Torture of Residents of Kurdish Village


Sayeh Hassan
by Sayeh Hassan

Student Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan:The residents of a village near the city of Solmas have filed a formal complaint against the “Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution” (Sepah-e Pasdaran) for its systematic torture and abuse of the residents of this village.

At 8:00am on Saturday January 17th 2009 Sepah-e Pasdaran officials invaded the village of “Khorkhora” attacked a residents’ home Mr. Sayed Taher Mohammadi 38 years old and after beating him severely, arrested him and took him to an unknown location. There has been no news about his whereabouts in the past week.

Further in the past week 6 other individuals have been arrested in the same way. These individuals are:

1. Davoud Pashayi (32)

2. Dariush Pashayi (29)

3. Amir Ahmadi (24)

4. Saman Laghyedi (25)

5. Jomhur Pashayi (24)

6. Mahmoud Hosseyni (47)

These 6 individuals are currently in Sepah-e Pasdaran detention centre and they have not been allowed any visitations.

The residents of “Khorkhora” have evidence to show that this is not the first time Sepah-e Pasdaran has attacked their village. Last June, Sepah once again attacked the village and arrested the sons of Mr. Ali Hamidi ( member of the village counsel). The two individuals arrested were Mr. Amir and Mr. Vali Hamidi.

After severe beatings and torture Mr. Vali Hamidi was able to escape and hide in the village. However Sepah officials attacked the homes of the villagers and started abusing and harassing them, under the guise of searching for Vali Hamidi. Eventually Mr. Ali Hamidi and his son Amir Hamidi were arrested.

Mr. Vali Hamidi is currently living underground due to his fear of what Sepah-e Pasdaran may do to him if he is found.

As a result of this incident, the residents of this village have filed a formal complaint against Sepah-e Pasdaran with the authorities. However the authorities have completely ignored their complaint and Sepah-e Pasdaran has not been held responsible for their illegal actions.

The residents of the village of “Khorakho” have asked the Student Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan to inform the general public and the international community of the situation of the residents of “Solmas” and in particular the village of “Khorakho.” They have further asked for the support of the international community and all human rights organizations.



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