Habibollah Lotfi’s Death Sentence has been Upheld by the Court of Appeal


Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan

Student Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan:  Although there has been an international outcry against the death sentence of student activist Habibollah Lotfi, his death sentence has been upheld by the Court of Appeal in the province of Kurdistan.

Mr. Lotfi’s death sentence was upheld by the Court of Appeal on January 29th 2009.  He was made aware of the decision on February 17th 2009.

The Court of Appeal upheld Mr. Lotfi’s death sentence even though there was a great amount of evidence proving that any confessions Mr. Lotfi may have made were made under severe and brutal torture.

Background Information:

Mr. Habibollah Lotfi, a 27 year old engineering student in the University of Eylam was arrested on October 23rd 2007 in the City of Sanandaj.  After searching for him for nine (9) days in hospitals and detention centres, one of his family members was able to locate him in the “Tamin Ejtemai” Hospital in Sanandaj. 

At that time it became apparent that because of severe torture he had had suffered from internal bleeding in his kidneys and had to be transferred to a hospital outside of the Ministry of Intelligence Detention Centre.

After the completion of his medical treatment, once again Mr. Lotfi was transferred to the detention Centre of the Ministry of Intelligence in the city of Sanandaj.  Later on through visits with family it became apparent that Mr. Lotfi has suffered from broken bones in four (4) different locations on his head, and had at least two major cuts on his face.  Also during one torture session his lower lip had been completely ripped off.  He was also tortured in front of other prisoners in order to scare them into making confessions. 

Mr. Lotfi suffered from a second internal bleeding of his kidneys due to further torture he was subjected to.  He further suffers from Bronchitis, which became worse due to the lack of proper medical treatment.

In further visitations with family members it became apparent that due to being hung upside down for hours at a time he suffered from serious damage to the veins in his eyes and nose.  Because of this he continuously suffers from internal bleeding in his eyes and nose.

Mr. Habibollah Lotfi is a social activist in the city of Sanandaj.  He worked with numerous social activists organizations such as “Chiya” “Shahve” and “Jiyaneveh” in the city of Sanadaj. 

The Student Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan is extremely concerned about the decision of the Court of Appeal to uphold Mr. Lotfi’s death sentence.  The Student Council of Defence of Human Rights considers it its duty to use all its resources to help save the life of Mr. Lotfi.  As well we invite all human rights organizations and all freedom loving people to show solidarity with Mr. Lotfi and help save his life.


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