Concern for the Health and Well being of Mr. Hossein Shahriari

Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan

Below is my translation of a facebook post written by Mr. Shahriari’s son Mr. Kaveh Shahriari, about his most recent visit with his father.

“Today Sunday October 11th I was able to visit with my father in prison. As always he is very strong emotionally however his physical state is not so good. It appears that he has a terrible cold, and the prison physician has prescribed a bottle of cough syrup and some pills, however he is still not better and has requested to see the doctor again. Unfortunately he has been told that that the doctor has no time and he won’t be able to see a doctor for 45 days!!

I should also note that after two weeks in prison he still does not have a proper place to sleep, and he has been sleeping on the floor with number of other prisoners who have been convicted of criminal offences, no doubt this has played a role in his recent illness.

Also after two weeks they finally gave us permission to take some clothes for him, although they won’t allow us to take him any pants (this seems to be a prison rule, pants must be bought from inside the prison.)

I am very concerned about my fathers’ well being.”

Kaveh Shahriyari


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who is Hossein Shahriari?

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who is Hossein Shahriari? Why was he imprisoned?