Solicitor in Canada.  As a lawyer, how would you feel if one of your clients was punished without a court hearing?  How would you feel if one of your clients was executed without a court trial?

Thank you in advance for your answers.


Hurray for Terrorism!

by Q on


Sayeh Hassan

I was speaking to one of my

by Sayeh Hassan on

I was speaking to one of my Kurdish contacts today who is NOT  seperatist and he was telling me that these two perticular judges were famous for handing out very lengthy jail sentences to political prisoners.

 I do not advocate violance in any way however I have to admit I won't be shedding any tears for these bastards.  The only thing I will be losing sleep over is the fact that they were not successful with their assassination attempt.  What a waste...


Sayeh Hassan 


These murders must stop!

by Mehdi on

The separatist Kords or subersives communists or whatever they call themselves must stop murdering people like this! Anybody supporting such random acts of senseless violence, justified by extremely faulty logic and backed by falsehood and half-truth, is simply a traitor to Iran and humanity. This is shameful!I hope the government puts a stop to this serial killers now!



by Shepesh on



I like to join the assassins

by XerXes on

and get my revenge. Hope this trend continues. Seems like reforms are out and the only way out is "Jang e mosalahaneh". I believe in the 2nd amendment, we should be armed (note for after the establishment of the next regime) and never give up our guns.

Islam goes to Hell .


by Islam goes to Hell . on

I hope to see more of these suckers shot by other Iranian people , we could say Sanandaj residence are so courageouse .   We need an under ground , sharp shooters to assasinate these Clerics ...