Ghods Day-A Nightmare for the Islamic Regime?


Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan

Ghods Day (Rooze Ghods) was established by Khomeini and is the last Friday of every Ramadan, where demonstrations are organized for the “Palestinian Cause.”

Because protests have been held on that day every year, no permit is required and it is a great opportunity for people to come out and protest. Iranian people are going to be taking advantage of this occasion and they are planning nationwide anti regime protests on that day.

In his speech during the last Friday prayer Khamenei warned the Iranian people that unrest on Ghods day would not be tolerated and that anyone involved in unrest will be dealt with harshly. It doesn’t seem like the threats have been effective, as Iranian people are continuing to organize the nationwide protests against the Regime on that day. I’ve posted the picture of one of the flyers which has been prepared for this occasion, its title states “Silence=Acceptance.”

According to the “Iranian Republic” blog the nationwide protests are to start at 10 am on Friday September 18th 2009. Below are some of the locations where protests in Tehran are to start, all the locations eventually lead to Tehran University.

1. Imam Hossein Square, Enghelab Street, Tehran University

2. Abudar Square, Aboudar Street, Ghale Morghi Street, Ghazvin Street, Karegar Street, Enghelab Squre, Tehran University

3. Moniriye Square, Vali Asr Street, Enghelab Street, Tehran University

4. Azadi Street, Behboudi Street, Enghelab Square, Tehran University

5. Tohid Square, Tohid Street, Azadi Street, Enghelab Square, Tehran University

It is also important to note that the Islamic Regime supporters are organizing Ghods Day demonstrations in major cities in Canada including in Toronto. (I will publish the details of these protests in the next few days). By organizing such events and bringing their extremist/Islamic propaganda to Canada, the Islamic Regime is showing that it is no longer the problem of just the Iranian people, but perhaps a threat and a problem for the freedom loving Canadians as well.

We must all come together against the Islamic Regime which poses a threat to democracy and freedom everywhere.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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