Crackdown on Student Activists in Shiraz University

Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan

Shiraz University has been the scene for numerous student demonstrations in the past year, which has led to the students being targeted by the Islamic Regime, being suspended, expelled, summoned to disciplinary committees and the Ministry of Intelligence.

On December 6th 2008 Mr. Mohsen Zarin Kamar, a Shiraz University Student made an unforgettable speech in the presence of Ali Larijani (Speaker of the Parliament) where he told Ali Larijani, that he has no questions for him as the speaker of the Parliament, because he sees him as the speaker of an illegitimate and an illegal parliament. Mr. Zarin Kamar further stated “I hate three things, first I hate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad...”

Because of his speech Mr. Zarin Kamar has been suspended from University for two terms. Further, according to a report from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran Mr. Zarin Kamar along with three (3) other students Mr. AbdolJalil Rezayi, Kazem Rezzayi and Mr. Loghman Ghadiri Gotapeh have been summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence in the City of Shiraz. These students have been charged with acting against national security and insulting Regime Officials. At least 13 other students have been suspended and summoned to disciplinary committee in the University.

The crackdown on Shiraz University Students has taken a turn for the worst, and although the Regime has used the Student Day (December 6th) Demonstrations as an excuse for this crackdown, there might be more to it...


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If this happened anywhere else

by Pro IRI (not verified) on

Be it China, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, and even in the US (depending on their origins and whether the government felt that they could be a threat) they would have a horrible outcome. I don't believe they would react as soft as the Islamic Republic, they would just kill those kids on the spot. No doubt about it.
So know where we were and how far we have come before wanting to lose what we have gained. Be smart and don't sell you land


What none sense

by XerXes (not verified) on

First of all that dude who talked to Larijani was making no sense, he was emotional and lacked proper demands rather than make economy better!!!
IR wants economy better but with Iranians here promoting bombing their country and sanctions is not an easy task.
Still based on our history, Iran has walked a long way from its dictatorial past and gradually changing to its own homemade democracy. Short answers are not good enough, Iran is moving towards what the nation had demanded for over one hundred years. Some clergy in Iran know that their days are over yet still IR is absolutely the best option for the current society and continuos independence.
We now are a super power not because "they let us" but because we demanded.
We can do it, as the government has said many times, we could and will do move forward.
The problem is that in the process many suffering comes as the result of the changes in society, if you do not see these atrocities in Turkey or Saudi Arabia, is
1-their society is not as actively searching to reach democracy as Iran
2- They are content and knowing that their system will not give to their demand but Iran is much more open politically
3- the reports are not broad casts from those countries as they are in Iran because of Iran's relation to the west for negative propaganda.

Let's see the people's participation for the next presidential election and the hope of the people (and these students also) that the country will move forward. Otherwise the nation would not contribute to the elections
And those who think that elections are setup are just eating the junk from the enemies of Iran.
IR is it, live with it. Reform is the future of Iran. Like it or not, this is what the majority want.
And it's important to emphasis that Iran is a open society with social restriction, rather than socially open with political restriction. We can cope with the social restriction better than political. It takes time to make the society democratic. The country needs to wise up, having a rich country is the reason that if we let go, we have to start all over again, similar to always.
Some of course never get it, but hopefully some others here think a bit about what I have said.


Do you ever wonder why we

by thankyousayeh (not verified) on

Do you ever wonder why we never hear a whisper from Arab-loving IRI-worshipping Islamists regularly feigning their concerns for human rights and justice every place in the ME except Iran?



by samsam1111 on

should be a human rights/cultural TV channell paid by donations via Iranians living outside to counter Pan-Ommatist/Arabist propaganda of Ommati regime .

 ""one Palestenian group who would put up Khomeini's pictures""

kabootar ba kabootar, baaz baa baaz 


I am so proud

by MRX1 (not verified) on

I am so proud of these young students. Thirty years of omastist brainwashing has not worked on them. I prey for the day to see all the IRI thugs in Gunatanamo bay style prison or hanged for crime against humanity and Iran.

Sayeh Hassan

Bunyip jan I agree with

by Sayeh Hassan on

Bunyip jan I agree with you,

personally I am more concerned about what is happening in Iranian streets and prisons, to our Iranian students, women and activists then what is happening to Palestenians.

I remember during my undergrad in Carleton University my sister and I had started a and Iranian student human rights organizations. There were also number of different Arab organizations, one Palestenian group who would put up Khomeini's pictures and book on their information table everytime they had an event.

This group was also getting money from the Iranian Embassy in Ottawa to do Eftar dinners for Muslim students during Ramadan.  It was these same students who would complain to the University about my sister and I because we dared to use the Shiro-khorshid flag rather then the flag of the Islamic Regime.

If a little student organization benefited this much from the Regime and supported the Regime to this degree I don't even want to think about Hamas and Palestenians, who voted for Hamas. 

Sayeh Hassan 



by Bunyip on

Our compatriots are being arrested.

Our compatriots are being tortured for what they say.

Our compatriots are being killed for what they believe in.

Our compatriots....


But take a look at the number of comments, blogs, protests we see here about Palestinians/ Israelis.

Have we forgotten that these same Palestinians supported Saddam in attacking out land?

Have we becaome part of the Arab league, and forgotten our own compatriots?


Maryam Hojjat

Iranian Heroe!

by Maryam Hojjat on

This backwarded regyme can only be toppled by these young Iranians. May God bless & protect them in a land which is no Law of justice.

Payandeh Iran


I Wonder Why!

by Killjoy (not verified) on


Scottsboro, Too, Is Worth Its Song

(A poem to American poets)1934

Now will the poets sing,⎯
Their cries go thundering
Like blood and tears
Into the nation’s ears,
Like lightning dart
Into the nation’s heart.
Against disease and death and all things fell,
And war,
Their strophes1 rise and swell
To jar
The foe smug in his citadel.
Remembering their sharp and pretty
Tunes for Sacco and Vanzetti,2
I said:
Here too’s a cause divinely spun
For those whose eyes are on the sun,
Here in epitome
Is all disgrace
And epic wrong.
Like wine to brace
The minstrel heart, and blare it into song.
Surely, I said,
Now will the poets sing.
But they have raised no cry.
I wonder why.

It is amazing those who are talking about injustice in the rest of the world, day in and day out, choose to be quiet when it comes to the issues pertaining to Iran and Iranians. Some even go as far as insulting the students and call them foreign agents.


The feedback is enurmous

by K. (not verified) on

The number of comments on this blog is just amazing, 2, with mine makes it 3. Who cares about what happens in Iran when we have other people to be worried about.


Very well written

by Ignorant Reader (not verified) on

I couldn't find anything wrong with it.


Thank you Sayeh

by IRANdokht on

Watching that speech was quite a hopeful moment for me. These students have not even known any other regime than IRI and they are protesting with great courage knowing all well what consequences they might face. I am sorry to hear about the situation getting worse for our brave young students, would you please tell us more?  We need to keep up to date with their resistance, their struggles, and hopefully with their progress. The students are always on the forefront of all progressive and anti-dictatorship movements all over the world.

Thank you for your post.