Mohammad Saleh Evyan was sentenced to 4 Years of Imprisonment

Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan

Mohammad Saleh Evyan who is a Kurdish student studying social sciences in Tehran University was arrested on December 18th 2007. he was one of the four (4) students arrested as a result of organizing an event to commemorate student day. He was arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence Officials and sent to Evin Prison.

After 92 days of imprisonment he was released on a 150 Million Toman bail, which was later reduced to 80 Million Toman. On October 29th 2008 he was sentenced to four (4) years of imprisonment by Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Courts and his sentence was announced by his lawyer.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Evyan’s trial was adjourned on August 31st 2008 due to the absence of the prosecutor. On October 4th the Court proceeded with the trial behind closed doors and without a jury. Further Mr. Saleh Evyan has also been permanently expelled from University and will not be allowed to continue his education.

Mr. Evyand was charged with the following and convicted of the first four (4) charges:

1. Being present at a gathering commemorating Student Day on December 18th 2007
2. Acting against national security through advertisement against the Regime
3. Communication with Kurdish groups and organizations
4. Organizing gatherings with the purpose of overthrowing the Regime
5. Earning an illegal income
6. Leaving and re-entering the country illegally.

The Revolutionary Courts have announced that they do not have jurisdiction over charge #5-6 and have traversed the charges to an ordinary court to be dealt with accordingly.

As a result of charge #1-4 Mr. Saleh Evyand has been sentenced to four (4) years of imprisonment by Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Courts


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