Further Developments: Rights Activists in Iran and Iran Phone Line


Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan

Today I recieved the following link from an individual named Mr. Arsam Mesbahi who claims to be Mr. Rafiee's friend and associate,
غرور آفت جدید در مزرعه اپزوسیون , in it Mr. Mesbahi has condemned Mr. Rafiee's use of black mail, however he has failed to mention the main point in my article, Iran Phone Line and the recording of the conversations of political prisoners and activists by Human Rights Activists in Iran, without their knowladge.

I sent Mr. Meshabi an email indicating that my article was not about blackmail, it was about Mr. Rafiee trying to silence me about the fact that "Human Rights Activists in Iran" were using a phone line, which was being controlled by the Islamic Regime to record the conversations of political prisoners and political activists in Iran.

Mr. Rafiee has maintained that he is in Iran, and prisoners have been using a direct Iranian phone number to contact him, however in the email I recieved from Mr. Meshabi, he clearly confirms my previous statement that Mr. Rafiee is in fact in Turkey. Please find his email below:

----- Original Message ----
From: Arsam Mesbahi
To: Sayeh Hassan
Sent: Thursday, October 9, 2008 4:05:17 PM
Subject: Re: Ghoror

"ok . Tozih nadam dar mored an khate telefon chon keyvan ra mishnasam . In yek harfe bi arzesh ast ke o ba etelaat dar tamas ast.
Khanom Sayeh Hasan moragheb bash dar dam Fakhravar nayofti. dar zemn keyvan namzadi va rabete ba shoma ra takzib kard . ba o sohbat kardam . ma tamam etalsheman ra mikonaim ta be zodi o ra az torkeye kharej konim ta begoyad anche ra bayad begoyad
movafagh bashid

This email clarifies two things.

1. That Mr. Meshabi has confirmed that Mr. Rafiee is in fact in Turkey."ma tamam etalsheman ra mikonaim ta be zodi o ra az torkeye kharej konim ta begoyad anche ra bayad begoyad"

2. That Mr. Rafiee and his "friends" will do anything in their power to try to make this a personal fight, and take the focus away from the PHONE LINE AND RECORDING OF THE CONVERSATIONS OF POLITICAL PRISONERS AND ACTIVISTS.


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twenty-one years old!

by Ignorant Reader (not verified) on

In blogger.com Mr. Arsam Mesbahi has declared himself as a member of Iran Democratic Party (hezb demokraatik iran); does he mean Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI)? He apparently joined the Party at the age of seventeen and now is twenty one, and telling his friends and associates how to conduct their personal business. I realize that Iran has a vast number of young people who are eager to change the country, and one does not necessarily have to be old to be stupid, but come on! How much knowledge does a twenty-one year old man have? Is he another Masoud Rajavi?