My Thoughts on Ahmadinejad and Other Random Thoughts


Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan

1. My Thoughts on Ahmadinejad

I find that the international community and even many Iranians are giving way too much credit to Ahmadinejad. One look at the Islamic Regime’s Constitution makes it clear that the power of the President is very limited. In fact that was the excuse Khatami the so called “reformist”president used for eight (8) years during his presidency.

I think while the international community is busy creating a monster out of a little man called Ahmadinejad its losing sight of the real danger and the real monster which is the ISLAMIC REGIME.

Even if Ahmadinejad was removed from power today nothing would change, because the Islamic Regime, the underlying system behind this little man would still be in place and in power.

2. Canada Walking out on Ahmadinejad’s Speech at the UN

I have always been a big supporter of Stephan Harper and I am proud that he decided Canadian delegates would walk out of Ahmadinejad’s speech, I wonder if the Liberal Government was in power they would have done the same...

At the same time I wonder why the Canadian Government refused to take serious action in the case of Zahra Kazemi even when opportunity presented itself. Please find here an article written by Michael Petrou from the Mcleans which certainly leaves some question marks in the readers mind...

3.What bothers me is not so much Reform but Reform in Disguise!
Recently I’ve been writing about people like Mr. Jahanbegloo and Mr. Akhavan and their reformist ideologies. This being a free country we all have the right to freedom of thought and expression. What really bothers me is not so much these people’s beliefs, as it is the fact that they are so adamant in disguising their intentions. To be a reformist, to admit to it is one thing, but to pretend to be pro-democracy and then to advocate pro-reform ideologies on the sly is a whole other story...

4. Celebrities and Reform

Recently a friend of mine sent me a video of Shohre Aghdashlou who was speaking about the human rights of Bahai’s in Iran. This is very admirable, however the problem is, no amount of talking about human rights alone will change anything, as long as the Islamic Regime in Iran is in power the rights of Bahai’s, Kurds, Turks, women, students, journalist etc.. will be violated on a systematic basis.

What puzzles me is why people like Ms. Aghdashloo who are internationally known and have a huge fan base choose to only talk about human rights, rather than talking about Regime Change. One obvious answer is Regime change is not fashionable, certainly not as fashionable as it is being green. Also being against the Regime means never being able to go back to Iran, at least until there is a Regime change. This is a chance not many people are willing to take.

5. My favourite Picture of the Week

Last but not least this is a picture of members of Worker Communist Party of Iran burning an Islamic Regime Flag during the New York. Good job guys, it’s always a pleasure seeing that disgusting non-Iranian Flag burn to ashes.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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by benross on

Maybe I misunderstood the context. This is not about bringing an IRI flag to a rally and symbolically burn it. It's not about taking it off the wall of Iranian embassy -our embassy- and burn it. It was about an Iranian woman who was carrying the picture of Moosavi and the IRI flag, participating in the rally in New York, who was confronted, her flag was taken away and burnt.

This is just not right. What does it prove? that we are against the 'reform' scheme? how this flag burning can help her understand our position? 


Of Flags & Protests

by Kaaveh_Aahangar on

Jahanshah Rashidian

IRI Flag

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Thanks for expressing your candid feelings on the IRI flag. Any true Iranian , freedom-loving, and secular democrat can symbolically burn this flag.

Sayeh Hassan

I think if we had a worthy

by Sayeh Hassan on

I think if we had a worthy leader or a political party that was not affiliated with the Islamic Regime things could have been quite different. Perhaps that's where the focus needs to be... 


Sayeh Hassan 


I agree

by cyclicforward on

You need to cut off the head of IRI monster but we still lack a leader with vision. Mousavi and Karroubi are not going to cut it but who will be able to bring everyone together.



There Is A Catch; Benross

by فغان on

You are 100% correct. But...

mostafa ghanbari

They have to say goodbye, sooner or later

by mostafa ghanbari on


Dear Sayeh, do not be worried about Ahmadinedjad and the piggish Mullahs; they are coming to an end, sooner or later. No way to escape, as they have actually been digging their own graves during the past three decades. In fact they have left no room for any kind of return and reconciliation. So, the word 'farewell' is the only word which Ahmadinedjad and Mullahs had better to think about before they lose their heads.


I'm not so much for flag

by benross on

I'm not so much for flag burning. Specially a flag carried by another Iranian as a means of expression. This is just wrong. I understand it creates an awkward situation in an anti-regime demonstration but it could be ignored altogether.