Protest against the Regime Sponsored Film Festival in Toronto


Protest against the Regime Sponsored Film Festival in Toronto
by Sayeh Hassan

Iranian Artists in Exile organized a protest in front of the Empire Express Walk Theatre on Yonge Street in Toronto tonight at 5:30pm.

The protest was in response to the “Canada’s 1st Iranian Short Film Festival” which is organized by the Young Cinema Society, a group directly linked to the Ministry of Culture (also known as the Ministry of censorship) in Iran.

Shockingly, the First prize of the “Festival” is named in honour of “Seifollah Daad”, the Director of the “Anti Semitic” film, the “Survivor” and writer of screenplay of the film “the Son of Morning” the life of “Khomeini” directed by Behrooz Afkhami.

The Islamic Regime in Iran through Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, known as “Ministry of Censorship” has been restricting and censoring artists inside the country for the past 30 years. Iranian Artists inside Iran cannot publish their art such as books, records, films, and must apply and receive the approval by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. The suppression of “freedom of expression” and the state of censorship in Iran has had generated extremely difficult atmosphere for the artist which has led to the creation of “Underground Cinema/Arts” in Iran.

Also, while the Islamic Regime is busy murdering dissidents in Iran, as it did yesterday by murdering Ehsan Fatahiyan a young Kurdish activist, it is also organizing film festivals and other cultural events to try to show a civilized and humane side to the International Community.

Tonight we made sure that the people of Toronto and especially those who attended the festival saw the real face of the Islamic Regime. The protest started around 5:30 pm and I arrived around 5:45pm, I had made a poster, to show my great concern about recent human rights violation in Kurdistan, which featured the picture of Ehsan Fatahiyan on one side, underneath it I had written “murdered by the Islamic Regime” on the other side I had posted the pictures of other Kurdish activists who are currently facing execution and wrote “Who is Next?”

There were about 50 people or so gathered in front of the theatre on a very short notice given by the Art in Exile Committee, numerous opposition groups as well as many independent anti-Regime individuals like myself who shared the same concern; "we do not want Islamic Regime Cultural Lobbyists in Canada."

Eventually most of the protestors came into the theatre and started shouting “Down with the Islamic Regime, Down with the Terrorist Regime, and "house of terror must be closed” with a loud and united voice. The people in the mall gathered around the protestors on all floors watching the protestors and asking about the reason behind our protests and some even supported our action. Security was called and they tried to force the protestors to leave the theatre, both exits to the theatre was blocked to prevent any more protestors from entering the theatre. However we were relentless and kept on shouting “Down with the Terrorist regime of Iran” and " Terrorist get out of my country; Canada" After a few minutes the organizers of the film festival closed shop and went into hiding somewhere inside the theatre to avoid the protest, while a few Regime agents started taking pictures of the protestors, to try to intimidate them.

As we kept on shouting “Down with the Islamic Regime” more and more people gathered around us. The security threatened on numerous occasions to call the police, however we refused to leave and continued with our peaceful protest.

I find it disturbing that agents of a terrorist Regime are free to roam around Canada and organize various so called cultural events even film festivals while freedom loving Iranians are threatened with arrest when they try to voice their objections to this terrorist Regime in a peaceful manner.

Once security realized that we were not going anywhere they called the police. It took about 25-30 minutes for the police to arrive and in the meanwhile we kept on holding our posters and banners and shouting our anti-Regime slogans.

Eventually 4-5 very large police officers arrived and threatened to arrest us if we did not leave immediately. Eventually we did leave peacefully but while still shouting “Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran.”

Outside of the theatre we continued shouting anti Regime slogans for about 20 minutes and a number of activists made various speeches about the protests and why we had gathered there.

It was an amazing night, where Iranians united against the Islamic Regime in the fight for freedom. We must and will continue organizing and attending such protests where Islamic Regime agents and lobbyists, through the use of propaganda try to show a non-existent humane side of the Islamic Regime.

For all the Ehsan’s, Akbar’s, Majid’s Hosseins and Feyze Mahdavi’s we must continue our fight against the Islamic Regime abroad.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

The picture was provided by Mr. Faramarz Shiravand who was one of the organizers of the protest.


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ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

Good for you dear :)


Canada is infested with

by vildemose on

Canada is infested with Hezballahi and basiji tribes. I'm not suprised at all that the Canadian government allows them free reign since they love those petrodollars stolen by the aghahzadeha and brought to Canada to stimulate their economy. Money and proft trump peace, justic, morality, etc.

Kill Mouse Traps

Dear Sayeh,

by Kill Mouse Traps on

   I know you don’t care about what I’m going to say, as you said before, but I’m going to say it anyway maybe some good would come of it.  You’re young, you have a lot of energy, you’re intelligent, a lawyer already at your young age, and at the same time we are not children and we hardly need to be thought a listen by anyone, whether it is by you or anyone else.  We are educated, experienced, and intelligent people also.

   So, here is what I want to tell you, as a blogger you’re doing a terrible, terrible job.  And if that is what you’ve done as a blogger, it also means you’ve done a terrible, terrible job for your cause that you’re so passionate about.  Long time ago, a decade, maybe decades ago, some of these people you’re insulting here right now were in the same position as you are, lots of passion, no patience, looking at anyone with different opinion as an enemy.  They did experienced radicalism during the Revolution and what it can lead to, and so from get go they have no sympathy for anyone who advocates violence, except from the point of view of Human Rights principles, which you’re an advocate of, so there is no reason for you to shove violations of Human Rights principle down our throats, we get it.  Try to stop acting as if we are ignorant.

   You have blogged about a film festival, yet there is no in-depth analysis of those films that you’re so much against, no in-depth analysis of the stories, directors, producers, or money trail, yet, you expect us to believe you, based on what you write, which usually does not add up to anything but name calling.  We read a ton of blogs and articles everyday and form our opinions, not based on what someone wants to shove down our throats, but based on our intellect.

   You’re a lawyer, yet you protested without a permit, why?  I am sure if you had a proper permit the Canadian police would not have asked you to disperse.  Canadian law enforcement is not IRI regime.  They would have protected your right to voice your opinion in public with a proper permit, yet you chose to do it the other way around.  Why?  As a lawyer you’re trained to respect the law, but over and over again you ignore it.  You make false accusations, and scandalous remarks.  You resort to name calling in situations were it is obvious, almost to everyone, that you’re on the wrong.  You suggest solutions that you don’t even do yourself.  If you want a democratic society for Iran, you need to practice it yourself, first.  One of the most important pillars of democracy is respect for others.  You’ve already violated that principle several times.  Your opinion has no significance over mine unless it is openly debated, without intimidation and coercion, in a transparent forum till it becomes the consent of the whole.  And even then, if it becomes the law of the land, it is still subject to debate and further discussion.

   So, once again my friend, try to take it easy.  Please, first try to live by the principles that you’re trying to teach others.  


Dear Sayeh

by Abarmard on

Please let us know who were the artists that their work was being presented, so we can see if the people were correct in demonstrating against them!

Sayeh Hassan

Here is a video of the

by Sayeh Hassan on

Here is a video of the protest from last night





Sayeh Hassan 

Sayeh Hassan

It's more the Liberal

by Sayeh Hassan on

It's more the Liberal Government in Ontario rather than the Canadian government, you would think instead of calling 5-6 police cars for peaceful protesters they would try to stop the terrorists from roaming around freely. 

Sayeh Hassan 

Ali9 Akbar

why in the name of God is Canada allowing...

by Ali9 Akbar on

IRI propaganda within it's borders???


never mind.... they're being run by a bunch of leftist idiots....