Human Rights Activists in Iran-Serving the Islamic Regime or Political Prisoners?


Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan

On Sunday March 14th at 8:30 pm a “news report” was aired by the Islamic Regime News Agency about my personal relationship with Keyvan Rafiee the founder of “Human Rights Activists in Iran” (HRAI). This report was later aired on numerous websites including FarsNewsAgency. Although there was some truth to the “reports” some crucial points were left out which need to be clarified.

It is no secret that I was involved in a relationship with Keyvan Rafiee about two years ago and I also worked very closely with “Human Rights Activists in Iran.”

I broke off our relationship and stopped working with HRAI when I became more and more suspicious that Rafiee was closely linked to the Ministry of Intelligence in Iran, and that he was actively providing information about activists and political prisoners to the Ministry. Despite being blackmailed by HRAI I decided to voice my concerns and bring awareness about this situation, details of which can be found here in Farsi and here in english.

In the past year and a half many other activists both in Iran and abroad have come forward with information about Rafiee and HRAI’s possible link to the Ministry of Intelligence, their cooperation with the Regime and their betrayal of activists and political prisoners.

As evidence against “Human Rights Activists in Iran” has been piling up and activists both inside and outside of Iran have started boycotting this organization the Regime in a very timely manner aired this “news report” in order to take away all attention from suspicions surrounding Rafiee and his so called human rights organization.

The report states that Rafiee’s email has been “hacked” by the Regime and as a result of information obtained in his email numerous arrests have been made in Iran.
The report further goes into great detail about my personal relationship with him including his efforts in trying to blackmail me with personal pictures which were taken during our relationship. The only person who possession of the pictures shown in the report was Rafiee, and this certainly raises many question marks.

1. It is very interesting and convenient that his email was “hacked”

2. Also very interesting for him to have kept those types of personal pictures and personal information about two years after our relationship ended...

3. The report goes as far as showing the inside of his residence in Washington!! Also very suspect...

The “report” focus on my personal relationship with him and the fact that he tried to black mail me. However despite what this report portrays, his attempts at black mail are very much a peripheral issue, as the real issue which I have focused on for almost 2 years is his cooperation with the Ministry of Intelligence and his betrayal of activists and political prisoners.

The goal of this report is to present Rafiee as an “anti-revolutionary” with obvious character flaws. One can only imagine that this is done in the hopes of taking all attention away from the fact that he is in fact in full cooperation with the Regime and has been for a very long time. This was a concern I voiced two years ago at great personal risk to myself and I have never had any regrets. To me being an activist means standing with the Iranian People against the Regime and its agents everywhere, no exceptions.

I certainly hope this report has been an eye opener for those individuals and organizations that have been slow in catching up to the realities surrounding this person and HRAI. Given that this individual is currently residing in the United States I can only hope that the US authorities are alive to the risk he may be posing to activists residing in US.

Down with the Islamic terrorist Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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If Rafee was working for the ministry of intelligence why were they waging a character assassination campaign on his organization and the people involved on regime's media? I saw the clip and you were actually portrayed more positively. is it fair to conclude that maybe you are the one working for the regime by hooking up with these human rights activists, gathering intelligence and then passing on to the regime?