In Honour of International Teachers Day


Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan

Today October 5th is International Teacher’s Day. A day to remember and pay respect to teachers across the world who teach our children not only about math and science, but also about friendship, love and life.

On this day let us remember two teachers Mr. Farzad Kamangar and Mr. Answar Hossein Panahai who are currently in Islamic Regime prisons waiting for their death sentences to be carried out. Both Mr. Kamangar and Panahi are popular teachers, very much loved by their students. They are also both social activists who have been arrested and sentenced to death based on false charges.

Mr. Kamangar was tortured for months before being tried behind closed doors. He was sentenced to death and his death sentence has been upheld by the Supreme Court in Iran.

Mr. Panahi was also subjected to brutal torture and sentenced to death after a trial which took place behind closed doors. His death sentence has also been upheld by the Supreme Court in Iran and both individuals are awaiting execution. The death sentence against them can be carried out at any moment. It must be noted that the charges against Mr. Kamangar and Mr. Panahi have never been proved, and there is no evidence that they were anything but teachers and Kurdish social activists.

Mr. Kamangar and Mr. Panahi are both part of the nation wide hunger strike of Kurdish Political and Social prisoners, which started on August 24th 2008. The hunger strike participants are asking for better prison conditions for all prisoners, as well as for an independent committee to visit the prisons and report on the conditions of the prisoners. Unfortunately there has been no response from the Islamic Regime Officials in regards to the demands of the prisoners. Mr. Anwar Panahai has indicated in a recent statement that if the authorities continue to ignore the rightful demands of the prisoners he will be taking his hunger strike to the next level and sew his lips together.

On this special day when we are remembering our teachers I ask that we keep Mr. Kamangar and Mr. Panahi in our hearts and mind, and to do what we can to bring attention to the plight of these individuals who maybe executed at any moment. Long Live Freedom Down with Dictatorship


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On a Sunday?

by Ingorant Student (not verified) on

A few of my teachers and vice principles slapped and whipped me and other students regularly when I was growing up in Iran, in effect teaching us that violence was the way. I don't remember any teachers that really taught us to be non-violent and free thinkers. If there was anyone of them out there happy International Teachers Day. To the other ones, if they are still alive, violence begets violence as we witnessed it.


Why is International Teachers Day on a Sunday? I think it should be in the middle of the week, like Wednesday, when MOST students in the international community are in schools so they can tell their teachers not to be abusive.

United States of America's "National Teacher Day" is in the first full week of May, and it last a whole week.

ebi amirhosseini

Sayeh Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

As an ex teacher, I thank you for sharing the info with us.



Jahanshah Rashidian

Thanks for your recall

by Jahanshah Rashidian on


May be if  a great number of brave Kurdish teachers had not protested against their unfair death sentence in Sanandaj early this year, they would have been already executed by the IRI. Only such  in / out-side solidarities can save their lives.

Thank you for reminding us of their pending execution. Hopefully, humanrights organisations pay attention to their case before it is too late.

Please keep up your humanitarian writings up and do not care about slander of a few IRI's thugs on this site. I am sure that most readers have understanding for you and support these two activists and teachers who are victims of IRI's dictatorship, especially because they belong to an ethnic group.