The Assassination of the Friday Prayer Imam in the city of Sanandaj

Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan

According to news from Fars News Agency the Friday Prayer Imam in the city of Sanandaj was assassinated at 11:00pm on Saturday, September 12th 2009. The Imam was shot to death in his home by unknown individuals.

According to “Iranian Republic” blog this is the second assassination of Islamic Regime agents in the city of Sanandaj in the past four (4) days. Four days ago the Revolutionary Court Judge in Sanandaj was also assassinated.

It must be noted that Sanandaj is located in the Iranian Kurdistan and most of its residents are Kurdish. Kurds are one of the ethnic minorities who have suffered greatly at the hands of the Islamic Regime, however they have not remained silent and have been fighting back against the Islamic Regime for the past 30 years.

The recent developments make me wonder whether we might see any more of these assassinations in different locations in Iran. In the past few months Iranian people have shown the world that they do not want the Islamic Regime, and in fact have risked their very lives to make sure their voices are heard. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end for the Islamic Regime in Iran...

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran



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khaleh mosheh

Apologies Sepesh Jan

by khaleh mosheh on

Regarding divulging your previous residence.

I have spoken with Rahbar himself  and he has recommend Ahmad Khatami as your new shelter- I am heartened and close to tears by the lengths our beloved IRI goes to to show compassion to all of Allah's creatures.

Please e-mail me for the address of the esteemed Tehran friday prayer leader.

Happy rehousing! 


khaleh jaan

by Shepesh on

you are giving out confidential information about me - my home address. Please have discretion.


maziar 58

american dream

by maziar 58 on

please add this to your circle of knows ;as a khuzestani I wish my home state would run like Alaska oil revenues  fairly distributed among khuzestani ( at least the profit part of it ) we are Iranian and not al-ahwazi those pictures were part of arab leagues & Brits propagandas to seed the hate and cultivate the fruit of it for themselves,actually I am all for GREATER IRAN to get back azerbaijan all the way to tajikestan .......... wish us the best god speed on that one son.!



Khaleh mosheh

by anonymous111.2 on

very funny!!!!


Khaleh Moshe

by capt_ayhab on

You crack me up lol.

Enjoyed it a lot.



Dear Khaleh Mosheh

by yolanda on

LOL! Wow! You care about the fleas more than the other stuff! LOL!

Thank you for the statistics and thank you for providing entertainment during this difficult period of time!


American Dream


by American Dream on

I have personally met a Iranian Kurdish seperatist who was an American soldier.  His views were that the Kurdish areas of Iran must and will eventually seperate from Iran.  My advice to him was that he should keep up the struggle.  First of all, he is Sunni.  Second, he is an ethnic Kurd.  He has never been represented fairly by the government in Tehran before or after the Iranian Revolution.  I wished him all the best.

I know an Iranian Arab seperatist.  He called Khuzistan, "Arabistan".  It was his belief that the Oil in the Khuzistan province belong to the Arabs living there.  He wanted total seperation from Iran.  He is an ethnic Arab, the government of Tehran has not represnted him fairly.  Why should he remain part of Iran?  Why shouldn't his province seperate and take their oil with them?  All the power to them.

I am all about people being represented by their leadership.  That is what the Boston Tea party was about.

Let the Kurds and Arabs seperate if they wish to do so.  Why not?

And the Baluchistani seperatist movement has previously been in the news.  They are a force to be reckoned with.  They have kidnapped European tourists in Iran.  They have bombed Iranian Shia Mosques in Zahedan.  They have assassinated people in Tehran.  They could literally bomb Shahyad square and get away with it.  They could blow up Firdowsi's grave and get away with it.  More power to them.

The current atmosphere in Iran can and will give ethnic minorities the opportunity to seperate their lands from Iran.  I wish them the best.  God speed.



by MRX1 on

It's a good news when you hear one of these so called man of god got blown away. Unfortuantely since he is in the area of th country that has been suppressed by islamo facist government for some thirty years now, so there is quite a bit of agitation already, plus him being sunni, may open can of worms. shia verses sunni , as we observe in the rest of islamic world and that is indeed dangerous.

khaleh mosheh

Its a sad day..

by khaleh mosheh on

I understand recent research has shown that a friday cleric hosts on average 250 fleas- It is such a shame that so many fleas have lost their shelter.


American dream(er)...

by Ostaad on

A web site is not a sure sign that a "movement" exists, homie.

Stop being so glib.



by KouroshS on

May i bring this friendly reminder to your attention?

Would you contact the officials At The Evin prison and the intelligent ministry and all the top-guns who had a hand in torturing and killing innocent young men and women and Let them know that Only animals have such attributes?

Then, Once you were able to get the message across and convince them, please come back and start expecting sympathy with killings of criminals.

Thank you sir.


Sunni, Shia' doesn't matter

by Faramarz_Fateh on

The only good Islamic cleric is a dead Islamic cleric.

Its good news when its about less of them.


Its like a gangster movie

by Shepesh on

Oh my God, what next ... 

American Dream

The Imam of Sanandaj was opposed to Seperation

by American Dream on

Most Sunni Kurds in Sanandaj want to seperate from Iran and become part of greater Kurdistan.  This has been a plan for some time. 



there is also an Arab Iran seperatist movement:


There is also a Baluchistan seperatist movement:


And there is also a Azerbaijani seperatist movement:


It is possible one day all these groups will liberate themselves from Iran.



Hurrah, Three Cheers and Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

by FG on

These scumbags leave the people with no alternatives so what do they expect.


No, this guy was a Sunni

by vildemose on

No, this guy was a Sunni Imam but pro-Ahmadinejad.



babak pirouzian

Killing is wrong but.........

by babak pirouzian on

When there is no justice, no one is listening, every crime, every rape, every burning, every atrocities is not reported by the State controlled media, or they reveres the news as lies, what should one do?

 You cannot take the criminals to your own personal jail, or can you? ( The killer of Tarane Mousavi was captured just after shooting, they had to release him and as evidence they took his ID cards etc. Should they have delivered him to police, Basij station?)  

-The assassinated Imam was  a Sunni, but he was pro IRI according to the local reports.

In case of Khalkhali who killed hundrereds, if not thousands, mostly without any trial, or with a few minutes or even some with few second trial, what one can do to get rid of such a vicious mad animial in absence of law and justice.

What should one do to to save humanity in case of people like Hitler, Ahmadi, Mughabe, Khamenei, Khomaini, Saddam, etc?     



by Fatollah on

it seems this emam jomeh was against IRI !


Just a friendly reminder!

by farshadjon on

Nobody should be happy from death of another human being, even thou he was a member of IRI regime.


Dear All,

If we consider ourselves as a human being, we should not be satisfied by the suffering and killings of other people as these are the attributes of ANIMALS.

Let’s change this attitude of death to this and death to that.

“Ye are the fruits of one tree and the leaves of one Branch”


Wait. He was a sunni...

by iroooni on

Sorry. But, He probably was killed by IRI.


Such fantastic news!

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Thank you! This was such a fantastic news to read on a lazy Sunday morning.

With the hope that soon we hear thousands of these bastards are killed in a 4 day period.