Campaign in Support of Kurdish Political Prisoners Launched by Women of Azarmehr


Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan

Due to the recent assassinations of prominent Islamic Regime Agents in the Iranian Kurdistan, and in particular in the city of Sanandaj the government has imposed an atmosphere of martial law and a much more serious crackdown on Kurdish activists and dissidents.

There has also been a new wave or arrests of Kurdish political and social activists, along with a further crack down on current political prisoners in the Sanandaj Prison. In the past month at least three prisoners in Sanandaj have been exiled to prisons in other provinces without a court order and without the notification of their families.

Azarmehr Association of Women of Kurdistan (Women of Azarmehr) is extremely concerned about the current crack down and new wave of arrests of dissidents as well as the crackdown on political prisoners, and feels that there is an increased chance of execution of political prisoners being carried out in the very near future.

Women of Azarmehr have come together with concerned mothers, sisters and wives of political prisoners as well as a number of other organizations including “The Committee of Families of Kurdish Political Prisoners,” and “Kurdish Anti-Genocide organization and launched a campaign in support of Kurdish political prisoners who currently face execution.

The goal of this campaign is to put an end to the death penalty and the freedom of all political prisoners.

Currently there are 13 Kurdish political prisoners who are facing the death penalty.

1. Ms. Zeynab Jalaliyan
2. Ehsan Fatahiyan
3. Habib Latifi
4. Shirkuh Moarefi
5. Ramezan Ahmad
6. Farha Chalesh
7. Rostam Arkiya
8. Fazih Yasamini
9. Rashid Akhkandi
10. Ali Heydariyan
11. Farhad Vakili
12. Hossein Khazari
13. Farzad Kamangar

Translation by: Sayeh Hassan



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Kill Mouse Traps

Once again your translation is not true to the text

by Kill Mouse Traps on

The original headline says "Campaign in defense of detained activists and their families", whereas yours says "Campaign in support of..."  There is big difference between "support" and "defense".  Also the original text does not say anything about defending "Kurdish..." whereas yours clearly says the campaign is for "Kurdish Political Prisoners".  But, let's say this is just your blog title and it has nothing to do with original text, even at that your translation has other problems.

You skipped the first sentence/paragraph of the original text and combined it with the title of your blog.

In the second paragraph of the original text it mentions chain assassinations, but it does not say anything about assassination of "prominent Islamic Regime Agents".  It doesn't say anything about "more serious crackdown on Kurdish activists".  The original text does mention "civil activists", but you have it omitted.

And mistranslation continues with the rest of the text.  I believe instead of translation you should have called your effort as "my take", "adaptation", "rendition", or "paraphrase". 


Sayeh, what did you really expect?!!!

by Ostaad on

Terrorism begets more terrorism. Don't you know that by now?

Sayeh Hassan

the orginal link is on my

by Sayeh Hassan on

the orginal link is on my blog, if you click on the title of the post it will take you to the site of zanane azarmehr.

Sayeh Hassan 

Kill Mouse Traps

What is this translation of?

by Kill Mouse Traps on

Would you please provide the original source?