Majid Tavakoli is only one of Many Students arrested during National Student Day

Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan

While there has been a lot of attention to the arrest of student activist Mr. Majid Tavakoli who was arrested on National Student Day, unfortunately most activists have been virtually silent about the arrest and imprisonment of many other students who were also arrested on or around the national student day in Iran. While we must work towards the freedom of Majid Tavakoli we cannot forget all the other activists who were also arrested around the same time and probably are facing the same faith as Mr. Tavakoli.

I hope we can focus on all the students who were arrested instead of making a hero out of one and forgetting about the rest. Please refer to the news section for the names of 16 other students who were recently arrested.



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One thing makes his case special

by FG on

It was the second incident that day in which the regime's new disinformation tried to use its tactics only to have it backfire.

By trying to humiliate the kid with false claims that he was dressed like a female when arrested, the regime encouraged great satire, not be underestimated as an opposition weapon.

Maybe next demo, all the guys can wear hajibs and the women can wear "I'm Takavoli" badges.   Why not a few photos of Khamenei and Ahmadinejad in drag?

Secondly, the other and more serious disinformation attempt was more serious since it was intended to justify much stronger measures against the opposition.   Agents provocateurs in plainclothes burned Khamenei's pictures, followed by orchestrated demonstrations by Basilj in plainclothes demanding something be done. 

That was exposed as well but consequences aren't fully over, especially since Khamenei approved--and his thugs carried out--what by their own definition is a captial crime.  

Exposure of the disinformation attempt against Tavakoli, which included the use of fake photos, supports the disinformation allegations in the other case.  




You are beautiful!

by Nur-i-Azal on

Keep up the good work!