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Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my blog.  I am a 27 years old political/human rights activist who lives in Canada.  I have a blog called shiro-khorshid-forever on blogspot and I have been running it for the past 2 years.  I am very open to comments, ideas and critism and would love to hear your viwes on what I have to say.  Just to let everyone know I am working on a very exciting article and I want that to be my very first post here on, so stay tuned...


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Dear Sayeh

by jamshid on

I have been following your shiro-khorshid blog for a while. I like its contents and what you have done in there.

Based on your views, I think you should be warned to be prepared to deal with many IRI supporter and apologists in this site.

Your presence in this site is a welcomed addtition.


American Wife

Welcome Sayeh

by American Wife on

It's always good to have a new voice... someone to shake things up a little..:-).

You'll have fun just learning the different

Be cool!



by amirkabear4u on

Helloooo Sayeh and welcome to our world.



Ebi ^^^ !!

by samsam1111 on

Not at all !! my old chum..Some times the Ommatist content & ignorance is so overbearing that fresh air is needed. You know my taste well  my dear pal..I have mixed views on that issue..A war between 2 Arab regimes & the tightened yoke on V-ran..Ebi jan Your take on it was Patriotic & didn,t want to sour the mood by my wise a$$ comment..btw u were handling the ali asghars just fine ...cheers Professor!!

Ay Sayeh Dokhtareh Ham-Sayeh,  ma do-ta  paridim mioon blogget.. natars digaroon beh manand ma kholo- chel nistand.bishtareshoon sar-beziran .shad zie

ebi amirhosseini

Samsam Jaan!!

by ebi amirhosseini on

Baa ejaazeh Sayeh Khanoum

refigh,where are you?

telephone mizanam javaab nemidi,kesi ro mesl man azaab nemidi?!

thank god you're still holding to the Derafsh.

Naagholaa hala blog maa ro mahal nemizaari,miyay to blog Sayeh khanoum!?


sayeh Jaan bebakhshid



Sayeh...Shiro Khorshid...Cool start...Right track

by samsam1111 on


Cool blog!!. Another soldier  daughter of Iran fighting the Ommatist Post Qadesiyeh V-ran & Hope that Your pen will enlighten the minds of the  culturaly misguided . Sayeh,  share the Indo-European origin of the word Shade..May the Shades of true Iran find refuge in Your future writings. If in doubt ask Ebi & He will guide You through Haj Aghas, Comrade Veladimirs & Patriots on the site..Khosh oomadi!!

Now if only You change it to Sayeh be perfect..ok kidding!!! cheers!

Paymaneh Amiri


by Paymaneh Amiri on

Good to see an energetic new writer on the site.  I also write about human rights.  My advice to you is not to get discouraged if people won't get terribly excited and engaged about human rights articles.  Blogs and features about lighter subjects always get a lot warmer receptions around here.  Keep at it Sayeh.  Someone has to.  To be sure, a lot more people read such blogs than care to comment on them, so, like me, you might have to cope with a silent audience.

Do show us your work when you can.

Sayeh Hassan

Dear Hello Hello, Thanx

by Sayeh Hassan on

Dear Hello Hello,

Thanx for your comment, I am a strong believer in Regime change, I don't think we can ever have human rights as long as IRI is in power.  If people disagree then they disagree and the beauty of an open forum like this is we can discuss things hopefully without ganging up on each other. 

 I must say i am no stranger to IRI officials ganging up on me, just gotta deal with it one step at a time.  My first article will be exactly about this, and what I have experienced, hopefully something others won't have to go through, or will be better equipped to deal with. 


Sayeh Hassan

Barrister & Solicitor 


Hello Hello...

by Anonymous me (not verified) on

Az div-o dad mallolam-o ensaanam aarezoost.

Well I scanned you blog and wish you success. There are, however, a lot of IRI supporters who are blinded by IRI propaganda that (1) shah was so bad that we are still better off with these killers, (2) IRI leaders are godly and moslim so whatever they do is for the good of humanity (and maybe iranians too), (3) they childishly fall into the trap of anti-western attitudes of IRI leaders who use any tools, from palestine to nuclear, to fool people with their fake nationalism. They will gang up on you as human rights are the last thing that they care about.


Dear Sayeh

by IRANdokht on

Welcome to the blog section. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

You can setup your profile, so your signature on your blogs or comments would point to your personal blog automatically. That would make it easier for everyone to access your own site too.

Please don't be discouraged. Based on the views you have mentioned, and judging by your first interaction, you will have a lot of support here. Yes, you could also experience criticism, but who doesn't!  Unless you directly insult people or groups of people, everybody will treat you with respect.

Good luck to you and Happy blogging :0)



I wish you great success on

by Nadias on



solh va doosti/paz a vosotros/paix et amitié




ebi amirhosseini

سایه انسانها همرنگ یکدیگرند

ebi amirhosseini

Sayeh jaan welcome to the club.A lot of us use our real names,no matter what some might think!.

looking forward to reading your first article here.

To cheer you up while reading our COMMENTS!!

best wishes

Sayeh Hassan

Thanks for the comments

by Sayeh Hassan on

Hi guys, thanks for the welcome, there was a time when I used a pen name, for a year or two but that was a while back, I figure I have no reason not to use my real name, and I will always stand by what I say so here I am.

 And don't worry about me, I am pretty tough skinned and can handle anything, its part of my day job ;)




Sayeh Hassan

Barrister & Solicitor 

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

خوش امديد.


Khosh Oomadi.

by AnonymousTheMrs (not verified) on

No offence to this blogger. This is a general comment. I don't trust people with their actual names or faces. I'm willing to bet many of them are fake. Which is terrible because at least the people who are fake, are fake with pride.

This lady seems very nice. I wish her luck. We all love human rights activists here. I have your back sista.

But I give her 2 months before her first good bye letter. Any bets? I'm willing to put in 5 bucks. No offense, good luck and all..


Good to have you here

by Q on

I applaud that you are not afraid of using your real name. I find it a generally educational and enlightening place IF people are open minded and receptive to factual criticism and not name-calling and personal accusations. However, unfair attacks are a reality so be prepared.