Javad Alizadeh Has been Arrested

Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan

Mr. Alizadeh was arrested on Thursday January 15th 2009, while participating in a ceremony commemorating the death of Ibrahim Lotfollahi, a Kurdish student killed under torture. Mr. Alizadeh was one of the speakers at this event and was arrested by security forces. Mr. Alizadeh is a student and a human rights activist. Mr. Alizadeh was expelled from Alameh Tehran University because of his activities. 


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Sayeh Hassan

Iran dokht jan this is news

by Sayeh Hassan on

Iran dokht jan this is news i get directly from iran, in this case from a journalist who is freinds with these two individuals, as far as i know it is not published anywhere else yet, which is why there is no source. 

Sayeh Hassan 


Thank you Sayeh jan

by IRANdokht on

Do you have any background information on Mr Lotfollahi or Mr Alizadeh? 

Do you know if these arrests and harrassments have been worse and more frequent  during these past few months? Thank you for bringing us the news of Kurdish students. Is this information published anywhere?

Thanks again