Ten Kurdish Activists have been arrested in the City of Sanandaj in Iran

Ten Kurdish Activists have been arrested in the City of Sanandaj in Iran
by Sayeh Hassan

On January 14th ten Kurdish activists were arrested during the second death anniversary of slain student Ebrahim Kotfollahi in the “Behesht Mohammadi” graveyard in the city of Sanandaj. There is currently no news about the faith of those who have been arrested.

Ebrahim Lotfollahi was arrested in early January 2008 and killed on January 14th 2008 under torture in the Ministry of Intelligence Detention Centre in the City of Sanandaj.

On January 14th 2010 number of activists visited Ebrahim Lotfollahi’s grave at the “Behesht Mohammadi” graveyard in order to commemorate the second anniversary of his death. The commemoration began at 2:00pm with one minute of silence. Five minutes into the ceremony those in attendance were brutally attacked by the Islamic Regime security forces and ten (10) activists were arrested.

Those arrested are:

1. Mokhtar Zarei- member of “Jebheye Motahede Kord”
2. Azad-Kaveh Lotfpouri- a social activist
3. Mehdi Doagu- President of “Etehadiyeye Daneshjoohaye Kord”
4. Khalil Shahbazi- President of Human Rights Committee of Kurdish Democratic Student Committee
5. Loghman Ahmadi- Public relations- Kurdish Democratic Student Committee
6. Omid Sheykhi
7. Kara Hosseini
8. Sivan Adak
9. Morteza- a student from Kurdistan University

It must be noted that activists from various cities including Kermanshah and Orumiyeh had attended to pay their respects to Ebrahim Lotfollahi and his family.


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by yolanda on

It is just inhumane that IRI kills people and does not allow the mourning of the dead!

Thank you for keeping us posted!