How the Islamic Regime Controls the Opposition outside of Iran


Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan
I came across this very interesting article today written by Amin Hossein Mohedi. The article is about an unnamed Ministry of Intelligence officials who recently became a refugee in Europe, he discusses the techniques used by the Islamic Regime to keep the opposition outside of Iran under surveillance and control.

This individual who is not named goes on to indicate how the Islamic Regime has individuals, groups and media who are under the direct control of the Islamic Regime, and their only job is to make contact with opposition members outside of Iran and get information about them, which is then given to the Ministry of Intelligence.

According to this interview, these individuals or groups make contact with opposition members or groups, get as much information as possible regarding their beliefs, activities, contacts as well as personality and this is one way the Islamic Regime is able to keep control over the opposition outside of Iran.

I am not at all surprised about what this article says especially after the recent events in my life in regards to "Human Rights Activists in Iran." The individuals in this group also seem to work in this exact pattern. I guess the lesson here is to be very very careful about who we contact and how much we trust others.

Unfortunately at a time like this when Regime agents are EVERYWHERE, especially posing as political and human rights activists it is very difficult to trust anyone and I think at the end of the day we all pay the price for this, ESPECIALLY prisoners in Iran.

Here is the article for all those who maybe interested.

چندسال است ما فرياد ميزنيم کسي توجه نمي کند..!بفرماييد:

افشاگري بي سابقه افشاگري بي سابقه

يك مقام وزارت اطلاعات حكومت اسلامي كه اخيراً به اروپا پناهنده شده است در يك
افشاگري بي سابقه اعلام كرد كه در معاونت هاي ده گانه وزارت اطلاعات واحدهايي
وجود دارد كه مأموريتشان ايجاد هسته هاي تحت كنترل در درون اپوزيسيون خارج از
كشور است. به گفته اين مأمور كه خواست ناشناس بماند، وزارت اطلاعات مطالبي را
كه براي ايجاد توازن ميان جناحهاي نظام لازم دارد به له يا عليه يكي از
شخصيتهاي بلندپايه نظام، يا جناحهاي آن، از طريق اين هسته ها در خارج از كشور
مطرح مي نمايد. وي در بين اين واحدهاي معاونت اپوزيسيون از واحد خامنه اي،
رفسنجاني، خاتمي و... نام برد. او در تعريف وظايف اين هسته هاي تبليغاتي در
خارج از كشور گفت: « اينها افراد، گروهها و رسانه هايي هستند كه از طرف وزارت
(اطلاعات) مورد پشتيباني محتوايي، مالي و تداركاتي قرار مي گيرند تا برعليه يكي
از جناحها يا شخصيتهاي حكومت اسلامي تبليغ كنند. افراد بايد از طريق انتشار،
سخنراني، مصاحبه، حضور در مجالس، تلفن بر روي كانالهاي راديويي و تلويزيوني و
غيره عمل كنند. رسانه ها بايد خط ديكته شده و توافق شده را پيش برند و در
انتخاب موضوعات، اخبار، مطالب، افراد، برنامه سازان به مسير تعيين شده توجه
كنند. سازمانها و گروهها نيز بايد در اطلاعيه ها و انتشارات خود، سايتهاي
اينترنت، جلسات و سخنراني خطوط ديكته شده را پيش ببرند ».

وي اضافه مي كند: « ما افرادي را در خارج از كشور داريم كه كارشان عبارتست از
تماس با چهره هاي سرشناس اپوزيسيون و خود را پيرو و يا هوادار آنها نشان دادن.
آنها بايد اين نزديك شدن را به طور فعال انجام دهند و با تعريف و تمجيد از آن
شخصيت تماسهاي فردي با وي برقرار كرده و بباورانند كه با نيت خوب و جهت مبارزه
با حكومت اسلامي عمل مي كنند. سپس بتدريج ضمن كشف افكار، عقايد، روانشناسي
فردي، روابط و شبكه هاي همكاري اين شخصيت اطلاعات را به وزارت بفرستند و در
مقابل دستورات وزارت را در رابطه با اين شخصيت بكار گيرند ».


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by IRANdokht on

there are IRI agents spying on opposition by approaching them in a positive way? and the opposition is labeling the ones who don't agree with them as IRI agents.

sounds like a case of "doomed if you agree, doomed if you don't" to me.

Paranoia is dangerous, I am not saying there are no spies out there, but to label the ones who do not agree as IRI agents seem to be misguided a bit, doesn't it?

Thanks for the blog, it was very interesting and thought provoking



This is really funny

by darius on

What did you really expect? Anyone who decides to become an activist  will be watched  by both sides of the equation.

USA and IRI and some other ones which I am not going to mention  their names are busy  profiling every single one of us.I am not suggesting to stop expressing yourself but watching and controlling

is the name of the game . Could you explain Sayeh,what made you to

beleive that IRI will provide an ex-political prisoner  ,a  dedicated phone line anda calling card business  to let the Human Right Activisit contact a political prisoner ?Did you really beleive they meant it?

Good luck



by Shadooneh (not verified) on

An "unnamed Ministry of Intelligence officials" has decided to warn us sadeh, naive, nfahm, sar dar gom, zood bavar, gullible and dastopaa cholofti people that the regime agents are "everywhere". Be careful the regime agents are even hidden the the ATM machines looking at you kid when you are withdrawing cash to buy your stash. Many thanks to Darius, Sayeh, Hossein and Samsam for giving us the heads up to save our collective asses from being trapped by the regime lulu khorkhoreh, which somehow these characters can see and distinguish while the rest of us either can't or ourselves are "the agents" too. We have seen this B movies before. All I can say is boro khoda roozito jaaye dige bedeh.


Pimping for IRV

by samsam1111 on


In that case nobody can be trusted,

by Ignorant Reader (not verified) on

In that case nobody can be trusted, not you nor Darius KADIVAR.

Darius Kadivar

No Wonder

by Darius Kadivar on

Thanks for this feedback.

Not surprised ...