Response to Iran Phone Line article

Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan

It's really interesting that Iran Phone Line, has posted a comment on my article ( The article posted by no other then Navid) which further proves my point.  This is not the interesting part however.

I've been checking for the past few days to see where my article was published and would be one of the first one's to appear.  I just did a search and my article on seems to have dissapeared!!! IT WON'T COME UP WITH GOOGLE search, I would appreciate if the readers could do a quick title search, maybe its a glitch? I hope this is just a coincidence that right after a comment from Iran Phone Line my article cannot be found on google on, when until a few hours ago it was the first thing that popped up.

If anyone does the search plz let me know the result.


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Sayeh Hassan

Seems like the technical

by Sayeh Hassan on

Seems like the technical glitch is fixed and my article is once again accessible through google/

So no worries


Sayeh Hassan

Barrister & Solicitor